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Favorite Pic of the Day for June 10th

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Happy Birthday today June 10th

Happy 68th to actor Andrew Stevens!

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Seasonal Sightings:

Nicholas Walker in Amnesia

'A married pastor having an affair, plans to fake his own death but the plan goes awry when he hits his head and awakens with amnesia'

1997's Amnesia opens with Pastor Paul, (Walker) nude, in a hotel room with his mistress.  Not happy at home with his wife Martha, (Ally Sheedy) the passionate pastor comes up with a plan to kill himself so he'll be free from his family and free to frolic and fuck as he likes.

Poor Paul's plans don't quite go as he hoped, and his planned faked death leads to a real mishap on the lake.  Paul ends up in the barn of the perpetually horny Sally Kirkland who insists she clean him up by talking off his clothes and giving him a nice long bath.  Paul doesn't fight, he's in shock and suffering from amnesia. 

I was going to add clips, but you can see the full movie, or just Walker's nude scenes, on Youtube for yourself HERE:  There are two scenes, the first near the beginning with a quick and darkened frontal, and the other, his bath by Kirkland, about the 30 minute mark.

No Whittle Room: Hal by Chris Teel

'The expression of the idyllic human form has mostly been viewed as inspiring and tasteful. I'd like to imitate that expression'

One of the most challenging tasks when putting together a piece for FH is narrowing down images. It can also obviously, be one of the most fun! When photographer Chris Teel sent on his work with Hal, there were over a hundred shots to choose from. 

 Usually with so many images, I find it easy to do a first whittling down, taking out an initial 10 or 20 shots.  With this series with Hal, this was especially difficult, as I loved something about each and every image.  Hal's body looked amazing in them all, but even when there were similar poses, Hal expressed such distinct and engaging facial expressions in each, I struggled not to include them all.

Having featured Chris' work for so long, including many shoots in this studio space, I always wondered what the models were seeing when they looked out that window.  Because of the brick, the studio location always reminded me a bit of a castle, my imagination had me dreaming the models were looking down from a tower on courtyard or a majestic country side.  Given the variety of expressions Hal displayed as he looked out, I had to ask him exactly what he was looking at. 

'So out the window, there is a small brick building from Old Toronto, there is an alleyway behind it where people pass through on foot regularly. Across the street from the building is a large modern building of glass and steel being constructed and people busily pass by as it is downtown Toronto. '

Ok, so moat, no courtyard or pretty princess's on pony's, my dream was a bit off... Having spent a fair bit of time in Toronto however, I do remember that weaved within the tall apartment and office complexes, are many beautiful historic buildings in the original part of the city.

What has been your favorite modeling modeling thus far? 
My favorite types of modelling thus far has really been underwear/swimwear modelling. I know Chris mentioned in a shoot how much more natural I seemed, and that true, its easier to present myself well in that format. 

Who provided the underwear and wardrobe for this shoot?
Alllll the clothes were Chris lol. I brought a lot of stuff, but Chris had a vision and I was putty in his hands.

Any odd or strange stories from any shoots? 
So, the first shoot I ever did was out of town for me. Turns out the studio was literally beside one of my childhood friends homes from way back. It was just funny pulling into the driveway beside my old childhood friend's house and the extra jitters of my first shoot. 

Have you had any modeling offers you decided to pass on? 
A few, but generally I've been fortunate to have been contacted by excellent artists and so i haven't had to decline much. 

What factors did you weigh before deciding to do nude or implied shots?
I mean implied nude stuff just makes sense artistically. It has been a custom in western art for a long time and the expression of the idyllic human form has mostly been viewed as inspiring and tasteful. I'd like to imitate that expression. 

Did the response from friends/family enter into your decision? 
Meh. Close family. But I really have only seen support from close circle people. 

Has modeling nude been an issue with a significant other?
Nope, my significant other has been the largest support to me. She knows me better than anyone and understands that the art and the therapy of modelling are the point. 

Were you nervous to share initially share modeling shots on-line? 
Nope. You only get so many spins around the sun.  I shared them on Instagram and then it spread from there. 

What part of your body are you most happy with? What part gets the most attention from others? 
In general my chest is probably the area I am most happy with. BUT, what gets the most attention I think is my legs. Probably means I need to work harder on the upper body hahaha 

What would your dream scenario be for a shoot you would like to be a part of? 
The Dream: Be flown out to a shoot, someplace warm with beautiful people, bring my MJ and enjoy a vacation while also putting in some work modelling.

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