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Favorite Pic of the Day for December 23rd

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Anthony Triolo: The Simple Gifts

'The idea behind this year’s theme is Simple Gifts, because in the end, the greatest blessings of all are the ones that don't cost a thing'
Michelle Obama, 2010

With the current nightmare that the White House has become, singer, actor and model Anthony Triolo went back to a simpler time with his Christmas song, The Simple Gifts. Inspired by three of First Lady Michelle Obama's Christmas themes, including 2010's The Simple Gifts,  Anthony hopes the song is a refreshing reminder of better times.

To help celebrate the season, and to parallel the simple theme of his song, Anthony wanted to take a few casual holiday images.. Photographer Elia Athans took a few shots of Anthony just hanging around the house at Christmas, comfortable in sweats and without a shirt of course.

12 Days: As Cuddly As A Cactus

Nothing says Christmas like a big green Grinch Ass
Fez, That 70's Show

Like most kids growing up in the eighties, How The Grinch Stole Christmas was both a holiday tradition, and a holiday highlight.  I remember having tantrums if there was anything in the way of watching the what was then, the one and only airing. 

When I first saw Jim Carrey in the 2000 Ron Howard directed film adaptation, I hated it.  I found it loud and abrasive with none of the magic of the original cartoon.  Over time, seeing bits and pieces again on TV, I grew to appreciate the film, and Carrey's performance.

Like the 2000 movie, I used to find Jim Carrey a little loud and abrasive as well.  I was never a huge fan of his until he appeared in one of my all time favorite movies, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind.  I loved that film and it had me seeing Carrey through a different lens.  Although I can't say any of his comedies moved onto my top 10 list,  there are some that have given me a few laughs.

Carrey is also one of those actors who moves in and out between goofy and sexy depending on the character he's playing.  So many of Carrey's characters are so 'over the top', he downplays his good looks. In some of his films, like Once Bitten, and some of his images when he's not making faces,  Carrey is incredibly hot.

In recently researching his nude scene history, I didn't expect to find much other than his nude scene in Ace Ventura Pet Detective.  Although Carrey never seemed shy about showing a little skin, it was usually more for comic relief. 

I was surprised to read recently that Carrey had a 'don't blink or you'll miss it' frontal in 1983's All In Good Taste.  It is very quick, but with the pause button, it's clear that although the Grinch may not have any visible genitalia, Carrey has no issues in that department.

If you want to see the scene, head over to Page 2 (HERE:) for an Actors & Skin piece on Carrey and his on-screen nudity. 

Hot Mess Christmas: Sergey by Richard Rothstein

When what to my wondering eyes should appear...

One of my favorite memories of Christmas morning as a kid was the frenzy of six people opening presents at the same time.  Although opening them one at a time might have been the preferred preference of parents, it never worked it out, at least not back then.

Christmas wrapping, tissue paper, ribbons and bows buried the living room carpet in vibrant Christmas color.  Of course my mother immediately went into drill Sargent mode, grabbing the paper, bows and ribbon she could reuse next year.  Once she had what she needed, and snapped at us for ripping the paper off instead of gentling unwrapping it, she pulled out the garbage and recycling bags and the beautiful mess of a masterpiece was sadly quickly erased. 

I'll miss that this year with my mother not around to ensure the mess is cleaned up.  Even as adults, we all usually still need someone to encourage us to clean up our messes, or at least not stew in them too long.  Messes, especially hot ones, are fun for awhile, but ultimately, or maybe sadly, we end up throwing our most miraculous messes away far too soon.

The hot mess that Christmas so often becomes is of course of our own making.  Between the pressures to shop, overspend and waste time with people we wouldn't interact with the rest of the year, we've added to the pressure pile, and not just with Christmas wrap and sparkling decorations.

But... ironically,  and really... very annoyingly, every year Christmas is followed up by an even bigger hot mess, New Years.  New Year's is the time the world has devoted for us to feel guilty about our messes.  To self judge every bad decision we've made.  Not just of the past year, but our entire lives!  It's the time so many of us sadly beat ourselves up for the mistakes we've made, and vow that next year....we'll finally get our shit together.

I love that Richard Rothstein not only captured this hot mess, but within his images, he and Sergey celebrate the beauty a hot mess can be.  Hot messes are loud, colorful and for awhile, a hell of a lot of fun.  They are also often incredibly erotic and sexy, maybe in part because we know the sensation is soon to be extinguished.  If not by a mother with a recycling bag, a friend or family member who thinks you've spent enough tie wallowing in your own filth.

No matter how old we get, those Christmas messes are never far from our minds.  I love how perfectly Richard captured the craze and color that is Christmas.  Richard's images of Sergey remind me of that feeling we have when we squint and look at our lit Christmas tree.

It's a timeless feeling, that looks the same magical way whether you're 3 or 30.  No matter how badly that tree is decorated, no matter how much clutter surrounds it, no matter how much crap is going on in your life.... when you squint, you just see the beauty, the vibrant colors....and the light.

If you want to squint a little longer, and you should, check out more from Richard and Sergey's hot mess Christmas on Page 2 HERE:

Favorite Pic of the Day for December 22nd

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A Vintage Vantage:

Colt model Steve Kelso jingling his Christmas balls

Reggie Scott Unpacked

The Gift that Keeps on Giving!

It's always wonderful to get Christmas packages, especially when presented by the stunning.Reggie Scott.

The Grinch's Goods

All In Good Taste (1983)

Ace Ventura: Pet Detective (1994)

Once Bitten (1985)