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Out Back

John Phillip Law: ACTORS & Skin

Actor John Phillip Law's acting career was at it's height in the 1960's and 70's with a long line of box office hits and critically acclaimed films.  By the time the 80's rolled around, although Law was still working steadily, including a turn in Bo Derek's Tarzan the Ape Man,  he was mostly appearing in episodic television on shows including; The Love Boat and Murder She Wrote.  

As I said in the intro piece, Law did have a few 'quick or you'll miss them' butt scenes, but few were really worth capping.  Below however, are three films that grabbed my interest for a variety of reasons.  1974' Open Season promised a flash of Law's but, but it was quick, dark and just a second of butt crack.  Hardly worth watching the dark flick.

Law plays one of three Vietnam veterans who are stimulated by violence and terrorizing others.  They also seemed to have no issue with having sex in front of each other.  The film was a difficult watch, an interesting premise, but a little too dark for me. 

Open Season (1974)

Angel Eyes (1993)

By the time the 1990's rolled around, Law was no longer a box office draw and was reduced to playing 'daddy' types like in the 1993 soft-core flick Angel Eyes. Law would have been in his mid-fifties when Angel Eyes was filmed and was still looking quite hot. Unfortunately, even though his character had plenty of sex, we only got the 'straight' guy view of the side of his ass in most of the love scenes.

The Love Machine (1971)

His Women...Judith, Amanda, Ethel, Maggie, the Twins, and all the others...

Now, despite the title, there isn't a lot of love in 1971's The Love Machine, there also isn't a lot of skin.  Although Law's character has a lot of sex, with a lot of different women, it's all very PG rated.  We do get one quick, and obscured view of Law's behind, but it's shot through a room divider.   Although the movie doesn't have much skin, it does have an interesting twist, something I didn't know until I sat down to watch.

Based on the novel by Jacqueline Susann, The Love Machine follow Robin Stone, an ambitious newscaster who's working his way to the top, or maybe the bottom, not sure.  Robin has sex with many women on his way up, a model, the head of the networks wife, and several other women, including a shower threesome.  Robin also happens however to be gay.

Although there are hints given in the early part of the film, Robin's sexuality isn't every really confirmed outright until the end of the film.  Early on, his model girlfriend questions whether he finds her attractive given her model body is more like that of a young boy's than a grown woman.  Robin doesn't seem to mind.

Robin's best friend is Jerry, a gay fashion photographer who makes no secret of his love for his  closeted best friend.  Hiding his true self makes Robin a bit of an ass, mistreating most of the women he uses to maintain his womanizing reputation.  Near the end of the film, one of them, played by Dyan Cannon, decides to blackmail Robin after discovering a bracelet, one that Jerry had inscribed  from Robin.  

A fight takes place and the police are called and Robin ends up in jail.  Not much of an ending, but unusual for a film in the early 70's to have a gay lead character.  That being said, the film includes only heterosexual love scenes and the promotion for the film clearly wants viewer to think that Robin is a straight love-making machine. 

Law's most daring nude scenes occurred not in an American film, but in a Foreign film, the 1977 Italian thriller L'occhio dietro la parete.  Check out caps and video clips in the post below HERE.

John Phillip Law in L'occhio dietro la parete

'Ivano is a wheelchair-bound man with some strange perversions. He gets his sexual kicks by spying on Arturo, their tenant in the apartment next-door and forcing his sexy accomplice Olga to watch as well.'

In 1977's  L'occhio dietro la parete,  (The Eyes Behind the Wall) actor John Phillip Law plays Arturo, the tenant that Ivano (Fernando Rey) is watching so closely.  Of course an perverse thrill seeker needs to up the anti, and soon Ivano convinces his younger wife Olga (Olga Bisera) to seduce Arturo and have sex with him as he watches from behind the walls.

Ivano has set up an elaborate array of cameras and microphones to pick up everything Arturo does. Early on, they watch every thing Arturo does, including as he exercises naked. Spoiler alert... Arturo is not an innocent victim, in the films first scene, we learn he has a violent side of his own as in the films first scene, he rapes a woman in a train car.

Soon, Ivano begins to suspect that Arturo is hiding some odd habits, and has Olga break in and search his room.  When dealing with psychopath however, things, including the sex games, are bound to turn deadly.  The Italian film was directed by Giuliano Petrelli, an actor whose one and only directing credit is this film.

One of the strangest scenes in the film, and one of the most disturbing, involves a sexual encounter between Arturo and a guy he met at a dance club.  Given the time, I guess it shouldn't be surprising that the actor playing the man, (Jho Jhenkins) was credited only as 'black dancer' in the film and on IMDB.

When I describe the scene as 'disturbing',  I'm referencing the editing.  Given Arturo's risk taking behavior, it wasn't a surprise he would enjoy sex with both women and men, and watching the scene, Arturo seems to be open to what the man he brought back to his apartment has to offer.  As soon as the man makes his move, the film cuts to Ivano and Olg watching and we here blood piercing screams.

Initially, I thought Arturo murdered his hunky houseguest, but no, there's a quick edit back with a few seconds of Arturo looking like he's being sexually assaulted.  It's an odd few seconds of film given what led up to it.  I added the scene on SendSapce (HERE:) but cut out the last few seconds.  You can find the entire film to watch however, on RareLust HERE:

A Secret Escape: Nico & Conner by Gordon Nebeker

'The story we created was in a way, a secret escape.  Somewhere that two people can go off to an abandoned area and find solace in and with each other.'

Given how much I love exploring relationships, for this piece, I wanted to find out more about Conner and Nico's.  Given that they've both worked with Gordon Nebeker before, both individually and as a duo, I was curious how well they know each other and how they'd answer a few questions about one another.....

'It was Nico’s first time out to the campground but I think I was just excited for his first trip.'

'The shoot consisted of walking around and finding interesting areas, treats, logs, and getting the lighting just right. Gordon wanted us to be natural and one with nature as we stood together or held each other. Gordon likes this area because nature has somewhat reclaimed her place amongst the boards and dilapidated structures.  Conner and I posed and did what was most natural for us. 

My favorite memory from the shoot was definitely sitting on the log with Conner. we were both trying not to fall off as Gordon took the images. During a lot of the balancing shots we had to hold each other to keep from falling. Also the shots where Conner and I are laying down in the table really stick out to me. It was on  a whim that I laid down and he sensually came to me.' 

'My favorite moments usually take place between photos. When we are scouting for a good spot, I really enjoy nature and being nude out in it. But also just the funny moments when we clown around. It really helps to balance the day and help us all feel more comfortable I think.'

Who is the most talkative? 
I am.
Since Nico and I have worked together before, it’s very nice that I feel we both are talkative and comfortable to be ourselves

Who is the most energetic? 
Oh me for sure. 
Conner: .
When it comes to climbing trees or more silly stuff, I probably have more energy.

Who is the most creative and suggests the most ideas?
I think I do. I'm always looking at the environment and saying "let's try this!" 
I can be creative, but Nico is more natural at posing or finding ways to create beautiful lines and energy.

Who is the most comfortable naked? 
Conner. He's always the first to strip 
We both love to be naked so it’s definitely a tie there. Being so comfortable with each other, being naked isn’t a big deal at all. 

Who is the most natural with poses? 
Conner. Most definitely. He's a performer! 
Nico is the more natural when it comes to posing or coming up with photo poses for us.

Who is most likely to say yes to pushing boundaries? 
Conner and I communicate a lot with our bodies and eyes during a shoot. But when affirming, I'm the vocal one. 
I am getting more comfortable pushing boundaries. Especially with Gordon and Nico. We didn’t really try anything out of the ordinary this time but maybe next time we will have some new boundaries to tear down.

Who is funniest, cracks the most jokes during a shoot? 
Conner. He's very goofy and likeable. 
I don’t think I’m funny necessarily, but I just say it do random stuff and sometimes it gets a laugh

Who is the most likely to get a little 'stimulated' during the shoot? 
Oh it's me. 😅 
I think Nico is more likely to get stimulated. Not to say I don’t also easily get stimulated, but being naked outside is just natural to me. Also, it helps to stay level headed when you accidentally brush some itchy plants or are focusing on all the things for a good photo; the lighting or lines or pose or what not. 

Who is the most likely to get the giggles during an intimate pose? 
I think we both do. and then get serious when Gordon playfully chides us. 
Neither of us get super giggly but probably Nico since I’d be the first to crack a face to make him laugh. I can be serious but it’s also so fun to break the tension with a silly face.