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The Game of Seduction

'A sexy, smirky, tongue-in-someone-else’s cheek riot, gleefully politically incorrect.'
Evening Standard 

1999's Cruel Intentions holds a special place for all lovers of the male form in cinema.  Ryan Phillipe's turn as Sebastian Valmont was incredibly sexy, and his butt scene capped off a decade of great scenes featuring Ryan's rump.   The movie was made into a musical over a decade ago and made it's debut on stage in 2015.  It played in Los Angeles, New York and Australia.   It also had a production that toured the US in 2019.

The show is back, and debuted at The Other Palace theatre in London earlier this month.  So far the reviews have been good and it's currently set to play through April.  The musical features a collection of songs from the 90's including hits from Britney Spears, No Doubt, Melissa Etheridge, Christina Aguilera, The Backstreet Boys and many other popstars from the 90's.

The London production also features an actor as Sebastian who bares a striking resemblance to Phillippe, including his wavy blond hair.  Actor Daniel Bravo takes on the role of the manipulative Sebastian and appears to be having a great time in the role.  Rumors are that Phillippe's butt scene is replicated the musical, but sadly, I've yet to find any images.  Given the show just opened... .hopefully soon!

Cruel Intentions the Musical on Facebook

A few shots of Daniel off stage:

Pondering A Procedural

I don't usually watch procedurals.  Sure, I've seen a handful of Law & Order, and Law & Order SVU over the years, usually when home on a sick day.  Procedurals are on 24/7 on cable, so anyone with a television knows they can be almost impossible to avoid.  All of the networks also have dozens on their prime-time schedule.

I don't just not watch them, I actively dislike them.  First off, because of their predominance.  Every CSI, 911, Chicago (whatever) and Law & Order have multiple sequels.  It's so lazy.  They're ratings getters for sure, but they also show a lack of creativity.  I also hate the violence.  Sure, I watch violence on television, all the time,, but procedurals are different.

You can just imagine the writers room is full of people pitching new and extreme ways to maim, murder, rape and torture a person to bring ratings and attention to their show.  Janet Jackson's nipple still riles up a population of puritans,  but tying a woman up in a barn, to then rape, then kill, is fine if it's done violently enough on a procedural.

 Law & Order Toronto cast

I may give one a try however, when Law and Order Toronto: Criminal Intent premieres next month.  First off, If I remember the Criminal Intent edition of the US version showed less violent, and the crimes were more implied through dialogue.  Secondly, it's Canada's first venture into the franchise, and I really like the cast they've pulled together.

Russell Crow, Young & Simon Baker

Law and Order Toronto: Criminal Intent will showcase original Canadian stories written and produced by, and starring, Canadians.  I would watch actress Karen Robinson in anything.  Sure I wish it was her Schitt's Creek character Ronnie getting a spin-off, but I'll check her out as Inspector Vivienne Holness. I've also been a long-time fan of actor Aden Young who plays Detective Sergeant Henry Graff in the series.

Rectify (2013-2019)

The Ontario born Young has been working steadily since the early 1990's in Canadian, Australian and American based film and television shows.  Some of you may remember Young from his roles in shows including: The Starter Wife, Black Robe, Reckoning, and his role on the drama Rectify. Young also had several nude scenes during his time on Rectify.

Love in Limbo (1993)

I think I first saw Young on screen in the 1990's when he had nude scenes in the film 'Cousin Bette' and the Australian comedy film Love in Limbo.   Young co-starred with Russell Crowe in the film and it also marked the actor's first official on-screen nude scene.  Thanks to xyzpdq for the clip!

Perpendicularly: Rico by Bob Burkhardt

'Rico was one of those rare models that I literally just had to capture. '

I've written before about my brief stint as a photographer.  I've always taken images, and always been drawn to artistic visuals.  For a couple of years when I was in University, I made a little extra cash doing family photos, pet pictures and about a dozen weddings.  I don't really remember there being much art involved, what I remember, was the timing.

For family photos and pet shoots, it was about being quick.  Not all families get along, especially under stress, and I learned the quicker I could them in and out, the more likely I'd get a decent shot.  After about 10 or 15 minutes, the cracks in the familial dynamics began to crack.  People began to lose patience,  parents with their kids, and especially siblings with one another.  I was studying psychology at the time, and used that more than what I'd learned in my high school photography class.

Pets were actually easier for me, but again, it was all about timing and speed.  Anyone whose photographed a dog, and especially a cat, knows the images you get in the first minute or so are probably going to be the best ones.   I'm not taking about shooting your dog while out on a hike, I shot mostly inside, with the furry friends on the lap of their owner.  After about a minute or so, they either wanted to get down, or they wanted to sleep

Weddings were an entirely other matter.  After ensuring you got those posed family shots, the rest of the day was running around, trying to stay out of the way, while at the same time ensuring you were front and center for every moment that counted.   Missing a kiss, or a father's drunken 'Stayin Alive' disco move or any other major moment could impact the tip.  Given I wasn't a professional, I didn't make much, so the tip was major money maker.

I didn't initially intend to take readers down my history and photography path when I started this piece.  When photographer Bob Burkhardt sent on his work with Rico, I did however keep thinking back to those early times behind the camera.  I also thought of how my tastes and maybe especially my views, on both art and photography have changed.  

I used to be so focused on the subject.  I convinced myself, that a good looking bride and groom would lead to good quality wedding photos.  I thought a well handsome, and well behaved Labrador was the key to a good pet photo. I let who or what was in front of my lens determine the results. If I took a bad shot, I blamed it on timing, or the fighting family or the fidgety puppy. I wished I been confidant to have relied more on my creative skills and artistic thinking.  There were many brides and grooms who would have looked better with less light and more shadow....

I was thinking these things, as when I do eventually pick up my camera again, I hope I don't let the same self-imposed obstacles get in my way.  The subject, especially one as stunning as Rico, is certainly an important element. As Bob's images so beautifully demonstrate, it's really how you visualize the subject, and you utilize them int he process, that impacts the final visuals. 

Rico is clearly a stunning man.  He has a phenomenal body, handsome face, and a beautiful canvas of body art.  I often see men with a lot of tattoos and think they cover, or take away from a great body, but with Rico, his body art appears so beautifully designed and arranged, they seem more a part of who he is, than something just covering the surface.  Through his images, Bob seems to have used the body art in the same way he uses lighting and pose in the process of visual creation. 

'I don't really  know anything about Rico's tattoos but I think they're beautifully done and I really liked the asymmetry. Apparently has had more added since our shoot.'

Bob and Rico met and connected through XL, another of Bob's models who've I previously featured on the site. (HERE:) Bob shares that Rico came highly recommended, and lived up to all the positives that Bob had heard.  Rico was one of those rare models that Bob really wanted to capture and although not a professional model, he was great to work with and required very little direction. 

Rico works in the medical profession and was hesitant due to job about doing full frontals.  He wasn't hesitant however, about sensual expression, and if you check out the shots here, and on the NEXT PAGE HERE: you'll see he certainly didn't hold back with delivering the goods.  Although Bob captured Rico in a variety of poses, I separated the shots into the images with Rico standing, and the shots of him lying down.  In both, there is a focus on pose and Rico's magnificent lines and curves.