Thursday, August 2, 2012

Favorite Pic of the Day for August 2nd

Matthu Jewell by SangtruPhotography ca

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Thumbs Down: NBC

I know NBC has been heavily bashed (and most of the times rightly so) for their Olympic coverage but until today I cut them a degree of slack. Billions are on the line and they are trying to get as much of it back as possible. But NBC, the Olympics are not a reality show! The Real Gymnasts of Russia might be a good Wednesday night show for you, but editing out world champion Ksenia Afanasyeva's fall, in order to build drama and tension rid NBC of any shred of integrity they had left. What's next editing the nightly news... well some claim this is already being done. Let's leave the editing to Andy Cohen and Bravo shall we.

Above: Danell Leyva for the ESPN body issue

Kudos to Nathan Adrian

Although sadly, unlike earlier this year in Indianapolis, swimmer Nathan Adrian's suit remained intact, it was still thrilling to see the 24 year old swimmer win gold by the slimmest of margins in the 100 free style. With all the hype surrounding his teammates Ryan Lochte and Michael Phelps it was great to see Adrian have his moment to shine brightly.

Nathan's split during the 100 freesyle at the 2012 Indianapolis Grand Prix.

The Feeling I'm Addicted To: Matthu Jewell

'Fashion is my life, creativity is my air. I live for my imagination.'
Matthu Jewell

24 year old Matthu Jewell is not much for the bio thing, he prefers being a bit mysterious, letting his work speak for itself. What I can say is that the Toronto based model is a Recording Artist, Pop Performer in the making. Matthu recently signed to an independent record label and the artist is in the beginning stages of making his first CD.

'I'm the definition of an Artist: I paint, sing, choreograph, style / design and make my own clothes. I even wrote all my own songs for my CD. Even though I don't play an instrument. I think it's time the World had a Pop Artist like me. Open and proudly Gay. Not afraid to fail or make mistakes sometimes, knowing that's the true road to success. I know I'm going to change the dance music scene. It's just something I can feel in my heart'
Matthu Jewell

Below: Matthu by SangtruPhotography ca

Matthu's entry into modeling was a little trial by fire and just joined Modelmayhem about two months ago after quitting his day job. Work came his way immediately and the images shown are from two of those early shoots with photographers Steve Abbey and Mckenzie James

'Steve is a new comer in the photography game. I wanted to work with him because he was my first paid gig, but I also had a feeling that we could some how push one another further by working together. This is when I knew, that what I was doing isn't just for fun. It's a job. It's now my job to deliver. Even though I was slightly terrified that I had no professional experience, I truly loved the nerves I got. It reminded of when I starred in my high school musicals. As a performer, that's the feeling I'm addicted to.'

'Luckily, with years of reading VOGUE and BAZAAR, it's as if I had already professionally trained myself. Steve and I worked really well together. He loved that I took my job seriously, but still left enough room to laugh and have tons of fun. We struck gold, and knew it, when I had walked out of his basement washroom with my face painted, that surprisingly, didn't take me that long to create. He always tells me, "I knew, even before we met, that you're going to great places Matthu." Now, our work together has shone a new light on his creative direction. It feels wonderful knowing that two artist's can come together, challenge one another, to move forward in a new direction.'
Matthu Jewell

SangtruPhotography ca

Below: Matthu by Mckenzie James

'Mckenzie and Steve were two of the first messages I had received when I joined Modelmayhem. I thought to myself, "If this is what I want to do, then I need to jump right into it." Mckenzie had told me he wanted me to be apart of his Naked Sunday Project.'

'Mckenzie's the perfect gentlemen; He wanted to make sure I'd be comfortable being nude. I didn't even give it a second thought. I knew, that if I wanted to succeed, I would have to be able to model myself wearing absolutely nothing. So, he was my first shoot ever: A completely nude shoot. It was like magic working with together. I felt more free, and more myself, than I had ever felt before. Everything just flowed perfectly. I trusted him, because I had been a fan of his work for many years. Now, he's shot images that will most likely be used for my CD.'

Mckenzie James The Naked Sunday Project

Sans Suit: Gabriel Macht in Models and Mortals

On the USA network's Suits, actor Gabriel Macht is usually smartly dressed as attorney Harvey Specter one of the senior partners at the New York firm of Pearson Hardman. Early in his career though, producers wisely kept Macht's suits on the floor including one of his earliest roles guesting on the Michael J. Fox sit-com Spin City credited simply as Naked Guy.

Soon after, Macht appeared on the second episode of Sex And The City as Carrie's friend Barkley in the episode Models and Mortals. Filming and watching himself have sex was a favorite past time of Barkley's which of course led to a night with Samantha. Although only showed on video screens, I think this is Macht's only nude scene to day.