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Favorite Pic of the Day for August 24th

Yasu by PR Photo
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Happy Birthday today August 24th

Happy 29th to actor Rupert Grint!

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Speedo Season

'I don't care if it's raining , I am wearing my new speedo!'

A Formidable Force: Yasu by PR PHOTO

'When I saw Yasu walking toward me I was taken aback by how good looking he was and how built his body was. He is one of my all time favorite models, and he photographs beautifully'

After taking literally thousands of architectural and nature shots, in 2010, PR PHOTO turned his focus from buildings and plant forms towards a more arousing assemblage of of lines and curves, the male form. Life circumstances unfortunately led PR to put his camera away for a few years, but after a brief break, the Michigan based photographer restarted his photography career  in 2014. The stunning Yasu was the first model PR worked with after beginning to shoot again.

'I placed an ad in Craigslist for talented models and Yasu was the first to answer that ad. Since he lived in Lansing, the capital of Michigan, we decided to meet at the State House and shoot there. When I saw him walking toward me I was taken aback by how good looking he was and how built his body was. In person he is quite a formidable force with huge arms and a huge chest.'

'He wore a white button down oxford shirt and blue navy shorts. In no time his shirt was open to reveal a tanned and broad chest that contrasted nicely with the crisp white shirt. Our first shoot went well getting all sorts of physique shots around the State House as government officials went about their business.'

A few months later, they connected again and planned a second shoot, this time at a local park in Lansing. PR reports that Yasu showed up, looking as great as ever, this time bringing his along his skateboard. They began shooting in different areas of the park, but before too long were near the lake where it was the perfect time for Yasu to pick up his skateboard, and peel off his shirt.

'The light was perfect and Yasu's body glowed against the backdrop of the lake. Next were some action shots of Yasu skateboarding down the stairs followed by him climbing the walls of the park. We finished the shoot with some serene headshots in a wooded area.'

The images in this piece come from PR and Yasu's first two shoots, but, there was a third.... A few months after their second shoot, PR approached Yasu about doing a nude shoot for an online magazine. PR wasn't sure how Yasu would responded, given they hadn't really discussed nude work before, but much to his surprise, Yasu was fully into the idea.  Check out the results below!

A Boy & his Toy: Yasu by PR PHOTO

'To cap off the shoot Yasu grabbed his skateboard once again and we got some killer shots of the boy and his toy relaxing on the couch.'

For Yasu's first nude shoot, PR decided shooting in Yasu's own apartment would be a great way to help with his comfort level, as well as add a personal element the shoot. They shot for an entire day, following Yasu through his morning rituals, getting up, brushing his teeth and shaving. Then showering and getting dressed and ready for work.

I love shoots which capture what we normally consider boring, routine parts of our day. The element of photographing these rituals adds a voyeuristic and incredibly erotic element to activities and quiet moments that we usually don't give much thought to.

It certainly doesn't hurt, when the subject doing those mundane daily rituals is as beautiful as Yasu. Yasu's body is incredible. Both lean as well as strong and well defined. I also love Yasu's eyes which exude both a subtle innocence, as well as intelligence. His sexy grin also seems to indicate Yasu enjoys showing off his body, and all of the hard work that went into building and maintaining his impressive physique.

'Working with Yasu over this 2 year period has been a great opportunity to get to know a model and watch him blossom into a professional. He's now a personal trainer and college graduate. It's been a real joy to see him progress from the first shoot to where he is today completely comfortable in front of any camera.'

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