Sunday, July 18, 2010

Favorite Pic of the Day for Juy 18th

Brad Ouellette by Walter Kurtz
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Happy Birthday today July 18th to:

Happy Birthday today, July 18th to:

Chace Crawford weeds his way to 25 today.

Love actor Michiel Huisman who turns 29 today. (Search the blog for much more on Michiel).

Rugby's Miguel Avramovic turns 29 today.

The Many Sides of Brad Ouellette

Recently when working on a profile of photographer Bogdan Stanga I came upon his work with model Brad Ouellette. I was instantly intrigued by his look and curious to get to know more about him.

Brad was born and raised in NH. He moved to Boston for about 3 years after completing his Associates Degree in Graphic Design but has lived in New York the past 4 years. Brad says he loves NYC and plans to stay. Brad got a bit of late start on my career, but knows he will be where he wants to be very soon. Brad is currently working to establish his career and in between modelling shoots works as a freelance graphic designer.

Like most artists, Brad has many sides of himself which come through his work. Artistic, creative, stylish and of course sexy. In getting to know Brad there are other sides equally as fascinating. He also describes himself as funny, easy going and I love he honestly added passive aggressive.

Brad has an incredible look. Brad says he is always looking to shoot with creative, artistic, outside of the box individuals on high-fashion, edgy, body and abstract projects. Spend some time below checking out three of the sides of Brad Ouellette. If you want to see more you check out his portfolio on MM HERE: or join him on Facebook HERE:

Above: Brad by Tony Jones.

The Dramatic & Creative by Bogdan Stanga

Photography is not my trade. just one of my means to portray beauty.
I grew up with a view of gray blocks and industrial smoke so i felt compelled to create complex images rather than just capturing neutral reality. My body of work is a journey into image, whether that's fashion, glamour, advertising or plain portraiture.

Bogdan Stanga

Bogdan Stanga (Devious Honey) lives and works in Bucharest, Romania. Bogdan started out in the fashion industry as a professional retoucher but after a couple of years returned to the subject he studied in University, Photography. Bogdan has a diverse portfolio including celebrity, fashion, interior design and advertising but it he is best known for his work photographing men. It was researching Bogdan's work that introduced me to Brad Ouellette.

When I first saw this series, 'Homeless Chic' the shots jumped off the screen and had me wanting to know more about the model and the artist. First off I was amazed at the incredible detail in each of the shots. Bogdan's use of light and color create his images to look less like photographs but more like the most vivid of dreams. There of course was also something uniquely special about Brad. Through his amazing face, his eyes and of course his killer body Brad expresses a raw sexuality and masculinity that fit so perfectly with the concept of the shots.

Brad says that working with Bogdan was amazing.

"He wasn't at all what I expected. I was dying to work with him, but I figured a man with his talent would be really arrogant and demanding. I couldn't have been more wrong. He was fun, easy going, very accommodating and you can actually see the creative wheels spinning in his head while on set. It was the first shoot I had done at the time with 2 stylists and a makeup artist. Everyone was great to work with. I was lucky to have shot with Bogdan in the very short time he visited NYC."

Be sure to check out more of Bogdan's work at Devious Honey HERE:

Behind The Scenes:

The Stylish by Rick Day

"Clothing and hair styles go out of style .... a beautiful body accompanied by a great face and perfect light will never go out of style"

"I thought I had missed my chance to shoot with Rick. We had played email tag for a year before I even really knew who he was. When his book Players came out, I was kicking myself in the ass for missing that chance. But one day our schedules matched and we did a shoot. Rick is a great person. Extremely honest, so hard working, funny and No attitude. His studio his filled with stacks of the most gorgeous guys, but every time he shoots he's inspired as if he hasnt seen it all before. I loved working with him!"