Thursday, December 11, 2008

Favorite Pic of the Day for December 11th

Amazing shot of Levi Poulter.

Favorite Birthday Boys for December 11th

2 Favorites celebrating today December 11th

Rider Strong turns 29 today.

Actor Michael Legge turns 30 today.

Also Celebrating today December 11th

Other favorites celebrating today:

The talented Wayne Wilcox turns 30 today.

Rusty Joiner turns 36 today.

Actor Grégori Baquet turns 38 today.

Actor Ben Browder turns 46 today.

The Beauty of Chanikul

When I first saw 30 year old London based model Chanikul's photos by Dylan Rosser(see below) I was blown away by the beauty and 'quietness' of the images. I say quietness as the photos were so striking, things fell silent around me. This happens at times to me when a sight hits beyond the erotic and moves to a deeper emotional place.

I won't say too much about Chanikul, the pictures speak for themselves. As those who read this blog know though, I love when I can get to know a bit about the man beyond the beauty, beyond the image. Chanikul, is not only a model, but a talented web designer, and has a great website and blog I encourage you to check out to learn a bit more about this amazing guy. Check it out HERE:

Chanikul by DFA Photo:

Chanikul by Gary Holmes:

Chanikul by Leigh Carter:

Chanikul by Dylan Rosser: