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Kudos to Alan Ritchson

'Trump is a rapist and a con man, and yet the entire Christian church seems to be treat him like he's their poster child and it's unreal. I don't understand it.'

I've been covering, and uncovering, actor and model Alan Ritchson since the site's early years.  I remember his brief time as Aquaman on Smallville, only to get replaced by  Justin Hartley for the series.  Ritchson ended up returning to the role, and took supporting roles until finally get getting a series of his own.  I remember getting e-mails and images from his N2N sent on from the company to promote his campaign for the bodywear line.

There are many celebrities who've spoken out against the hateful orange idiot, but few, with the directness that Ritchson used in a recent feature in The Hollywood Reporter.  I was worried when I first read the headline, he might be lending support.  Ritchson has spoken of his Christianity, and sadly, so many seem to be following the false, and horrid idol.  As a Christian myself, I cannot fathom how anyone of faith can follow Trump.  

Religion has historically often been used by many for hate, violence and the demeaning of others. So many 'so called' Christians who judge others, while following money and evil in the name of God.  It was nice to be wrong, and pleasantly surprised to read Alan's brave words.  You shouldn't have to be brave to speak the truth, but there are still so many celebrities worried about their careers, (or their theme parks) and end up staying silent.  I get it, but kudos to Ritchson, we're far too close to another four years of Hell, years that the world may not come back from, to worry about anything other than trying to stop it. 

Lower Extremities: Max by Cooks Photography

'How long should a man's legs be? Long enough to touch the ground.'
J.D Salinger

In the contest of the male form, when lower extremities are mentioned, it's usually used as an innuendo.  The lower extremity, the lower limb, is usually a play on works, hinting at the penis and often it's size.  The term technically refers however, not to the penis, but to the hips, thighs, legs and feet. When it comes to the work of Hal Cooks from Cooks Photography, those are the particular extremities that I usually notice first. 

I've been both featuring and enjoying Hal's work for awhile now, and whether he confesses it or not, I pegging him as a leg man.  So many photographers of the male form ignore legs, unless they're thick and muscled up.  Hal always shoots his models from head to toe, and the long, beautiful lines that he captures are something that I always both see, and love about his work.

In so many of the shoots of his that I've featured, (which you can check out HERE:)  Hal includes panoramic views of the male form with elongated images of legs both bent and folded into the body, or beautifully flexed and extended having his models look long and lean, no matter how tall they might be.  It's not that Hal ignores the other parts of the body, he doesn't, he just has a way of capturing the male form as a stunningly sleek and sculped configuration. 

Hal first connected with Max on Model Mayhem.  It wasn't Max's legs, but his long, flowing hair that Hal shares that he first noticed.   Hal also loves looking for men with unique and interesting looks, and Max certainly fit the bill, with his fantastic body being icing on the cake.  Max had modeling experience, so there wasn't much to discuss prior to shooting, but Hal did ensure to check out Max's comfort levels when it came to nudity.  

As you see from this series of images, Max seems very relaxed in front of Hal's lens, moving in and out of sensuous and elegant poses with ease.  Hal and Max worked both inside Hal's studio, and outside on the hills and cliffs near his home.  Hal enjoyed the entire shoot, but felt the outside shots were more natural, and shares that Max seemed more relaxed with the elements and less direction was required.

For some readers, the location may look a little familiar.  The first time I featured Hal's work, back in 2016, it spotlighted his work with Matt, (HERE:) at the  top of the Cove, outside behind the houses in Cathedral City California.  Some of you may remember that Hal now lives thousands of mile away after his move to Scotland last year. 

Although Hal has connected with some photographers and models, and found some equally stunning locations, he's to shoot in his new home in this new location.  When he does, I'll be sure to let you know, and hopefully share the results!

Howard Nelson: A Vintage Vantage

When I was younger, I could never get into British comedy.  My mother used to like watching British sit-coms on PBS and my dad and older brothers liked Monty Python and other British comedians and movies.  I think the only British made comedy I enjoyed and laughed at was Mr. Bean, and that was probably be because there little to no dialogue in most of the episodes.

I do have memories of one of my older brothers staying up late to watch those 'Carry On' movies when they'd air on cable or satellite.   I'm pretty sure it was because of all the boobs, but I didn't watch.  In part, I had no interest, but also, because my older brother usually kicked me out of the rec room when they came on.

I've overcome my dislike of British comedies, so much so, some of my favorite movies and television shows are now British made shows.  I still haven't warmed to the Carry On series, but I did recently catch part of 1978's Carry on Emmannuelle.  I was drawn to watch the film because I'd read there was male nudity, and indeed, there were a few scenes of male skin, mostly for comedic value.  The actor I was most drawn to however, didn't appear nude in the film, but did wear his skimpy posing pouch.

Carry on Emmannuelle

The character was a body builder named Harry Hernia, and he was played by real life British body builder Howard Nelson.  The ex-champion bodybuilder turned to acting and  was usually cast as the 'heavy' or the 'bad guy' due his muscular body.  Nelson was often hired by his friend George Harrison Marks who was a photographer in the sex industry in the 1950's.  Marks moved to directing, and directed dozens of sex comedies from the 1960's through the 1990's.

In addition to the sex comedies, Marks also made some hardcore flicks, that he also hired Nelson to appear in.  As late as the mid-eighties, Nelson appeared in titles including 'Duty Free', a hardcore farce set in an customs office.  I haven't been able to find any of these films, but I'm still looking!  Nelson was often uncredited in these films, and wore elaborate disguises and dark glasses in order to cover his distinctive face, and so not to be recognized.

I did find a rather 'innocent' nude scene in the 1977 comedy, Come Play With Me.  Again, Nelson is not credited, but appears as 'the man getting massaged' in I believe just one scene.  There are plenty of views of his muscular backside, and a quick frontal when his tiny briefs are being pulled off.

Come Play With Me

If you watch the clip below til the end, there's also a few seconds of a few extras, (not Nelson) jumping naked into the water during a pool party.