Monday, April 14, 2008

Favorite Pic of the Day for April 14th

Favorite Birthday Boy for April 14th Morgan Souply

Rugby's Morgan Souply turns 27 today.

Also Celebrating Today April 14th

Happy Birthday also today to:

Rugby's Iain Balshaw turns 29 today.

The amazing Sarah Michelle Gellar, so underated on Buffy turns 31 today.

Actor Adrien Brody turns 35 today.

Supermodel Alex Lundquist turns 36 today.

Favorite Pic Series of The Day:

I find these Abercrombie pics incredibly hot!

Favorite Scene on Television Last Night

Above photos via Superherofan

I have lost my interest in Desperate Housewives, not sure if it was the strike, the storylines or what, but I have not watched regularly since season 1. I am also disappointed there is talk Nicolette Sheridan might be leaving as to me, she is the best of the 5 housewives and horribly underused. Love her brief scene with Eva Longoria last night. Of course I did have tune in to see Chris Carmack back on tv, and it did not disappoint.