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Favorite Pic of the Day for March 22nd

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Happy Birthday today March 22nd

Happy 28th to actor Nick Robinson!

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Being Charlie (2015)

Seasonal Sightings:

 Welcome SPRING!

Spring has finally arrived!  If you want one last roll in the snow, and a look at some of the winter seasonal shots I didn't post on FH, check out the finals seasonal sightings of Winter on the NEXT PAGE HERE:

Blast from the Past: Craig Sheffer

One of the things that keeps me excited about FH is that I'm always discovering new images, new artists and new actors to feature.  Now, as most of you know, Craig Sheffer isn't a 'new' actor, he's been working professionally since his debut on the soap One Live To Live in the early 80's. 

For some reason, until now that is, Craig Sheffer never appeared on FH.  I've known who he is for years, but never thought I had much of a connection with any of his role, movies or television appearances.   I know from looking at at IMDB page that I've seen many of his movies and TV appearances, but nothing, until recently stood out.

 Voyage of the Rock Aliens (1984)

I certainly knew Sheffer from his role on One Tree Hill, but I never really watched that show, at least not, giving it any real attention.  I certainly crushed over actors James Lafferty and Chad Michael Murray, my crush on Murray, still has the power to occasionally stimulate...  Except for video clips however, especially of that basketball scene, I don't remember ever really watching with any frequency. 

Last month however, a memory of arose which reminded me that I do indeed have a Craig connection. There's a page on Twitter, RetroNewSnow, that I enjoy following.  The page basically posts old movie posters, tv promotional images and TV guide ads and show descriptions.  Earlier this year, they posted an ad from the 1989 television movie Babycakes.  I had a memory flash of crushing over the movie's male lead.

Sheffer by Barry King

I was only kid at the time I watched, so I'll cut myself a little slack for not connecting the hottie in the film was Craig.  If anyone remembers the film, it starred Ricki Lake as a girl who crushes over Rob, (Sheffer) who she meets on the subway.  I attempted to find a copy on-line, but couldn't find a one that was really watchable.  Amazon to the rescue!  

Craig was as cute and crush worthy as I remembered, and forgot he had a brief scene in briefs in the film.  (see below) This had me searching for more about the actor and he's really had quite a long, successful, and eclectic series of roles.  Both indie films and blockbusters, plus some interesting roles on the small screen as well.

Searching for Craig, it was fascinating to read about his meeting up, and being shot by Andy Warhol.  The image above is credited as Andy's.  The shot below is from photographer Christopher Makos who shot Craig at The Factory at the same time as Andy did.  Makos saw Sheffer on the streets of New York and in addition to thinking he was incredibly handsome, also thought he make an interesting subject.

If you search Craig and 'Andy Warhol' there are also a series of full nudes that come up.  Unfortunately, they don't show the actors face.  I didn't include them in the piece as  I'm not sure there's any way to identify that it's actually him.

Babycakes (1989)

'Grace, an overweight girl, spends her Christmas trying to start up a romance with a guy who controls the subway she boards for work each day.'

I don't think Sheffer did what I would consider a actual 'nude scene'.  He did however, show a bit of side butt and a bit of skin in a few films, and in a few images.  Check out what I did find on the NEXT PAGE HERE:

Studio Sessions: Kings by Studio1x

'For studio shoots, I try to capture as many looks as possible.  I also try to focus on light, and how it plays off the model's body.'

It was back in 2017 that photographer Daniel Allen suggested I check out the work of of Jim from Studio1x.  Daniel sent on Jim's Instagram page and quickly visually devoured his impressive portfolio.  Although I should have guessed his focus from his credit, but one of the things I loved most about Jim's work was his exceptional skill with studio sessions. 

Yes, most photographers work primarily in studio, but Jim I was really drawn to the way Jim utilized the space.  The first piece I did spotlighting Jim's imagery featured his work with Robbie. (HERE:) As soon as I opened the folder of images, I fell in love with his process and how complete his studio sessions were.

Many photographers send me on 'final' shots.  A dozen or so edited images they want me to use.  Jim me sent on literally everything.  Hundreds of unedited shots of the entire process, beginning practice shots, outtakes and even  images most would consider non-usable.  I loved this for two reasons.  First, as most of you know, I love a story.  When a photographer sends on just 10 or 12 final shots, the story is already told.  With Jim, I felt I played a role in writing the story, choosing images to fit the theme, or story I wanted to tell.

Sometimes, in amongst the 100's of shots were half a dozens shots with a t-shirt, or in the case of Kinky Kings, a blue sweater.  Having the full session, I'm able to pick out my favorite shots, and present the images  in an way that reveals both model's body, as well as the story I'm wanting to tell.  I love a great reveal, sometimes the slower the better.  Anticipation is part of what I love about images of the male form, and when it comes to work I love, patience has a satisfying payoff. 

Having so many images also allows me to focus on smaller moments, some, many might find inconsequential.  I know for some photographers, a model removing their clothes isn't really even part of the shoot, but for Jim, it's an essential part of the story.  Sometimes three quarters of the images Jim sends on are of a model removing their clothing.  They're usually my favorite shots.

With Kings, there were literally dozens and dozens of shots of him removing his blue sweater.  Although I know most FH viewers don't want an entire piece featuring a hot model taking off their sweater... but, choosing the perfect two or three, for me, plays a role in the build us, and the degree of satisfaction with the final reveal. 

Of course after the shirt or blue sweater, it's time for the pants and underwear to then come off.  Once again, there were dozens and dozens of shots of Kings slowing slipping off his Calvin Klein boxer briefs.  Literally ever inch they slid down was captured by Jim, making it it a fun, but difficult task, to choose my favorites.   Jim also ensures to capture his reveals from different angles, ensuring there are plenty of shots of those blue boxers sliding down over both the models butt and penis.

Although I've also been fortunate to feature Jim's location work, my favorites usually end up being his sessions inside the studio.   I also really love that unless he's shooting for a holiday or specific theme, Jim rarely used props or backgrounds.   With the exception of the clothing they wear in the beginning, the focus is on model, the lighting, and how the model poses and utilizes the studio space. 

Sadly, Jim is no longer able to shoot in this particular studio space. Some of you may remember Jim that last year, Jim moved from his home on the West Coast to the other side of the country.  It's been a busy time, and Jim has yet to secure a new studio space he really loves.  I look forward to seeing what he creates when that eventually happens! 

Although Kings certainly comes off as sensual and self-confident in front of Jim's lens, this was actually his first shoot, and first time posing nude.  Kings is actually a photographer who Jim connected with through a model they both had worked with.  Kings was interested in starting up a Twitter and Onlyfans and asked if he could tag along with his friend's shoot with Jim.  

Kings obviously liked what he saw during the shoot and asked Jim about a shoot for himself.  They ended up doing quite a few looks during their studio session, including this series with the blue sweater.  Some of my other favorite shots included Kings slipping off some overalls.  Check those out, as well as more of Jim's thoughts on working with Kings on the NEXT PAGE HERE: