Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Favorite Pic of the Day for April 25th

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Happy Birthday today April 25th

Birthday boy John DeLuca looks looks amazing flexing in this selfie he
 posted last week on his Twitter!   Happy 33 John!

Check out more of John and more of today's Birthdays HERE:

Britton Buchanan: The Voice

Britton by Heather Gunter

The Voice contestant Britton Buchanan is mega talented (best bet to win) and absolutely adorable!

Lee Montgomery in Prime Risk

Last week, during my salute to rats, well... a salute to the 70'a rat movies Willard and it's sequel Ben, I profiled child actor and eighties teen idol Lee Montgomery. (Ben's Friend) As most FH readers know, whenever I profile an actor, I try my best to include images and caps from any nude scenes they may have appeared it. Although I did my research, and checked out my usual list of actor sites, except for some hot shirtless scenes, I didn't come up with anything for Lee.

After the post, a blog reader who saw the post on Lee shot me an e-mail about a brief butt scene in the 1985 crime thriller Prime Risk. I of course had to check it out to ensure my profile of Lee was complete! So, after tracking down a copy of the film, I made some caps and a clip to share. It is quick, and just a brief butt glimpse, but given it's Lee, was well worth checking out.

I have only capped the scene, and not watched the entire film, but in the few minutes that I saw, it was so very 80's in feel and with music. I look forward to watching the whole movie. Thanks to the FH reader for the tip!

Or So The Story Goes: Arthur by Nosferatu Photography

'Creative, calm and collected.'

Although all stories and all art is in some form autobiographical, like any storyteller, photographers of the male form must choose a perspective in which to focus their narrative. Some photographers choose or create a story, one they wish to tell using the model as the vehicle to propel the plot. Other photographers tell their own personal stories, whether they know it or not, using the model almost as a hand puppet, the persona out front, the Christian to their Cyrano behind the scenes.

Some of my favorite stories are the ones where photographers pass the storytelling on to the person in front of the camera. Instead of writing or directing the story, their interest and goal is that of observer and documentarian, motivating and provoking their subjects to reveal and expose not only their bodies, but who they are and the unique facets of their personalities. I love this storytelling perspective for a number of reasons, because of it's spontaneity, and because the climax and ending to the story can't always be predicted.

Nick from Nosferatu Photography is one of my favorite observers and documentarians. Nick has a great knack for choosing fascinating subjects to share their stories, giving them the freedom to express themselves as he captures each moment, no matter how big, or how small. It was easy to see why Nick wanted to tell Arthur's story, as soon as I saw his face, his eyes in an image in Nick's port, I to, wanted to learn more about him.

There was something about Arthur that intrigued me. Arthur has a great body, but it was his slightly devilish grin, and both a twinkle, and a knowing look in his beautiful brown eyes that had me heading to Nick's 'Arthur folder' on flickr to see more. I love mirror shots, and Nick and Arthur captured many. That mirror, along with Nick's camera, captured Arthur's kid in a candy store fun side, and as well, his older, and more intensely sensual vibe and look.

As comfortable as Arthur looks in front of the camera, he actually only began modeling earlier this year. He began as a life model, modeling twice for a life drawing class. Modeling completely nude though, was something brand new. Arthur describes always being fascinated by images of models he would see online and something was urging him to give it a go. His first shoot was in March. After a photographer found his Instagram and liked his look. Arthur usually posts mostly architectural photos but also throws in the occasional selfie. The shoot included partial nudity, but it wasn't until his shoot with Nick that he posed fully nude.

'The shoot with Nick was quite refreshing because he was the first photographer to have contacted me on ModelMayhem. Nick is so very professional and made sure that I was comfortable the entire time we were shooting. He gave rough directions but allowed me to take direction with the poses. Totally at ease shooting with Nick! I was definitely very nervous but I wanted to portray a whole part of my personality, where I’m normally cheeky, playful but often reserved and good-natured. I hope that came across in my shoot with Nick!'