Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Favorite Pic of the Day for May 17th

One of my favorite (and one of the hottest) models, Julius Johnson with Oliver Curtis by Silabin.

Happy Birthday today May 17th to:

I love actor David Eigenberg who turns 47 today!

Happy Birthday also to Cameron Bancroft, Sendhil Ramamurthy, Derek Hough, Bill Paxton, Jordan Knight & Tony Parker HERE & HERE

Blast From The Past!!!

One of my favorite features to put together on FH is Blast From The Past. BFTP was an attempt to shine a light on actors, models and celebrities who made an impact on me while I was growing up. Many of the men featured came from reader suggestions and I spent a lot of time researching men who were famous before my time. Many of the men featured are still busy working, some were only famous during a certain era, some were mere flashes in the pan. Some sadly have passed away. I am happy with all of the famous faces from the past that have been featured and wanted to revisit that part of the blog.

I am hoping some of you might help me with who to feature next? Is there anyone you would like to see added to this impressive list? Anyone you wonder what happened to, any of the guys I have already featured I could feature again with new photos or info? Please let me know by commenting below who you would like to see next as a BFTP!!!

In the meantime, use the search feature at the top left of the blog or just press the BFTP section to the right to look back on some the guys I have featured in the past!

Here are some of the men from FH's Blas From The Past!

Jon-Erik Hexum
Ben Murphy
Christopher Atkins
Bruce Boxleitner
Doug Barr
Rick Schroder
Timothy Patrick Murphy
William Katt

Steve Guttenberg Richard Hatch Andrew Stevens

Aidan Quinn, Steven Antin, Dirk Benedict, Antony Hamilton, Shea Farrell, Dean Cain

Leif Garrett, Cyril O'Reilly, Peter Gallagher.

Gregory Harrison, Ted Shackelford, Jimmy McNicol, Maxwell Caulfield, Adrian Zmed

Tom Berenger, Jan Michael Vincent, Ken Olandt, Richard Dean Anderson, Omri Katz, Miles O'Keefe, Peter Barton.

Richard Grieco, Rex Smith, John James, Parker Stevenson, Patrick and Matthew Laborteaux, Scott Bakula, A Kayser.

John Schneider, Matt Dillon, William R. Moses, Brad Davis, Patrick Duffy, Greg Evigan.

Mark Harmon, Marc Singer, Rob Stone, Sam Jones, David Hasselholf, Jack Scalia

Michael Pare, Scott Baio, William Mcnamara, Andrew Keegan, Robert Urich and Brian Bloom.