Saturday, July 20, 2013

Favorite Pic of the Day for July 21st

Image from Hans Fahrmeyer
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Happy Birthday today July 21st

Happy 35th to actor Justin Bartha!
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American Youth by Hans Fahrmeyer

The youth of America have always gotten a bad rap. From James Dean through to the present, for the most part, if you were under 20, you were considered trouble. Yet, it is those teenagers who eventually become adults and are the ones making decisions that affect us all. Maybe that is the terrifying thing!

Although we had a computer when I was in school, we did not have the Internet in our home until I was 19 and had already graduated. At that time we all remember the ringing of the dial-up and how even downloading a few photos from an e-mail might mean having to let them slowing download overnight. I am not sure how I would have done in High School, let alone Jr. High with the net. There was a feeling when I was young that no matter how bad your day at school was, once it was over and you got home, you could forget it... at least until the next morning.

I am amazed at how well the teens in my family maneuver through their on-line lives, many, do a far better job than most of the adults I know. Although some of us certainly did share erotic photos of ourselves, it was not as easy as today. Although they never asked, I am sure my parents always knew what the reason was when the families polaroid camera was found in my room....

I have been documenting the work of New York photographer Hans Fahrmeyer on FH for close to five years now. Sunday's With Hans began with my first post in the series back in August 2009 with model, and now photographer, Rowan Pierce (you can see that first post HERE:) When I first contacted Hans about a piece on the blog, I had mainly known his work photographing for Vista Video and his memorable images of Marcel and Phil Fusco.

Spending time with his portfolio however, I quickly found out his skill as a photographer went much further with editorial and commercial work that pushed boundaries and made statements creatively. Hans has also documented New York youth and night life for years, creating some of the most erotic, and as well thought provoking images of both the highs and lows of living the good life! With all his amazing imagery, Hans has a signature shot, pants, usually jeans, slid down just enough, which he uses with many of the models he shoots. Those shots remains still remain some of my favorite all time favorites from Hans!

Hans recently began a tumblr which has begun to fill with incredible images and videos. Be sure to check it out as Hans has included many other images from this series not shown here. 

Check it out HERE:

AMERICAN TEENS from Hans Fahrmeyer on Vimeo.

Dive into Water Moves

If the heat outside is starting to get to you, it might be time to jump into WATER MOVES. Water Moves features Fahrmeyer's signature blend of male beauty and raw sexuality with provocative images featuring Santiago Peralta, Phil Fusco, Nick Ayler, Marcel and dozens of other men whose images from Hans are more likely to heat you up than cool you off!

Water Moves by Hans4257

If you want to see the entire book you don't have to wait for delivery, WATER MOVES is available from Amazon in a Kindle Edition for just $7.99 and within a minute or two, you too can be wet.

Keeping Up With Edilson Nascimento

'Gay blogs are very guilty of worshiping the beauty of a certain man for a few months before he disappears in to obscurity. Actually, their photos will always do the rounds of tumblr and blogs but after a while no new images appear and the stories and tweets slow down.'

One of the goals of FH is to not only celebrated talented and great looking men from today but to also remember those who brought us joy and excitement in the past. That being said, when I read Brenton Parry's words (above) on a recent post on his blog about model Derrick Davenport, I began thinking of some of the guys who were a part of FH over the years that I wanted to keep up with.

As if by fate, just a day or two later I found myself reading a post about Brazilian sensation Edilson Nascimento. Edilson was all over the net a few years ago creating a sensation with his images from the boy and his incredible spread in TÊTU by photographer Gregory Vaughan. (below)

Well Edilson is back, not modeling, but acting. Edilson plays a cop in the new Brazilian gay soap HSH. As you can see from the promo above they are making the most from Edilson's considerable talents!