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Favorite Pic of the Day for December 18th

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Classic Playgirl: Christmas 1992

Can you really get too much of a good thing?
When 'the thing' is Tom Mannelli....
We Think Not!!!

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A Drenched Dane by macpics

When I was looking back at some of my previous Christmas posts, I came across a small piece, (HERE:) from Christmas Eve 2015, featuring the work of Ian from macpics.  I was reminded I hadn't featured the Australian photographer in awhile and quickly headed back to his Model Mayhem port

I was immediately drawn to some new work I hadn't seen before, (coming up in January) as well as these shots of Dane, a model who appeared briefly in a previous piece featuring Ian's work. (A Touch of Red) Ian had just one shot of Dane in the shower displayed, but graciously sent on a few more shots from his steamy shower shoot with Dane. 

In Praise of Black Christmas

Twas the night before Christmas, and all through the house
a creature was stirring...

If you love Christmas, and also love Halloween and horror flicks, if you haven't seen it already, you need to check out Black Christmas. 1974 Canadian psychological slasher flick combines some of the best elements from the horror genre set in a very seventies Christmas setting.

Keir Dullea

During their Christmas break, a group of sorority girls are stalked by a phone calling stranger.  The films inspiration comes from both an urban legend, 'The Babysitter and the Man Upstairs, and the true story of a series of murders that took place in the Westmount section of Montreal.  The movie was produced and director by Bob Clark, maybe best known for his work on the Porky's movie series.

Although Clark included a lot of nudity in his Porky's series, except for the brief flash of a police officer shot in the butt, there's no nudity in Black Christmas.  It wasn't missed, the move's creepy premise, setting and characters are all you need to quickly pull you in to the story.

Andrea Martin

The eclectic cast includes Canadian actors Margot Kidder, a hot young Art Hindle and an early performance from Andrea Martin.  I am huge fan of Martin, especially her role in Difficult People, and loved seeing her in the seventies flick.  Gilda Radner originally had Martin's role until being cast in Saturday Night Live, leading to her having to leave the film.

Art Hindle 

The film also stars Romeo and Juliette's Olivia Hussey and American actors Kier Dullea and John Saxton.   Marian Waldman Mrs. Mac, the girls housemother, but that role was originally offered to Bette Davis who ultimately turned it down.  Wladman was perfect in the role, but would have been great if Davis has been a part of the cult classic.

Keir Dullea plays Peter, the piano playing boyfriend of Jess. (Hussey)  One of the questions in the the film is whether it's Peter who is the one stalking Jess and her sorority sisters.  I won't spoil anything, but I will share more of Keir in a Blast From the Past post on Page 2 HERE:


He Knows When You're Awake... Danny by Photography By Hugh

So you better watch out
You better not cry
You better not pout
I'm telling you why

Twas the week before Christmas...   Although I have been posting some seasonal sightings and holiday themed shots in the 12 Days series, with just one week left until the 25th, it's time to welcome in the sexy Santa's in, but mostly out, of their his red and white fur, and black leather boots and belt.

I wanted to start with Photography by Hugh's shots of Santa Danny.  Some of you may remembered I featured some from this series on Boxing Day last year, (BoXed In) but tucked away a few other favorites to get this holiday season started.  My favorites are the two shots above of Danny peeking out the window...

As a kid, thinking that Santa was watching 24/7 was a little scary, so scary, many parents use it to their full advantage throughout December.  We've all overheard a parent at the mall telling a screaming child they're calling Santa a soon as they get home.  As an adult though, imagining a hot fur wearing Santa like Danny peeking at you when you're sleeping takes on an entirely different, not to mention incredibly erotic, merry meaning.

Favorite Pics of the Day (2) December 18th

Santa Clause is coming to town!

The stunning Giovanni by Anthony Timiraos

-Look for more of Anthony's hot holiday images later this week-

Also Celebrating Today December 18th

Also blowing out candles today, 53 of them, is Michael, the creator and writer of Entertain Me. Michael's proud of all the hard work he's put the last year plus to get fitter and celebrated his success with a new photo shoot with California based photographer Jon Mar Photo.

 Happy Birthday Michael!

JayK: Deep Purple

When the deep purple falls
Over sleepy garden walls
And the stars begin to twinkle
In the night

Although purple isn't really known as a Christmas color, there is certainly something festive about these new selfies from model and dancer Jayktheknight.  Just like the hypnotizing effect of staring at the Christmas tree lights, I could stare into Jayk's deep purple haze for hours.

Blast From the Past: Keir Dullea

Until watching Black Christmas, actor Keir Dullea wasn't really on my radar.  Although he's been apart of several well known movies, including 2001: A Space Odyssey, it was Dullea's role in Cat On A Hot Tin Roof that first introduced me to the Ohio born actor.  When I was researching actors who'd taken on the role of Brick (A Ton of Bricks) I came upon images of Dullea in the 1974 Broadway production.

Cat On A Hot Tin Roof

Cat On A Hot Tin Roof
August Wilson Theatre, New York
September 24th 1974 - February 8th 1975
Featuring: Elizabeth Ashley, Fred Gwynne and Kate Reid

Dullea's theatre and film career began in the early sixties, and he has continued to work steadily since.  In the last few years, Dullea has appeared on television on Law & Order, Damages, Castle, and in the recent HBO production of Fahrenheit 451.  Although shirtless in many film and stage roles, I believe his own nude scene was the shower scene in 1973's Paperback Hero. (see below)

Butterflies Ar Free

Butterflies Are Free
Booth Theatre, New York
October 21st 1969-July 2nd 1972
Featuring: Blythe Danner, Eileen Heckart and Michael Glaser

Doubles, Ritz Theatre (1985)

2001 A Space Odyssey (1968)

Le ore nude (1964)

Paperback Hero (1973)

Classic Playgirl: Tom Marinelli, Christmas 1992

Playgirl's Man for the Holidays!

Tom Marinelli
Playgirl: Holiday, 1992
Photographed by Joan Mandel

'Well, now that Jack Frost is back nipping at our noses once again, we thought you could use something to raise your temperature a degree or two---or 10. Just to review, Our man Tom stands 6'2" inches in his X-mas stockinged feet, has clocked 23 visits from Santa, and at a magically muscled 240 pounds, is our idea of one hot toddy! Mmmm--spicy! Has anybody seen that mistletoe?'