Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Favorite Pic of The Day for March 18th

Love this shot from a recent series by Photographer Justin Monroe.
Check out his site HERE:

Favorite Birthday Boy for March 18th: Dane Cook

Sexy Dane Cook, who I have gone from disliking to lusting after, turns 36 today.

Favorite Guy On Dancing With The Stars

My fave is Steve Guttenberg, yeah I know there are some pretty hot guys on there, but I have fond memories of watching The Bedroom Window and being pleasantly surprised at the bod Steve had on him, and his great backside. I had not expected it. His cute face does not hurt. I do however reserve the right to change my mind as three other guys on the show were pretty easy to watch.

Steve Guttenberg in The Bedroom Window

Favorite Guy from Model Men: Jerry

Just came upon a great site, Model Men. It is run by Stephen, who is a freelance photographer who showcases some of the hot men he shoots. My favorite guy so far is Jerry, who has a cute little ass and looks great in or out of clothes. Here are a few pics of Jerry.

You can find a lot more pics of Jerry and some other guys at modelmen.net found HERE:

Here are a few more pics from this great site.