Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Kate Kate Go Away, Don't Return another day!

I do not know Kate Gosselin. She might be in 'real life' a wonderful woman. I somehow doubt that though. I doubt it because no matter how hard I try to ignore her she is everywhere. I want to know who I can call to get a restraining order. She in infiltrating my life no matter how fast I try to run in the opposite direction.

I first heard of Kate like most of you when she and was on Jon and Kate plus 8. The show held no interest for me and I chose never to turn it on. Personally I have an issue with people having big families. (The The Duggars bother me as much as Octomom. In a world in which millions of children in this country and world wide have no family, no parents, are in foster care and group homes, large families like this actually turn my stomach.) But I digress....

The first few seasons of her show, I managed to avoid her for the most part except for the odd tv commercial or small picture in a magazine. I could live with the small intrusion in my life of someone I did not want there.

Then...well then her marriage hit the skids, my ability to avoid my stalker went to hell and a handbasket. Kate started showing up in every magazine and news paper I opened. Not just the trash rags mind you, mainstream reputable news papers and magazines were covering the marriage of Kate and Jon. Kate was on my evening news, CNN, almost every entertainment show there is. It was odd to me. Kate is not an actress (not a good one anyway). Kate does not sing, dance (oh God she CANNOT dance). She has no clearly visible talent other to annoy. Yet...she makes the news.

Even with this annoyance I managed to deal without requiring police involvement. I switched her off, quickly flipped the pages containing her usually scowling face, and continued to try to keep this unpleasant woman from my life.

Kate would have none of this though. Kate, like Glenn Close in Fatal Attraction will not be ignored. With her marriage in turmoil, Kate and her pr machine decided I MUST pay attention. She began not only being inside magazines she now was not content unless she and her extensions were on the cover. I could not quickly skip through the 10 items or less isle without having to have a Kate encounter. The producers of The View stupidly thought she should co-host on a regular basis. (Really bad decision. Scuzzy really. The show does not need ratings that badly).

She showed up on Dancing With The Stars.... Really this show must change it's name. When it hired actors/singers and sports people, even those on the D-list, it was fine to keep stars in the title. But with Kate they really need to change the name to 'Dancing With Whomever we think will get you to tune in.'
I must say I have never really watched this show, but I have seen enough of Kate to know her partner Tony deserves a medal. It is like he is dragging a 165 pound wooden mannequin around the floor each week. No offence to mannequins. Her kiss and 'I love you's' to her children are so fake only an idiot would think she being anything but manipulative.

Today I reached my limit. Not only did I read she is co-hosting ET this week (Mary Hart does not get much respect from me, but she deserves better). That on top of having to turn of the Today Show this morning to avoid Meredith's exclusive... (exclusive FUCK! What more could she have to say).

I want to know who out there gives a shit about this woman??? I really want to know because your interest is causing me and the rest of the world to have to continue to put up with her intrusion in our lives. Even Paris Hilton has dropped off the radar, Kate should have been gone long ago.

There must be a law, there truly must be. Unless one is to move to a cabin in the woods with no media one cannot escape Kate. Even then, my guess is she will find you. Don't put it past her to slap a backpack on and hike into the woods to throw the latest issue of 'In Touch' on your doorstep!

Again...this woman will not be ignored. I hope she goes away soon, I wish violence on no one, I truly do not. But preview audiences for Fatal Attraction insisted Close's Alex get her due. Kate, go away before Anne Archer launches a come back. Please!

Never has someone in the media tried to burrow themselves somewhere they clearly have no place being. Sadly...truly sadly she is succeeding.

Favorite Face of the Day: John Huetter

Model John Huetter with Adam NY is quite frankly adorable. Not just his beautiful face, amazing body and twinkling blue eyes, but the man has smarts and wit. John writes a great blog chronicling his life as a model, actor, waiter. From part time gigs on All My Children through serving the rich and famous of NYC John gives us a great glimpse at what it is like behind the scenes in the modelling scene. Be sure to check out John's great blog HERE:.

Here is a snippet:

John Huetter

Height: 6'0'
Hair: Light Brown
Eyes: Blue
Chest: 38"
Waist: 31"

Below: John By Joseph Bleu.

Below: Next two shots from David Arnot.

Below: John by John Paul Tran.

Below: John by Jeremy Kost.

Last four images from Michael Rowe.

Just Because: Glee

Just Because it is quite silly how excited I am about the return of Glee tonight. I loved the first half of the season and have been awaiting it's return since last years big finale. Glee is not just well written, well acted and hilarious. Glee does something very few shows are able to do, leave you feeling better when the show is over than when it began.

Glee truly takes on it's Musical roots with feel good moments, losers becoming winners and of course all done through an uplifting score. The show was also marketed brilliantly this year. With the hype from last season, the shows pr machine has been working overtime with promos, magazine covers and having the cast just about everywhere (don't tire them out too too much). Next weeks Madonna episode promises to be must see tv.

Below: One of my favorites from Glee, Brittany (Heather Morse).

New From Dylan Rosser: Jason

The newest model to step in front of the lens of Dylan Rosser is a beauty. 25 year old Jason hails from Germany and has been modelling for 3 years. Jason considers his chest his best feature, but I think his beautiful face is a close second. Check out much more of Jason and Dylan's other models at The Male Form HERE:

Thierry Pepin and Francis Beauvais for GREGG HOMME

GREGG HOMME is a Canadian brand of ground-breaking men’s underwear, swimwear and clubwear. Through years of innovations, GREGG HOMME has built an outstanding reputation for fabulous quality, exceptional design, and a great fit.

For their latest campaign, GREGG HOMME have enlisted models Thierry Pepin and Francis Beauvais. Thierry has been taking part of major ad campaigns in top fashion magazines, Francis is fairly new to the fashion business and has been getting a lot of attention from all the underwear and swimwear fans around the globe.