Wednesday, April 6, 2022

Favorite Pic of the Day for April 7th

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Happy Birthday today April 7th

Happy 58th to actor Russell Crowe!

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Crowe in Virtuosity (1995)

iamxleox; Anatomically Correct

Gorgeous Leo looks a little like a life-size Ken doll, only this Ken is clearly a both beautifully and anatomically correct.  Check out some of my favorite shots on thee NEXT PAGE HERE:

Game Night!

'The Game That Ties You Up in Knots!'

Thanks to the creativity and innovative spirit of Charles Foley, the co-inventor of Twister,, millions of people have had the curse and delight of attempting to contort themselves into awkward and uncomfortable positions while playing the sometimes controversial board game.  

Twister was the first game to use humans as board pieces, but since then, a multicide of games have been created using the human body as the method and way of winning.  Since this is Studio1x however, the human bodies in question, are of course naked.  Join the game with Alex, Diego, Dee, Jonathan and and Kince and the full set of images on the NEXT OAGE HERE:

Carpet Ride: Alexander Ray by Studio1x

''What’s not to like about Alex!'

What's not to like indeed!  Not only does model Alexander Ray have a great face, and smokin' hot body, he's also full of personality.  Alexander, (Alex) brings that engaging personality, and a vibrant sexual energy, fully into his work in front of the camera.  In addition to being pleasing to the eye, it's just fun spending time with Alex's imagery, especially when shot by Jim from Studio1x

Many of you might remember my previous pieces featuring Jim's work with Alex from late last year.  Alex was not only made a hot holiday elf. (HERE:) He also joined a scrumptious buffet of male models for Thanksgiving dinner followed by a game strip poker. (HERE:)

When Jim sent on his holiday shots last fall, I knew it would be the last of Jim's work that I'd be featuring for awhile.  Jim was on the move, and shared that could be a few months before he was settled into his new home and had time to set up his studio.  Although I knew it would be awhile before Jim could create new work, I knew I couldn't wait that long to feature his imagsry.

Fortunately, Jim planned a marathon day of shooting before he left, brining in five models and shooting a variety of themes with the models together, as well as a few individual shoots.  After jingling his Christmas balls, Alex slipped out of his elf undies and into some sexy red men's lingerie for a boudoir themed set of images.

Alex looks incredibly hot and particularly inviting splayed so elegantly on the white shag carpet. Alex is a natural in front of the camera and knows exactly how to hit just the right pose to lure viewers in and match the theme and mood that Jim wanted to capture.   Hopefully Jim will back to work soon but in the meantime, check out more of Alex for a game of strip Twister on the NEXT PAGE HERE: