Thursday, September 9, 2021

Favorite Pic of the Day for September 10th

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Happy Birthday today September 10th

 Happy 52nd to actor Johnathon Schaech!

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Seasonal Sightings

Jon Herrmann: FaVorites

Jon by Christian Rios

Before Jon Herrmann shot to Instagram and modeling fame, (he is also an aspiring actor), he played a variety of sports in high school. Some of the sports he played included; football, basketball and water polo.  Jon was actually scouted to be a model because of sports.  He was approached by an agent while at the US Open for Surfing in Huntington Beach, California. 

John by Adam J Washington

Jon by Brian Kaminski 

Bed, White & Blue: Wes by Bob Burkhardt

'I do make an effort to use bright colors as they pop nicely against the wall or bed. '

Most people who follow an artist, do so because of how they react to their visuals.  They admire their style, their lighting skills or their choice of models.   When I follow and feature an artist's work, I also take notice of space.  The physical spaces they often shoot in, and how they creatively utilize those spaces within their work.

If you've followed the work of photographer Bob Burkhardt, and enjoyed my pieces on his work, (HERE) you'll recognize some of the spaces that Wes is so erotically inhabiting. Bob's studio space includes a tall window he frequently shoots his models in front of.  Almost every model that Bob has shoot within this space has had the window's light cascade over their naked bodies. 

If you look closely out of that window, you'll also see a few other windows in the distance.  It had me wondering how many of those naked bodies might have have been by others from the other side of the glass. Bob hasn't shared that he's had any complaints, so I'm pretty sure the studio's neighbours are ok with their views.

The walls which surround the space appear to be a panoramic swath of beige. With beige as a background, utilizing a pop of color becomes even more important.  When I was going through Bob's images of Wes, I was drawn to the many pops of color weaved within the shoot.  With each row of images, Wes' perfect skin was draped in shades from white and grey through vibrant purples, turquoises and blues. 

The colors certainly do pop, especially when they're clinging so snuggly around Wes's body, and his body parts. Wes' experience in front of the lens are evident in every images and  Bob shares that Wes gives his most when they're shooting together.  It's no wonder Bob has chosen images of Wes to appear in so many of his Body & Soul books and photo exhibitions.