Saturday, December 5, 2020

Favorite Pic of the Day for December 6th

Chris Vogue by TR Pics
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Happy Birthday today December 6th

Happy 67th to actor Kin Shriner

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Kin & Andrew Stevens crusin through the 80's

Succulent Selfies: Cameron Robbie

It runs in the family...

Margot Robbie's younger brother Cameron was certainly a benefactor from the family's beautiful gene pool.  Also an actor, Cameron has been very generous on social media sharing images of his spectacular chest and lickable nips. 

The Awkward Truth: Chris Vogue by TR Pics

Chris had always wanted to give modeling a try, and when he was home on lock down, like most of us, spent more time than usual on the Internet.  During a day of surfing the net, Chris came upon Tom's Instagram and struck up a conversation about a shoot.  They agreed to meet up and a date and location were set set up.

Tom shares that Chris was feeling very nervous and awkward when the shoot began.  It wasn't just the usual nerves connected with removing all of your clothes in front a complete stranger.   Chris's goal for the shoot was to do something new, some risky and to live a little after months at home in lock down. On the day of the shoot however, Chris had flash of fear, mostly about his family and conservative family finding.  He never done anything like this before, nor had anyone in his family that he knew of.  

He was determined however to fulfil his goal, and Tom reports the shoot resulted in some great shots. Tom shares that some of his shots of Chris, especially the fridge shot, received more 'likes' on Instagram than he's received in a long time!  When I initially asked Tom about sharing his work with Chris on FH, he wasn't sure Chris would be up for it, given his fears.  His desire for risk taking, and sharing the images he and Tom created won out though and he readily agreed to his naked on-line debut!

TR Pics on Instagram

12 Days: Fred Henderson in The Christmas Doctor

12 Days initially began to celebrate the 12 days of Christmas by choosing 12 holiday hunks to feature each Christmas.  Well, the theme has grown, to not only cover all holidays, but I usually can't stop at 12.  I especially love undressing the many Hallmark hunks playing sweet lonely widowers or naive princes stuck in a small town Bed and Breakfast during an unexpected blizzard. 

Hallmark movies as we all know have a formula, for story and for characters.  There are usually three main male characters per story.  In addition to the naive, but sweet leading man, there is also the leading man's even more naive and eve sweeter best friend, brother, assistant or co-worker.  There's also usually always a daddy.  The father figure is often the leading ladies father, but it could also be a boss, a lonely neighbour and of course, often the town's Santa.

The daddy figure in the The Christmas Doctor was Dr. Ray, a sweet small town doctor who brings the young female doctor in to cover him over Christmas.  Poor Dr. Ray has been working too hard, and has an arm injury he needs to recover from.  He also had a sweet ulterior motive for brining Dr. Zoey (Holly Robinson-Peete) to town.

As soon as Dr. Ray appeared on screen, I knew I recognized his sweet and handsome face.  It might have because of actor Fred Henderson's recent appearance on Riverdale, his many movies and television guest appearances or even his role on The X Files in the 90's.   Although I didn't initially know, or connect Henderson to his small part in the 1995 film Bad Company, when I saw it on his IMDB page, I knew I'd seen the face, and the body before.

The X Files (1994)

I only have a vague recollection of seeing Bad Company, I don't remember much of the story, or whether I even like it or not.  I did remember, Henderson's nude scene. I remember every male full frontal I saw in movies, especially when I was a teenager.  It's not just my love for the male form, but as anyone who was closeted for a time, scenes of male nudity, especially when watched with a group, were both exciting, and traumatic experiences.

Bad Company (1995)

I believe I saw Bad Company with a group of high school friends.  Fred's frontal flash was quick, but it didn't matter.  Every time an actor showed skin on screen, even just shirtless, closeted teens go into survival and protective mode.  Although no one is usually paying any attention, we all assume, and respond as if all eyes are on us.  We squirm, we turn red, we do everything for the duration of the scene, to act like we're not paying attention, or don't care to the male skin we're dying to focus on up on the screen.  Usually, we actually bring on more attention from our squirming.

Despite all of the self-induced drama, I still look back on the moments with fondness.  Sure they were full of fear, but there was also something erotically risky about those moments.  Although I'm glad I don't experience them any longer, there were oddly sort of a highlight in my growth and road to embracing who I was.