Sunday, September 7, 2014

Favorite Pic of the Day for September 8th

Sunday with Hans Fahrmeyer
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Happy Birthday today September 8th

Happy 52nd to actor Thomas Kretschmann!

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Beach Bum

Actor Cuba Gooding Jr. flashed a little skin this past Labor Day. The passing paparazzi got a fun photo-op on a Malibu Beach.

Hans Fahrmeyer: Workin' The White

'White covers a multitude of sins.'
— Jonathan Milne

Modern etiquette thankfully has thrown out that old adage that wearing white after Labour Day is tacky. (unless of course that white is white jeans, they should never been worn, no matter what time of year it is!) White after Labour day is especially welcomed if that white takes the form of skimpy skivvies, tight, hugging and even better if wet!

White, regardless of the date, is especially eye catching if caught by the lens of renowned photographer Hans Fahrmeyer. 
Check out the video with even more images below!

THE UNDERWEAR ISSUES from Hans Fahrmeyer on Vimeo.

5 years strong on FH!

Only When I Laugh...

The very much alive Prince Harry with Joan and Robin Williams, just love thei image. All three have provided me immense pleasure...

'I hate people who die of natural causes; they just don't understand the moment. It's the grand finale, act three, the eleven o'clock number — make it count. If you're going to die, die interesting! Is there anything worse than a boring death? I think not. When my time comes I'm going to go out in highs type. I have no intention of being sick or lingering or dragging on and on and boring everyone I know. I have no intention of coughing and wheezing for months on end. One morning you'll wake up and read a headline: Joan Rivers Found Dead...On George Clooney's Face.'
Joan Rivers

Last night Joan Rivers, Don't Start With Me aired. As much as I have loved watching Joan on tv, I am not sure I have ever seen her as great as she is here. Just a few years ago, close to 2 hours of non-stop hilarity. Her Kurt Douglas and Dick Clark jokes were the kind that some get offended by, but they had me on the floor laughing. My belief is the jokes so many disliked were really the closest to the truth, and some will never be ready to handle, let alone laugh, at truth.