Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Last Chance to Save Accidentally On Purpose

Since last fall I have encouraged you all to check out the CBS comedy 'Accidentally On Purpose'. I have talked about the great acting, the great writing, the hilarious cast (love you Lennon Parham). I have talked about creator and producer Claudia Lonow and her talented team or writers, producers and directors. I have talked about Grant Show, Ashley Jensen, Jenna Elfman and Bryan Cuprill. I have posted a poll to help save the show (you can still fill it out HERE:).

Not much else I can do. Tonight it is do or die with the season finale. I ask one more time for you all to check it out. If my talking about the writing, the acting, and the many laughs have not got you to give it a try...let me use an argument that might be more effective...

Here are Jon Foster, Nicolas Wright and Pooch Hall. Great actors yes, but on AOP... also, often shirtless! Enjoy!

Just Because: Nicholas Hoult in A Single Man

I am a huge fan of Colin Firth (not to mention Julianne Moore) so I cannot wait to see 'A Single Man'. The movie never made it to my town and on the one night I was due to head into the city for the weekend to see it there was a storm which prevented my trip in. Nicholas Hoult who many met on 'About A Boy' but who really showed off his acting chops in 'Skins' is a nice bonus! Thanks to jasha92 for the caps!

Jason Pearce by Brenton Parry

Last month I introduced you to the work of one of my blog buddies, Brenton Parry. Brenton runs one of my favorite places to drop by each day Aussielicious. I really admire the way Brenton blends his passions with his creative skills to produce such a wonderful professional blog. I still find FH rather basic and Brenton inspires me to strive for more.

One of Brenton's many skills is photography. Here is one of his most recent shoots with Jason Pearce. These beautiful shots are frame worthy with the first and last shot being my favorites.

Here is what Brenton said on Aussielicious about the shoot:

"This afternoon I shot a friend of mine that I have been discussing shooting for ages. Jason is one of those guys that you can’t help but have a laugh with. He’s a cheeky guy and will make fun of anyone, but with a twinkle in his eye and a cheeky grin.

When I met Jason a few years ago he was fairly fit but in the past year he’s been training absolutely hard core to the point where he is training 7 days a week. Apparently he’s also up for most things so when I suggested pouring water over his head on this thankfully sunny autumn day he did it gladly.

Jason has such a classic look that in a few of the photos, like 4 & 5 from the left, he could almost be a GI returning from the war."

Brett Gleason by Nicolas Smith

Last year I profiled photographer Nicolas Smith. Please check that post out HERE: My love for his work has only grown since then. Here, Nicolas shoots Brett Gleason. Love these shots that were taken in 2007 and 2008.

It is my belief that often what is seen through the lens is a combination not just of the model, but maybe more importantly, the life experiences of the photographer. It is these two things together that lead to a great shot. Never have I seen this theory materialize more than in the work of Nicolas Smith. Check out more at Nicolas Smith's wonderful site HERE:

Brett Gleason:

"A Brooklyn based artist from Long Island, Brett got involved with music early after a childhood accident left him with a severe speech impediment, leading him to a life of solitary contemplation filled with music lessons and literature, earning him not only an arsenal of instruments at his command but a truly original and developed perspective."

"Brett Gleason's first solo effort, 'The Dissonance' is a unique fusion of alternative rock and electronica, combining the low end crunch of industrial music with the melodic piano based style of a singer/songwriter. High brow yet accessible, cerebral yet emotional, Brett Gleason's debut is getting impassioned responses and drawing comparisons to a wide array of artists including Trent Reznor, Tori Amos, Amanda Palmer, Ben Folds and Joe Jackson."

You can find out more about Brett and check out his music ( I think my favorite track was 'The Worst Part') at his great site found HERE:

Favorite Pic of the Day for April 20th

Michele Rotters certainly brightens up a dreary Tuesday!

Favorite Birthday Boy for April 20th Sven Smits

A favorite model of mine, Sven Smits turns 29 today. Sven, who is from Belgium began modeling at 17, but in the last few years has stepped on the other side of the lens to become a skilled photographer. I would guess one of the most asked questions about Sven is what his tattoo mean. Sven say they stand for two important things in his life, Luck and Courage.