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Favorite Pic of the Day for September 19th

Maxwell Caulfield
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Happy Birthday today September 19th

Happy 68th to actor Scott Colomby

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Ahhh, I remember watching Caddyshack on VHS with my family when I was a kid.  I wanted to go back and re-watch Scott's speedo scene, but my father took the movies back before I had the chance.

ACTORS & Skin: Maxwell Caulfield

Like so many actors that I profile, my infatuation with Maxwell Caulfield began not by seeing him on screen, but by seeing just a single photo.  I still remember sitting in that dentist's office and flipping through a old issue of People Magazine.  I was about 8 or 9 and was stunned to turn the page to see the beautiful black and white shot (above) of a naked Caulfield laying on the sand.

The image, a shot of Caulfield from the Broadway production of Salonika, was not only shocking for it's beauty, but because it's not often to see a man's bare ass within the pages of People. I had no idea who Caulfield was, I hadn't seen Grease 2, nor any of his other movies or TV shows.  The image however, had me wanting to learn more.

This was the late 80's, so there wasn't a internet to go home to and check out his IMDB page. There wasn't much I could really do except file the memory, remember the name, then keep an eye out for it in the future.   I think I first connected Caulfield to a project a couple of years later when he appeared on the Dynasty spin-off The Colby's.  I don't really remember watching the show, except seeing it's opening credits, but I do remember seeing Caulfield in promotional images for the show.

Years later I made the connection between Caulfield and his role in Grease 2.  I used to collect old magazines at flea markets, and saw many images from the film in magazines and eventual on-line. I still have yet to actually watch Grease 2, I keep meaning to, but's not a film that pops up on television very often.  The film has a history of horrid reviews, yet devoted fans, so I look forward to eventually checking it out.

I don't think it was until starting FH that I actually started checking out Caulfield's film roles when I had the chance.  Some, to check out his on-screen nudity.  Caulfield has only actually had a few quick flashes of butt on screen, but his sex symbol image was cemented for me, more by his photo shoots.  The shots promoting Grease 2 in particular had a James Dean feel, an image he seemed to promote in his photo shoots.  Caulfield is an actor who's images I'm always looking out for.  Just when I think I've seen them all, I'll discover a new shoot, or a new edit.

It's sort of interesting the impact that Grease 2 had on Caulfield's career.  Many describe the movie, as the end of a promising career.  That maybe quite true, but the promotional shots, like the one below, also helped broaden his audience and appeal.  People may not remember much of his work, but they do remember him.  I'm sure as an actor, that isn't really a great thing, but Caulfield did continue to work after Grease 2, mostly on television, but also in a few films and on stage.

In addition to checking the movies with skin, two may favorite Caulfield performances were in 1985's The Boys Next Door and 1989's Mind Games.  Neither film includes any nudity, but in Caulfield is incredibly hot in both.  He's also the villain in both, a murderous psychopath in one, and a deranged obsessive in the other. 

Midnight Witness (1993)

The Boys Next Door (1985)

I was a little surprised by the homophobia in The Boys Next Door.  Not that that wasn't common in many movies from the 80's.  It was more how gay friendly the movies poster was....  I enjoyed the film, but it felt a little like the lured me with a shirtless and sexy Caulfield, only to then kick me in the teeth...

Actors & SKIN: Maxwell Caulfield

Salonika (1985)

'The other member of the cast is an enigmatic beach bum named Peter who spends most of his time sunbathing in the nude. Maxwell Caulfield, who spends much of the evening in the buff, personifies callowness perfectly.'
AP News

'They arch from the sand, and these mounds of perfection are what the audience sees first when the lights go up. Soon an elderly lady enters, and even she cannot resist caressing that smooth flesh. In short, Maxwell Caulfield owns what Jessica Tandy, 75, terms "a real baby's bottom.'

Jessica Tandy wasn't the only one taken with Maxwell Caulfield's 'baby bottom'....  Although he showed everything in the 1985 Broadway production of Salonika, he seemed slightly more resistant to showing as much on screen.

Dance With Death (1992)

I tracked down four instances of Maxwell showing some skin on film, but it really comes down to about 1 and a half.  Audiences got a good view of Maxwell's meaty behind in 1993's Midnight Witness, but the rear views in Dance With Death and In A Moment of Passion were quick and darkly lit.  In 1989's Sundown, we only got a side view, and an odd shot of Caulfield clearly wearing a cock sock.  I guess his vampire was a wee bit shy...

In A Moment of Passion (1993)

Although brief, this view is quite hot.  Even hotter if you can ignore Caulfield's character just killed the woman he was having sex with.

Midnight Witness (1993)

Sundown: The Vampire in Retreat (1989)

That odd scene breaking the forth wall, ensuring the audience knew the Vampire was deadly, but shy.

Summer Stock

The Ends of Summer...

FH readers are aware how much I love celebrating the seasons.  It's especially stimulating when the seasons are captured along with the nude male form.  With Summer transitioning into Autumn this week, I wanted to take one last look back at sun, sand and sexy men of summer.

The following shots were set for summer 'Seasonal Sightings' on the site, but instead of tucking them away until next year, I thought I'd share them as final farewell as Autumn, crisp mornings, hurricanes and snow are knocking on many of our doorsteps.