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Favorite Pic of the Day for December 4th

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Ball Drop

 FH's Christmas Countdown continues, today, featuring RMark Photography's shot of the tantalizing Santino.  3 Weeks and many more all drops to go!


Hombre Magazine
Vol #2 No 1

This blonde hottie graced the cover of the vintage gay magazine Hombre back in 1970.  Although I found the magazine, I could not find a credit for the model.  He appeared in a pictorial accompanying a fiction story and was not named.  If anyone knows his name, please let me know!

12 Days: Adam LaVorgna in I'll Be Home For Christmas

'Somewhere between L.A. and N.Y. Jake found the meaning of Christmas.'

Ahhh, I remember actor Adam LaVorgna from the 90's and early 2000's.  Not that I saw many of his projects, but I do remember his shirtless beautiful face and pictures in teen magazines.   Lavorgna was a successful child actor in the nineties with the break out role as Nicholas Scamperelli in the series Brooklyn Bridge.  The young actor  received the 1993 Youth in Film Award for Best Actor for his role in the series.

 I never watched Brooklyn Bridge, but I did take notice of the show in commercials and in print.  It's positive reviews and awards had me wanting to check it out, but before I could the show was cancelled.  Lavorgna went on to appear in films and in a supporting role as one of Jessica Biel's boyfriends on 7th Heaven, another show I never got around to checking out.

The image above is from Adam's Instagram and appears to be a shot from Vogue Italia from around 2014.  I tried to find a larger copy, but no luck.

The young had previously appeared with Biel, a year before joining 7th Heaven, his time in the 1998 film I'll Be Home For Christmas.  The Christmas flick starred the 'teen idol of them moment' Jonathan Taylor Thomas as a college student who is left stranded in the desert.  Thousands of miles from home, with no money, he only has a few days left to make it home for Christmas.

Lavorgna played Eddie, another college student who was looking to gain the affection of Ms. Biel.  Given it was a Disney film, there was no actual nudity, but the actor did have a cute shirtless embarrassment scene which was by Disney standards, was still a bit of a surprise. 

Theo Greece : Operatically Erotic

Theo by Churidarshi Studio

Last year, I introduced FH readers to model Theo Greece. (The Whole Story).  After a marriage, a divorce and surviving cancer, Theo knew it was time to  embrace his true self.  Beyond embracing his true self, Theo wanted to artistically express and share it, so at 49, began his modeling journey began.  Modeling naked would be a challenge for most people, but Theo wanted to go beyond just posing nude, but to use his shoots to express his passion for life and the erotically sing. 

'Churidarshi Studio is the consummate professional very prepared and uses a lot of lighting to get the shots he wants. I was at my best with him in the erotica genre as he lit the shots beautifully and got the right angles to make the erotica sing.'

As you can see, Theo's images are an erotic aria filled with sensuality and passion.. Theo's channels every ounce of his sexual energy into a powerful dance in front of the lens.  Since my profile of Theo last fall, he's continued to focus on his body and getting in shape.  Theo all spent the year shooting with a group of talented artists who all beautifully captured his passion, and his journey. 

Choosing images for this piece was difficult, they're all filled with emotion and help tell pieces of Theo's story.  In addition to the work, Theo shared the next chapter of his story,  filling me in on both his work over the past 12 months, and it's impact on his life and his journey to self. 

Theo by Jim Wilkenson

'Jim Wilkenson has an amazing house in Palm Springs and has been shooting naked men for 20 years. He makes you feel like your in your own house and it's so comforting that you let your guard down and other things pop up. HA'

What do you look for in the artists you work with? 
I look for perhaps a lesser know photographer that take more than fitness shots. I almost quit because I don't have a 24/7 fitness routine and I was concerned that my body was not in shape enough to compete with the 20 and 30 year old's. I had to turn off that voice. 

I'm working with photographers that are careful and guiding about what looks good and share the photos as they come out, so I can also get a sense of angles and light. Like I said I guess I get fed up of looking at photos of amazingly fit men as most of us don't have time to spend 6 days a week working out, that's not sustainable with a job and kids. I see the same shots by the same photographers shooting the same thing over and over again. 

I enjoy a hot man as does everyone else but if that's all they have to show then I get bored. I guess that's why I'm willing to go further with the photographer to capture a real moment vs a fitness shot. 

Theo by Joe Mazza

'Joe Mazza (The Male Image) is casually confident with an artistic eye. You can hear him gasp when he gets the right shot and man when he does, they are stunning and artistic!'

Has modeling helped build and influence your feelings about yourself? 
OMG yes!  I am growing much more confident. My partner is loving the shoots and I share all the shoots with him. I don't think he would be comfortable with it if I was secret about it. I came out late so these shoots allow me to express that sexual side in a safe way that does not trash my relationship. 

Do you have any boundaries you won't cross? 
I think at this point I want to cross those boundaries as it's my way of expressing that intimate side.  I feel safe as it's just me and the photographer and our imaginations. There is a lot of shame in sex and gay men also carry that like we are not supposed to express it. When I was married to a women I never thought anything we did was ever bad and I'm trying to fight that stigma as well as a gay man. Nothing I do in front of the camera is bad and if I could bring that to my real life it's so much the better. 

Do you have any interest in shooting with another model? 
Ummm yes I think I would like to do a shoot like that , however my partner has said no and that would cross his line , so for now I would not. My fantasy like many is do be taken by many men and capture the moments perhaps blindfolded. I like to think about putting on a show like where I don't know who else is there, that but the reality may be quite different and my partner would have a cow so for now it's me solo. I'm walking a fine line with what's comfortable for us both so he is the most important thing so until he says yes I am solo. 

Theo by Steven Underhill

Wow Steven Underhill is a great partner in crime. He is very well versed out in the field and on live shoots. I was able to let my guard down in the SF Window shoot in particular. I smoked a little pot to relax and we took over 400 pics in front of that amazing window. He also pushed me, blindfolded me and told me to pretend I was alone and not think about him being there so the shots he got were very personal

Do you do yoga or dance to help with all those bends and shapes that you create? 
Yes I used to dance so the more artistic shots I believe I express that background and use my flexibility to my advantage. 

What creatively do you want to do next? 
One thing I'm realizing in erotica is that what feels good to me does not always make a good photo. I have to watch that in the shoots as they are different things. I often forget that and get bad shots before I remember that the photo is more important than me getting off. I would perhaps like to more personal erotica as that stuff is embarrassing but if I could let loose and be free enough I think we would get some even more personal shots.

As hot as these shots are, there were others, I thought might be a little too hot for FH... Thankfully,  I have another place for those... Check out more of Theo Greece on THE OVER-FLOW HERE:

Dennis Tyler I got the sense had not shot a lot of erotica in the past, more commercial and was pretty excited that I was able to go there with him. He has a nice small studio in SF and we did a cowboy themed shoot and then an office shoot where I came for him and it was huge. It's always nice to feel that comfortable with someone or a photographer where you can do that. 

Theo by Dennis Tyler