Saturday, March 22, 2014

Favorite Pic of the Day for March 22nd

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Happy Birthday today March 22nd

I am not sure who's cuter, birthday boy James Wolk or the puppy. Happy 29th James!

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Naked News:

Man Strips Naked on Top of SUV, Taunts Officers in Wilmington

'A Delaware man was arrested on suspicion of drug use after he climbed on top of an SUV, stripped naked and taunted police.'


Full Story HERE:

Incredible Grace: Cary By Dennis Nauert

Grace: Simple elegance or refinement of movement

I was first introduced to model Cary Farrow while working on a piece, Darling Nicky, in 2012. I have been following Cary's work since, hoping to feature more. I love how natural and beautifully his movement and poses are and especially loved the emotion in his poses with the armless and plastic 'Nicky'.

Fortunately, when I contacted Dennis Tin Box Photography about featuring more of his images, it was his work with Cary he suggested we spotlight. When describing Cary, I loved that Dennis used 'incredible grace' to describe Cary's movements during the shoot. Grace is a beautiful word and one not used enough when describing male models. Grace is also something, that when the focus of an artist, can come through powerfully in images creating distinctly beautiful captures. You can often see in images from inexperienced or new photographers, when body parts are more important than the male form as a whole.

'I worked with Cary on several occasions and found him to be one of the kindest models I have ever worked with. He has a look about him that is to me intoxicating. On one of the shoots he had just made a bow tie all by himself and was so proud of it. He also had an incredible grace when he posed and when he was just relaxing while I set up the lights for the next pose he would start to sing.'

'I wanted to use an old chair that I had but didn't want him just to sit in it so I asked him to act as if the chair was his dance partner. Some beautiful shots came from this as well. I hope I can work with him again. He is simply amazing.'

Meanwhile, Back in the House...

The men of Big Brother Canada continue to provide memorable moments. There have already been a few images, pre-beard of Kenny posted on the net, but the image above is a nice one. Meanwhile in the house, Jon (below) begins his pulling and stretching, always a good idea before starting to exercise.

Arlie (above and below) has officially grown on me. The house clown yes, but in addition to his love of running around the house naked he also has nice eyes, such a great smile, and beautiful lips. I just hope he soon finds out what direction he is going to go with his head and body hair.

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In other Big Brother news, (old news to many) BarbwireX posted these recent shots of BB Australia's Jamie. Jamie remains a favorite for many and thankfully still seems to enjoy being naked for the enjoyment of others. See my previous Jamie post HERE: