Friday, January 13, 2023

Favorite Pic of the Day for January 14th

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Seasonal Sightings:

Below Deck: Ben Willoughby

I just caught up on the current season of Bravo's Below Deck.  Although Chief Stew Fraser remains my favorites, if I had to play Fuck, Marry or Kill with the deck hand male crew, the choices would be easy.  For fuck, it would be easily be  Bosun Ross.  Although he has his  issues, there's also something incredibly hot about Ross.  Given his sexual history, he may not exactly be relationship material, but for a fun one nigher, he'd be the one. 

As for Kill, that would have to be Tony.  Tony is also hot, and he's as annoying as he is fit.  Although I think he maybe the youngest male on the boat, his stubbornness to routine is more like a man in his 60's or 70's than a guy in his 20's.  No exercising for me!  So, that leaves Aussi boy Ben Willoughby as my spousal selection, and if I had my choice, he'd walk down the isle in his favorite speedo.

As a former swimmer, Ben is very comfortable in his speedo, so comfortable, that he pulls on the spandex whenever he's able.  The producers seem to enjoy getting those crotch close-ups, especially when he's sporting a speedo stiffy after getting a lap dance from Camille.  I have to take off a point or two for his relationship with Camille, but given he's stuck on a boat for a couple of months, I'll cut him a little slack.

I'm usually a little hot and cold on the man bun, some guys can pull it off, but most cannot.  Ben pulls his off well and as much as I like his long hair, he has a great face and smile and is at his hottest when his hair is pulled back or twisted in a man bun. 

Ben and a buddy sporting their budgies. 

As you can see, (above and below) Ben looks good in and out of his speedos. 

Behind the Curves: Rex Wild by RMark Photography

'Viewers who join my Onlyfans can expect to quench their thirst...☺️'

I know my thirst was certainly quenched the first time I saw an image of the mouthwatering Rex Wild.  That first image was the first shot at the top of this post.  It was included in the holiday series Roger from RMark Photography sent on before Christmas.  That image definitely that had me wanting to see more from Roger's work with Rex.

I am especially drawn to images of the male form that focus on body lines and curves.  I loved how Roger's shot of Rex captured so much incredible detail, especially the sensual lines, curves and muscles in Rex's arms, legs, back and his magnificent backside.  The light seemed sensually steered to hit Rex's body and skin with perfect precision .

The image is especially impression given the circumstances surrounding the shoot.  Roger often travels for his shoots, and this series with Rex took place in Rex's apartment.  Without studio lights available, Roger relied mostly on the natural light.  The first few shots, with Rex in the white assless singlet, were from the earliest part of the session just as the light was down.  Roger reports this was the time he had the strongest light from the windows to utilize. 

This also happened to be Rex's first official photoset.  Although he's taken thousands of self shots for his social media and Onlyfans page, this was the first time creative collaborating with a photographer. In addition to rushing to capture as much light as possible, Roger also shares that Rex's passion for sports led to some extra work.  Roger was looking for a clean surface to shoot in, and Rex's apartment was filled with sports equipment and dozens and dozens of running shoes which had to be moved from view.

'I wouldn’t really call myself a model. I just loved taking pics of myself and posting them. It’s a fun thing for me.  Roger and I connected on Instagram and he was great to work with.  It was a lot of un and Roger was respectful and nice and worked to ensure I was feeling comfortable. '

Although nude modeling wasn't part of Rex's plan, when he originally began posting body selfies on-line, it's easy to see why viewers wanted to see what was under the singlets, gym shorts and jockstraps.  So, with so many people wanting to see more, Rex started an OnlyFans to quench the thirst of all of those following him on-line and asking to see more of those thirst quenching lines and curves. 

Desmond Chiam: Comic Consideration

'Despite the strong influence of Greek Mythology on Diana's origin, her latest adventure sees Wonder Women in the Norse battleground of Valhalla with the legendary Siegfried as her guide and romantic partner.'

When I was a kid, I wasn't really into comics, especially superhero comics.  Although I loved the odd Archie double digest, the rest sort of blended together.  Recently  however, a post on Twitter had me curious about a recent story, and a recent animated hunk, in the Wonder Woman series.

Many of you may already know Wonder Woman's newest boyfriend, the Norse hero Siegfried with the thick and thirsty thighs.  If you haven't met him yet, let me visually introduce you!  Although the romance may be doomed, it would be nice to see Siegfried show up in one of the upcoming Wonder Woman movies.  Although I love Chris Pine, his character Steve Trevor is a bit of a bore, and a hot hunk might spice up and give energy to the film series.  I enjoyed the first movie, but the second one was hard to get through.  I think a little bit of Siggy could really spice things up!

Artwork by Travis Moore

Part of the post on Twitter was about who could possibly play the sexy Siegfried in a movie.  There were tons of suggestions, but one of the best, and my personal favorites was Australian actor Desmond Chiam.  After he graduated from the University of Melbourne., Chiam originally pursued a career as a lawyer.  Within a few months, he became unsatisfied with his law career and pursued his more creative side with breakdancing and acting.

After a few short films, and an appearance on the Aussie soap Neighbours, Chiam moved to the States and began getting roles on television with appearances on shows including: NCIS: Los Angeles and Bones.  Chiam went on to get regular roles on the series Reef Break as Australian actor best known for his role as Wyatt Cole on Reef Break, General Riga on The Shannara Chronicles and Dovich on The Falcon and the Winter Soldier.

Now Apocalypse

I was first introduced to Chiam through his role as Jethro on the comedy sci-fi series Now Apocalypse.  Given Siegfried was often seen in a loin cloth, Chiam's experience on Now Apocalypse will come in handy.  His character Jethro was put through the ringer, including being sexually assaulted by an alien.  After that, there's not much the DC Universe could throw at the actor that he wouldn't be ready for. 

Desmond Chiam on Instagram

Alien invaders...