Wednesday, October 6, 2021

Favorite Pic of the Day for October 7th


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Seasonal Sightings

Thespian Torsos

I miss seeing actor Rome Flynn, and his incredibly hot thespian torso, on my television screen.  Rome's been busy working, I just haven't had a chance to check out his recent work.  I'm looking forward however, to watching his new series 'With Love' premiering on Amazon in December. 

On the Run

Actor Ryan Phillippe flashed a wee bit of butt crack during a recent run in Los Angeles.  I'm assuming we can thank his phone for weighing down his shorts just enough to expose a little ass cleavage.

Christian St. Jon: FaVorites

'If you're into mysterious men with dashing good looks, Christian is your man.'

Christian St. Jon: Pictorial Resume
Playgirl Magazine: 
October 2005 ‒ Fantasy: My Private Gigolo (Photography by Studio 1435) 
October 2005 ‒ Cover
October 2007 ‒ Man of the Month (Photography by Studio 1435) 
November 2007 ‒ Dead Boyz Don't Scream promotion 
January 2008 ‒ Calendar 2008 

Other Publications: Men (03/07), Men (09/04), Torso (03/06), Torso (11/06), Torso-French Edition (03-04/06). 

Videos: Spa Studs Resort (Sharpshooter), Where We Began (2006).

Although credited as Christian Mousel in 'Dead Boyz Don't Scream',  his Playgirl and magazine credit was Christian St. Jon.   The bodybuilder got his star in Billings Montana but followed his career dreams by heading out to Big Bear Lake California.  His role in the softcore slasher was the actors first film and you can hear and see him talk about it on the films extensive array of extra features.

'My hobbies are hiking, swimming  and eating chocolate.'

My Private Gigolo

'My greatest fantasy surprisingly has nothing to do with sex. I'd have to say my greatest fantasy would be to retire at 35 years old.'