Monday, July 14, 2014

Favorite Pic of the Day for July 15th

Albert by Kirill KAZAKOV
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Happy Birthday today July 15th

I always liked actor Scott Foley, I was firming on the Noel train when it came to who ended up with Felicity. I don't think I ever really lusted after the actor however, that was until his shoot for Charisma last year. Looking pretty fine on birthday #42!

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When Hunks Collide...

I have always enjoyed the body work from actor John Wesley Shipp and it is great to see him joining another favorite, the adorable Grant Gustin on his first day of filming the new Flash. Can't wait!

загіпнотизований: Albert by Kirill KAZAKOV

Mesmerize (загіпнотизований)
-To hold the attention of (someone) to the exclusion of all else or so as to transfix them, to hypnotize

When I first saw my first image, of a model the artist captioned as 'Tattoo Boy', I my attention was more than held. Photographer Kirill Kazakov creates an amazing set of images beautifully balanced in blue. The color balance of background and body art and the models incredible blue eyes produce an almost transcendent look and feel.

Sometimes I feel like screaming.

Each of us alone and together, we too are lonely.
I love all - that is sad ...
Nobody dies a virgin ... Life rapes each of us.

Artist Kirill Kazakov connected with Albert Tymansky on a models group. Albert wanted to create a shoot that was weaved the erotic, with darkness, images that that expressed and screamed the pain that life so often offers. Albert's tattoo's were self created as he is a tattoo artist who creates and sketches his own designs, using his body as a tool for expression and promotion.

'During the shoot Albert was calm, without scruple. I was impressed by his absolute belief in his perfection. And I tried to reflect it on the images.'

Originally from Moscow, Russia, Kirill has been living in Kiev, the Ukraine for the last six years. Albert also now lives in Kiev and it was there the shoot took place. A couple of years ago in 2012, Kirill was working hard as director in TV, a job he had held for man years. Kirill says he was engaged in news and political programs and even made several documentary films. He could not however, continue to do it any longer because of the total censorship within the media.

'During my employment on TV, I thought I could realize my artistic resource there, but I refused to produce the political bias.'

'Photography is a part of my life from early childhood, my grandpa was a photographer. I knew all the details of photographic processing with film and paper. Photography is the basis of my profession. So, I began distance learning in the Institute of Photography and started '50 First' a project with Ukrainian models, who were ready to pose for modern art images. This project is still in process. Fashion industry does not exist here, models and photographers are enthusiasts mostly. Albert was my first nude model in this project.'

Thorpedo Outing

I think whatever the beliefs we hold on so hard to, get reinforced with stories that touch us. It is interesting to me that Ian Thorpe's coming out has been used by so many to prove their believes that everyone, celebrities especially, must come out, and come out early. Some are using examples of how vulnerable and possibly suicidal teens could benefit from seeing strong examples in the public eye coming out. Problem is, that's not really the point. We all have the ability to help others by becoming a leader of a certain issue or social cause. We are not all however not meant, or mentally able or strong enough, to be at the forefront of change. Some of are more comfortable supporting, without being in the front of the line.

Everything that I have done to advance gay issues has not been to make being gay important. Everything that I do, and believe should be done, is to make being gay irrelevant. Irrelevant to one's rights, irrelevant to how one is treated, one's ability to marry and be a part of society. I believe gay people should not be trying to 'win' anything, we should be insisting that nothing get lost.

The entire ritual of 'coming out' has always struck me as a huge part of the problem. It seems in most cases, certainly with Ian, the coming out is more important to gay people than to anyone else. Most straight people don't really seem to care that much, they are not the ones writing about it and commenting and judging Ian's actions. Some argue Thorpe's closeted living, possibly indicating him struggling with his sexuality impacted many of the issues he has struggled with. This is entirely possible, but straight people struggle with addictions as well, addictions are not restricted to any one particular group of people or lifestyle. One might argue, Ian's struggle was his sexuality was more the pressure to define it, one we as a population often demand of others.

Coming out has been for many a wonderful and powerful right of passage. For others, it has been a painful journey, fueled often by fear. I certainly believe that there was a time, coming out loudly, and proudly was important, but I also think we are past that point. Wouldn't that fearful, suicidal teen feel equally empowered by the message coming out was unnecessary as one's sexuality really wasn't that important at all. Important to them of course, but not important to how others around them feel. Seems to me, this would be far more comforting than seeing a distant celebrity 'sharing all' on the cover of People Magazine. Coming out doesn't make one a better person, it doesn't make one more talented or more important. We all know many out and proud cruel idiots.... As incredible as Ellen's coming out was, how much more powerful would have been if she never had to come out to begin with. That, is the fight I want to be apart of.