Saturday, May 7, 2016

Favorite Pic of the Day for May 8th

Lance by Frisky Frolic
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Happy Birthday today May 8th

Happy 35th to actor Stephen Amell!

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The Guitar Man

Who draws the crowd and plays so loud, baby, it's the guitar man
Who's gonna steal the show, you know, baby, it's the guitar man
He can make you love, he can make you cry
He will bring you down and he'll get you high
Somethin' keeps him goin' miles and miles a day
To find another place to play

Dear Andrew: Lance by Frisky Frolic

Dear Andrew Christian,

Lance Ford is exactly the type of guy I would love to see wrapped and unwrapped in a pair of Andrew Christian's.  I can' wait to see him soaping up and wet, pulling them up, and especially peeling them down and off...

Not only an incredibly hot body that would perfectly show off any style or color, Lance has a beautiful face and sexy puppy dog eyes that instantly engage the viewer.  If Andrew is looking for future models, I can't think of anything better to add to Lance's resume than this sexy set of images from JayBee.  Ig only we could all be part of the audition process!


I love, love love your underwear.  I'm an aspiring model and collaborated on a photo shoot that I thought might get your attention. Can I shoot for you sometime?


Classic Playgirl: August 1988

'His blue eyes, teasing smile and healthy physique combine to create perfect pose after perfect pose. Although he is not easy to get to know, a sensitive soul lurks beneath those brilliantly blue eyes and full, expressive lips!' 

Mike Dolan
Playgirl: Discovery
August, 1988
Photographed by Carol Weinberg