Monday, September 30, 2019

Favorite Pic of the Day for October 1st

Autumn Soak by Briancan
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Happy Birthday today October 1st

Happy 58th to actor Esai Morales!

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One of the greatest retro pin-ups ever!

Southern Cross (1999)

Riveting Reads

'Gortin loves Summer, and he couldn’t be happier that Fall is still far, far away. One sizzling hot day while walking home from the pool, however, Gortin notices a single orange maple leaf resting on the curb. Suddenly, Gortin is lost in a downward spiral of pumpkin spice, cozy weather and the impending football season, realizing suddenly that Fall isn’t nearly as far away as he once thought. In fact, it’s happening right now.'

Thespian Torsos: Cuyle Carvin

I've seen actor Cuyle Carvin in many roles over the years, but it was watching a repeat of Modern Family that had me take notice. As Fire fighter Perkins, Carvin has me all hot and bothered, and heading to google to type in Cuyle Carvin shirtless. I was not disappointed.

Jack Laugher: FaVorite FiVe

'I live most of my life in Speedos'

If you arrived at this piece from the previous page, you saw images of British diver Jack Laugher out of his speedo.  As incredible as Jack's back side looked uncovered, there is something about wet spandex clinging tightly to a  perfectly muscled butt that equally as hot, or in some cases...even hotter.

Jack's gluteus maximus gets regular work outs, springing from the diving boards and then bending,  twisting and contorting, high in the air.The springboard specialist competes in both individual andin synchronised events with Chris Mears and later Daniel Goodfellow.  I think the speedo actually helps spotlight the muscles not just in Laugher's beautiful butt, but also his legs, thighs and stomach.

Celebrating with Chris Mears