Friday, December 1, 2023

Favorite Pic of the Day for December 2nd

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Succulent Selfies

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Boys Night Out:

For some reason, I tend to go out to pubs and clubs more when the weather gets colder.  In the summer, I eat lighter and do a lot of barbequing.  In the winter, I love comfort food, pub meals like fish & chips, a clubhouse and fries or hot turkey sandwich.  Check out more hot, and naked guys hanging out a the end of the bar on FH HERE:

12 Days: Scott Wolf in A Merry Scottish Christmas

'A Merry Scottish Christmas follows estranged siblings Lindsay and Brad as they travel to Scotland at Christmas to reunite with their mother Jo.'

Cooks Photography wasn't the only one traveling to Scotland this year, so did actors Lacey Chabert and Scott Wolf in Hallmark's A Merry Scottish Christmas.  This was the first Hallmark holiday film I've watched this season.  I've PVR'd several new ones, but didn't have time to watch any until this week.  I almost deleted this one before watching, but turned it on, and  liked it far more than I predicted that I would.

I knew of course Chabert and Wolf played siblings on Party of Five, but for some reason, I never really watched that show.  I tried a few times, but it never drew me in.  Maybe I'll try again if I ever see it streaming anywhere.   I was always however, fascinated with actor Scott Wolf.  I say fascinated, as I wouldn't quite say I was drawn to him physically, but there was something about him I both liked and was bugged by at the same time.

Wolf is indeed adorable, with his baby face and great smile.  I guess I always sort of thought he was just a little too 'cookie cutter' cute.  The former teen idol was often referred to as the television version of Tom Cruise, and I understand why.  Over the years however, Wolf won me over.  Unlike Cruise, whose personal life, and connection to Scientology is a turn off, Wolf's personal life seems far less problematic. 

I have also been impressed by Wolf's acting choices, both before, an after his turn on Party of Five.  With his face, and great body, he could have slid by playing high school hotties for years, but he branched out and had a decent film career, working with some great actors and directors, during the late 1990's and early 2000's.  

Party of Five:

Two of my favorite roles were Wolf's turn in Teenage Bonnie and Klepto Clyde, (1993) and in Go, (1999).  I also enjoyed Wolf's turn as Carson Drew in the recently cancelled Nancy Drew.   Although Wolf has certainly gotten older, he's now 55, his baby face has remained in tact, and to me, he looks hotter than ever.

I usually hate Hallmark movies that use 'Scotland' or 'Ireland' as locations.  Usually they're shot in sunny Los Angeles or in Vancouver, with Scottish and Irish background actors, but American actors with bad accents.  For this film, they didn't got to Scotland, but instead filmed at Barberstown Castle in Straffan, County Kildare, Ireland.  The writers also kept Chabert and Wolf as visiting Americans, so the accents stayed with the supporting cast members.

Wolf hasn't had many nude scenes over the course of his career, and a few that he has had, seemed to me, to be body doubles.  There are two brief scenes, where the crack in view, I believe to be his.  Check them out on the NEXT PAGE HERE:

Erections Required: Donny by Cooks Photography

'Donny was a cheerleader and in addition to his great looks had an amazing body.'

Although I didn't plan it, this week's theme seems to be photographers on the move.  Earlier this week, I featured RMark Photography, who had recently moved from Georgia to Ohio.  Today, the photographer is Hal from Cooks Photography,  but his move required relocating to another country, and another continent.  

Prior to his move, Hal had been living and working in California.  Some FH readers might remember that some of the previous pieces featuring Hal's images, were of beautiful naked male models, posing in the deserts near, and surrounding his home.  There are no deserts near Hal's home, instead,  I hope to soon see models posing in the Scottish highlands, near Hal's new home in Inverness, a city on Scotland's northeast coast. 

I got in touch with Hal in the spring about another piece on FH, and he was in the middle of packing up for the big move.  I was also in the midst of a move, but my move was to the a new town, about 15 minutes from where I was living.  I know how stressful my move was, not to mention the work, I can't imagine packing up my life to move to another country.  If I ever did though, Scotland would certainly be on my list.

Hal promised to get in touch once he found a house and was settled, and last month he let me know that he was ready.   He hadn't shot any models in Scotland yet, but that was more than ok, I had a rather lengthy list of models from his portfolio I was hoping to feature.  Near the top of that list was mode Donny Wright.

As you can clearly see, Donny has a great face and body.  He's one part boy next store, with a generous dash of erotic appeal.  Donny has a classically handsome face, and almost wholesome look from the neck up.   From the waist down however, the wholesome hottie is readily equipped for any job that might come his way...  

This boy next door however wasn't looking for a job in real estate, or at the local car dealership.  Donny set his sites on working in porn, and required erection shots to send to the porn agencies.  Although Hal never requires a model to have a hard-on for a shoot, when Donny requested it, he wasn't about to argue, and was more than willing to help out.

Hal first connected with Donny on Adam4Adam and they arranged to get together to shoot.  They've worked together now three times, but for this shoot, Donny let Hal knew that he needed erection shots to submit to the porn agency he hoped to get hired by.  I don't usually post many erection shots on the site, my choice, but given how key they were in the shoot, I certainly couldn't leave them out of the story...  If you google Donny Wright, you'll see Hal's images did the trick, and the agency not only hired him, but put him quickly to work. 

'Donny was very laid back, sweet. Easy to work with.  Nudity was definitely NOT an issue.  I definitely encouraged him with certain poses outside of what the agency needed.  He has a great body and I think we got some great shots.'

Some of my favorite shots, are some of the poses Hal captured of Donny on the wooden kitchen chair.  If you've check out any of my previous features spotlighting Hal's work, (HERE:) you might remember the chair making several other appearances, frequently being straddled by a variety of nude models.  I didn't ask if the chair made the move to Scotland, but I'm looking forward to finding out.