Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Thumbs Down: The Buzz around The World Cup

Above: Cristiano Ronaldo

I LOVE the world cup. I am catching up on games each night, in a betting pool at work and enjoying my sports fix now that the NHL playoffs are over. (I cannot get excited about baseball the way I can basketball and hockey). They are helping me to move on afer my down after the Winter Olympics. ;)



The constant buzz from the plastic horns is truly ruining my viewing experience. I feel like a mosquito is constantly buzzing around my ears. It drives the players crazy and has made me watch with the sound off. Why cannot they either find a way to edit this noise pollution off the tv broadcasts or not allow the plastic horns in the stadiums.

Just Because: My 2 cents

The story of Miley Cyrus and PH has been all over the media this week. I have read many 'takes' on the story, many of them struggling to get a viewpoint beyond either their hatred for Miley or especially for PH. I felt the need to jump half way onto the bandwagon.

I am not a fan of either MC or of PH. There is little positive that I can say about PH. I think he does more damage to gay rights and the way people are perceived than almost anyone, including some of the worst homophobes. I find him vile and most of all cruel. Cruelty of any kind, including verbal cruelty, is something I have little tolerance for. In the past when I visited his site, I usually left feeling I needed a shower to wash off the dirt. I left his site for the last quite awhile ago.

The only good thing I can say about PH is that his site was one of many reasons I began FH. My category 'kudos' was a deliberate move to remind me to remember to regularly recognize the positives. That is not to say I do not from time to time write critical comments or critical posts. I do believe there is a clear difference with intent. PH makes his living by bringing down others. Dragging others out of the closet, shining a spotlight on the fears and insecurities and problems of people with no real reason other than to make money and to up his hit counter.

Above and Below: Model and singer Justin Gaston. (sorry I could not bring myself to post a shot of either MC or PH on the blog).

I would like nothing better than for PH to go away. But.... this story is not the story that should bring him down. I have read various interpretations about the law in this case, and no one really seems clear on it. Either way, using this issue to get PH somehow seems silly to me. What he did to Miley may get some up in arms, but these are the same people upset at the site of Janet Jackson's nipple. Anything related in anyway to sex gets the puritan masses all in a tizzy. His posting the picture does not come close to much of the vile cruel filth he prints using the letters on the keyboard IMO. I know many feel differently but his treatment of Dustin Lance Black was far more ugly. Yes I know Black is over 19 but if you look at the actual story, not at the actual pictures involved but directly at PH and what he wanted to get of the story you will see my point. Miley is regularly targeted on his site, he was going for a laugh. With DLB his intent was far darker.

Miley Cyrus is a kid. If PH is arrested for posting the picture, then so should her managers, agents and parents who allow her to do some of the sexually charged videos and performances that she does. Maybe Miley herself should be arrested for promoting seeing 'children' as sexual objects. Miley is pimped out by all those around her looking to make a buck off her career and someone truly needs to step in and stop her/them.

What I hope is the end result from this story is not an arrest. I hope all the beauty pageants, the talk shows, the entertainment shows cease to have PH as a guest. I do not understand why anyone would want him associated with their show or product. Maybe this story will ensure he no longer able to profit from bringing others down. But then again, don't be surprised if he is sitting at the host table on The View next week....

Just my two cents.

Classic Playgirl: Discovery 1998

'My Body is My Temple, and when I make love to a woman.... I gladly offer every inch of me.'

Jason Rodriguez
Playgirl, Discovery
A Fine Work Of Art
August, 1998
Photography by Joe Major

Male Model Of The Day: Will Vloet

On Monday I posted an unknown series on model Michael M. that I later found out was by artist Mckenzie James. I have posted some of Mckenzie's work in the past, but that post had me revisiting some of his incredible work. Please check out my first profile of Mckenzie HERE: More about Mckenzie below.

Revisiting Mckenzie's work led me to a series on Canadian model Will Vloet. The series (at the end of the post) made the rounds on a few blogs last summer. I missed it then, but was happy to have stumbled upon it this week. Will has a great look and I especially love how his face photographs in profile. You can see more of Will's at Beatrice International Models and at Elite Toronto.

Will Vloet

Height: 6'2"
Waist: 30
Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Brown
Suit size: 40"
Shoe size: 11 US

Below: William by McKenzie James:
I love the series below, both the outside shots and studio shots are equally beautiful. The first shot, the profile, is my favorite. Great Work!

I remember first seeing Mckenzie's work on Fantastic Mags a couple of years ago and I quickly had a longing to see more. Since then I have featured his work several times on FH, most notably when profiling model and actor Derek Allen Watson and model and musician Tim Moxam. Mckenzie, though his work, especially his black and white work, is able to do something special, something many great artists can do. Within a split second of viewing a shot, you instantly experience a change. A change of emotion, a change in how your feeling. When viewing some of Mckenzie's work I instantly feel a connection to the story. The first two shots below are good examples of what I am...not so eloquently...trying to say.

This shot of Will sitting on the sidewalk with his back to us, is one of my all time favorite photos. To describe why would only complicate the point I am trying to illustrate. It simply says so much to me without trying to say anything at all.