Friday, December 12, 2008

Favorite Pic of the Day for December 12th

Lets get the Holiday season started with this festive pic of Matus Valent who I posted about a couple of days ago.

Favorite Birthday Boy for December 12th Gildas Moro

Rugby Union Player Gildas Moro has his birthday listed as both December 10th and December 12th. I have gone with the 12th, hope I am correct. Gildas turns 35 today.

Blast From The Past for December 12th Steve Antin

The invention of the VCR certainly was welcomed by many gay youth who were able for the first time to watch movies, not always gay movies, which featured scenes of nudity which in the past were much harder to find. I have talked before about some of my favorite nude scenes, for me many of the most impactful scenes were from my teen years during the 80's. I saw 'The Last American Virgin' (1982) when my family finally got a vcr in the late 80's when I was about 12 or 13, and I am sure Steve Antin's performance, especially the 'measuring' scene is well remembered by more than myself. Steve Antin has a very interesting past and resume. Although this role may be best remembered by many, he also had great turns in 'The Goonies', and his great performance in 'The Accused'. Steve spent time on the tv guest shot circut and smaller movies, but his last acting role was in 'NYPD Blue' in the 90's. Steve has gone to become a producer, writer, director and even stunt man. Steve, who is openly gay was the boyfriend of movie mogul David Geffen during the mid to late 80's. Currently Steve spends his time focusing on producing and produces 'Pussycat Dolls Present: Girlicious' and is the brother of the founder of Pussycat Dolls, Robin Antin. Steve certainly has an interesting career, beginning with one of his most memorable roles in 'The Last American Virgin'.

Favorite Photographer of the Day: John Jon

Recently I posted on a favorite of mine, model Niko Zolan (below). I was struck not only by the beauty of Niko, but the series of pics of Niko in his plaid shirt and cowboy hat were some of the hottest shots I had scene. They have moved to the top of my list of favorite photo shoots. I would love to see more of this shoot.

I had to find out who the photographer was, and a bit of research led me to Florida based photographer John Jon. I became an instant fan of John Jon's work. John Jon's work is not only erotic but he takes the time to tell a story with his shots. Most of the work of his I have seen are themed to fit the best qualities of the men he shoots. Niko's 'farm boy' series mixed Niko's incredible beauty and sex appeal with a sense of fun and innocence perfectly captured by John Jon. Find out a bit more about John Jon at his myspace page HERE:

Another of my favorite series of pics by John Jon was of model Eli Manuel. Eli was the subject of John Jon's first cover shoot (above). The photos of Eli are so hot, and like the Niko series, capture a sexual side of Eli as well as a slice of the lifestyle they are showcasing. Eli is new to modeling, but has something very special. You can check out more about Eli at his Myspace page HERE:

The photo above is my favorite in the series.

Not only is John Jon a talented photographer, he also does a bit of modeling himself.