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Favorite Pic of the Day for June 10th

Actor Andrew Stevens
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Happy Birthday today June 10th

Happy 62nd to actor Andrew Stevens!

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Andrew Stevens: ACTORS & Skin

Images were often my introduction to movies, TV shows and especially actors. I used to love the old TV Guides that were full of creative ads for upcoming projects. I was about 9 or 10 when Jackie Collin's novel Hollywood Wives hit the airwaves in mini-series form and although I never watched it when it aired, some of it's promotional material grabbed my attention.

Stevens in The Bastard

I remember distinctly the images of Andrew Stevens that were used to promote the TV event. Although there were tons of cast shots of Anthony Hopkins, Suzanne Somers, Candice Bergin and company, it was the images of Stevens that I cut out and saved. They were a series of Stevens, shirtless and in jeans, many of them with the actor laying on his side with his jeans teasingly unbuttoned. For a young gay kid, those shots were enough to have be longing to watch the show.

With fellow 80's hunk Maxwell Caulfield

Sadly I wasn't able to, but have seen many clips from the show since. I think Andrews' promotional shots may have been the hottest part. I later caught Andrew as one of Lucy's boyfriends on his brief stint on Dallas, during the super soaps non-spectacular last few seasons. Stevens may not have gotten much attention from his time on Dallas, but it did reignite my lust for the hot young actor.

Andrew has been a busy working actor since starting in show biz when he was a kid. Andrew has worked in almost every medium from TV to film and from big screen blockbusters to b movies and 90's soft core. I followed his career, again, mostly through magazines. Andrew is one of those actors who in images (maybe even more so than on film) exudes a strong sexual imagery. His hot tight body always looks 'ready' and that body was often on display in the movies he appeared in.

Despite his long resume, Andrew's career stalled in the 90's and most of his projects, (the last being in 2010) were mostly straight to video low budget movies. When researching Andrew's career for this piece, I of course had to check out some of his 90's nudity, but also some of his early roles on film. One of the first films I checked out was 1976's 'Massacre at Central High.'

The 70's horror flick features a particularly disturbing rape scene, something maybe more common in 70's flicks, but with the exception of that side, was an enjoyable enough 70's horror flick with a does of male skin. I also especially loved finding out about Andrew's big screen debut. Although Andrew had been on television, his first film was actually a brief cameo in the 1975 Warren Beatty and Goldie Hawn film Shampoo.

Credited as 'Boy #2', his appearance was brief by memorable. In the scene, Andrew is on his way to join a group who are skinny dipping. Sadly, the scene only features Andrew in a towel, on his way to join them. His is body, lean and tight and although was 20 at the time, he could pass for 16 or 17. In some ways this role sort of foreshadows he career. Although he went on to put in some good performances, his hot body often seemed the focus, and sadly, seemed to often be cast in the 'boy #2' role.

The Speedo Years

There are many of us however, who prefer the hot boy #2. Frequently much hotter, and often much more compelling than the less interesting boy #1's. Much it may be my shallowness, and focus on the male form, but Stevens also had the Don Johnson type quality when he was younger, weaving a small dose of naivety with a tough edge and an off the charts sexual appeal.

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Bulging with Sam Jones

Andrew Stevens: Actors & SKIN

Hollywood Wives (1985)

The Fury (1978)

Dallas (1987-89)

The Seduction (1982)

Shampoo (1975)

Massacre at Central High (1976)

Some say there is a quick frontal from Andrew in this flick during the beach scene. (below) The scene is very dark, and although there might be the quickest of flashes of a 'tip', I didn't really see anything.

Andrew Stevens: The Soft 90's

Throughout the 90's, Andrew Stevens in about half a dozen soft core flicks, several co-starring with the queen of the genre, Shannon Tweed. Andrew had sex scenes in them all, although just side and butt shots, Stevens kept little Andrew a mystery. Although he showed skin in them all, I think the three flicks below gave us the best views of Stevens Skin.

Illicit Dreams (1994)

Night Eyes 3 (1993)

Night Eyes (1990)

Below: Stevens with Tanya Roberts
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