Sunday, March 26, 2017

Favorite Pic of the Day for March 27th

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Happy Birthday today March 27th

Happy 46th to actor Nathan Fillion!

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It was his role as the sadistic Caleb on Buffy that first had me sit up and pay attention to actor Nathan Fillion. Seeing clips from his bubble butt bearing FireFly scene simply sealed the deal.

They say that Waking Up

Is hard to do

Instagrams that Inspire Robert Oliveira

'Minha Vida é Um Flash de Controle e Botões Anti-atômicos.'

Model Robert Oliveira certainly knows how to perfectly fill out his undies and speedos. Thankfully the Brazilian beauty shares plenty of these appetising snaps on his Instagram HERE:

Keeper: On the Field with Soccer Model

'I am a 23 year old feminist into kink, soccer, 420 and gaming. I have a dry witty sense of humour similar to Monty Python and adore surrealist comedy and satire.'

3 photos below from Zed Photography

I never played soccer, not competitively anyway. For me, it was hockey in the winter, baseball in the summer, and basketball in between. I had a good friend who played, and I spent many Saturday's hanging around the fields while he played. Much like a hockey player on the ice, soccer is a combination of opportunity and the dance. There is nothing more beautiful, than the lightening fast, intricate and graceful moves required to move a soccer ball any distance down the field during a game. So... when I stumbled upon a model with the credit 'Soccer Model', it was imperative I find out a little more.

25 year old Ryan is actually a soccer player, so obsessed with the sport that he credits soccer with inspiring a temporary model name when he first joined Model Mayhem. He planned on changing it, maybe something to better symbolise his work as a model, but it's been awhile and the name seems to be sticking. Modeling has another connection with Soccer for the British Columbia based model, it helps inspire him to keep getting on that field to stay in shape for any modeling gigs that arise.

'Working with both Shannon Lester and Zaheer Sukhnandan (Zed) have been fantastic. I worked only with Zed once but he was professional and really showed me what could be produced with skill. We did full makeup, body paint etc and I have my best shots from him. Shannon and I have worked together on multiple shoots. He is a friend who works in the community. His shoots are much more relaxed but we still produce great shots. I am really thankful for his help in beginning my career as he was the first to shoot me professionally. He is also working a painting of me based on some of our shoots together.'

Remaining images from Shannon Lester

Ryan shares that modeling was just a dream until a couple of years ago when Shannon Lester made him an offer to shoot. Initially Ryan was very nervous, but the shoot ended up going well and was a great experience. Soon after, Ryan created Soccer Model on Model Mayhem and sought out shoots in Vancouver, Ottawa and Kelowna and now has a few paid shoots under his belt. Ryan credits MM with helping connect him with some great artists, and except for a few shady offers to fly to strange places, without very much information, the experience thus far has been very positive. I was curious however, how the blonde haired blue eyed all Canadian soccer played decided to take it all off for some intensely sexual shots. (Which you can see a bit more of on THE OVER-FLOW)

'The decision to model nude erotic etc has never been difficult for me as I am a very open sexual person. I worried about what friends and family might say for only a moment as it is my life. My girlfriend also models as well which helped. I am very comfortable with my body and others view on it. If i can create funds through modeling it is a dream come true. While posing naked I am just focused on working with the photographer to get them the best shots they need. I feel it is a great profession so bringing it up is very easy. We should all be naked!'

'I am most proud of my legs, eyes, and genitals. I feel my genitals get the most attention in shoots of an erotic nature. I think I enjoy modeling because I am vain, love to show off, am proud of my body but in addition love the art that is created though modeling. I love seeing myself in different ways, different shoots who I can become etc. I also enjoy the process of lighting, posing etc. Editing the photos is very fun. Modeling also represents another career path for me as I have not chosen a career yet.'

I was very much intrigued by this series of shots of Ryan by Shannon Lester, especially after Ryan shared how open he is to having his body enjoyed by others. Although I am not sure it was intended, I found myself drawn into a tale of first nights and voyeurism. The apartment location was sparse, with little furniture or senses of home. It was also as if Ryan had just moved in and was spending his first night in his own place. We all know that feeling, of finally being out on our own. No parents or siblings to bother us, we have the time, the space and privacy, to explore our sexual urges.

We don't know any of our neighbours, so after shutting the door, we're all alone. No cable or internet, they're not being installed to tomorrow, so with the exception of picking up a magazine, there isn't a whole lot to do on that first night except exploring and enjoying our body within it's new environment. Getting up and off in every new nook and cranny, touching and caressing in a far more intensely and sexual way than we ever would have felt comfortable doing in the childhood bedroom we shared with our younger brother.

Of course the climax of our first night alone was trying out the new shower. Letting the hot water, our hot water, caress over our skin. No siblings knocking at the door to 'hurry', nor any parents complaining about not having any hot water after you were done. Even though there was a lock on the bathroom door at home, it was never truly safe as tube of a ballpoint pen could that lock, and often did when you were in there.

Despite the new environment, the odd noises and smells.. and despite not yet having a bed, and just a blanket on the floor, you have the best nights sleep of your life. Although you loved your night alone, and the privacy it provided, you also look forward to the first night you can share the experience with another. Having pushed the boundaries the night before, you rise to meet the day in your new home, turning on your new (used) coffee maker, a housewarming gift from one of your aunts. As you wait for the coffee to be ready, you walk around your apartment, naked, getting the feel for the place with the light of the morning.

You see the piece of paper under your door, and at first can't really believe what you're seeing. Each shot, a replication of a place you had christened the night before, he poses and movements you had thought were only for yourself. Your body drawn on point, as if someone had been right in front of you at every stage. Initially mortified, you wonder how you could have been seen, through a window, a crack in a wall, maybe a hole in the ceiling? As you stare more at the artist's work you realize the image you are staring at was passionately created and gifted by someone who obviously...enjoyed their view. So... instead of heading out to purchase dark blinds or spackle... instead of making a frantic call to your landlord or the police, you just stand, smile and anticipate the added element of excitement now a part of tonight's apartment exploration.