Thursday, December 23, 2021

Favorite Pic of the Day for December 24th

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Ball Drop

It's almost here!  The last holiday hunk sharing his big Christmas balls is Elo.  Many of you may remember my previous pieces featuring Elo's work RMark Photography on FH HERE:  Hope everyone has a merry and safe Christmas Eve.


Holiday Shopping:

Every December, I go holiday shopping.  For FH, the presents I'm looking to find are hot and festive holiday images.  I'm fortunate that so many artists and models not only share, but shoot specifically for the site.  For those getting a little tired of holiday imagery, (Bah humbug!) January will be here before you know it.  Until then however, the fleece, fur and skin will continue. 

One of the best 'stores' to go holiday shopping for Christmas shots is Instagram. The last few years, I've compiled some of my favorites to share.  Check out this year's batch HERE:

12 Days: Fred MacMurray in Remember The Night

'Love blooms between a sympathetic attorney and the comely shoplifter he has taken home for the Christmas holiday.'

Fred MacMurray...whaaat?  I never thought I'd be doing a 12 Day post on actor Fred MacMurray.  First off, I never really knew anything about him, or saw anything he was in until recently.  I knew he was on the sit-com My Three Sons, but that was way before my time, and I've yet to see an episode.  But... thanks to TCM, and to actress Barbara Stanwyck, here we are. 

About ten years ago, I saw Stanwyck on TCM in 1945's Christmas in Connecticut. I really love that film, and have checked out many of other films when they air on the classic movie channel. Stanwyck is a great actress, but her movies are a bit hit or miss for me. Although she's always brilliant, occasionally she goes a little over the top, even for me.

A few years ago, I caught Stanwyck in the 1944 crime thriller Double Indemnity. Her co-star was Fred MacMurray.  I loved the film-noir and MacMurray was great.  Although I liked his performance as Walter Neff, I still wasn't exactly attracted to him.  I was however attracted to John Sargent, MacMurry's character in Remember The Night, the Christmas film he made with Stanwyck four years earlier. 

I first saw the holiday film a few years ago, but only caught the last half.  I watched the entire film earlier this week.  I enjoyed even more this time, and Stanwyck and MacMurray have great chemistry. Given the film was made in 1940, there are a few 'problematic' scenes and stereotypes, but they're minimal, and made up for by some great performances, especially the three actors playing MacMurray's family.  I was surprised when putting together this piece, that MacMurray actually did a few promotional beefcake photos, and my crush on John Sargent was cemented. 

Waiting For.... Jessie by TR PIcs

'I can't sleep!'

Most of remember the thrill of Christmas Eve. It's one of my favorite days of the year and I still enjoy it just as much or more than Christmas Day.  We all remember having trouble falling asleep, overcome with excitement and dreaming of Santa's arrival.  That excitement of course wains as we get older, but I still feel a touch of magic in the air on December 24th.

As adults, we know the score, but that doesn't mean we can enjoy the enjoyment and arousal that goes with anticipation.  The lead up to big events is often more satisfying than the event itself.  Although most (all....) people checking out this site aren't waiting for a literal visit from St. Nick, a literal, or virtual visit, from a holiday hottie is always welcome.

This Christmas Eve I wanted to present a return visit from Jessie Smith, and his work with Tom from TR Pics.  I first featured Tom's work with Jessie early last month, (Jessie's Secrets) and could tell by both the hit count and the reaction that Jessie made an impact and viewers loved his work and the images created with Tom.

Tom and Jessie had instant creative chemistry and continued collaborating together, with close to ten shoots no under their belts.  When I e-mailed Tom about featuring some of his seasonal shots, he told me had another shoot with Jessie scheduled for the next day.  He promised to send on some of festive results.  These shots, are some of Tom's favorites.

 In addition to Jessie wearing the traditional Santa hat, Jessie also donned that traditional Christmas Sweater, Donald Duck style of course... (Clothing on top/naked from the waist down)  My favorite images though were of Jessie sporting just a big green Christmas bow.  I was curious though, how he and Tom got that bow to stick...  I love that Jessie keeps it au natural down there and thought it would be painful if the bow was actually stuck on there as it would be stuck on... well, another less delicate package.  Thankfully, Tom solved the mystery. 

'It wasn't easy... In order to get it to stick, we had to get a paper clip to have it hang on Jessie's bush.'