Thursday, December 16, 2010

Favorite Pic of the Day for December 16th

Beautiful shot of John Stan by Joem C. Bayawa. (See more below).

Happy Birthday today December 16th to:

Happy Birthday today December 16th to:

Actor and former model Jack Krizmanich is known to many of you for his roles on 'Passions' and 'Wicked Wicked Games' Jack turns 32 today.

Below: Jack in 'Shadowboxer' (2005)

British actor Joe Absolom turns 32 today.

Actor Matthew Mahaney turns 40 today.

The beautiful and talented Benjamin Bratt turns 47 today.

I first developed a crush on Jon Tenney back in the 90's during his time on the short lived series 'Equal Justice'. Anyone remember this show? It also featured Sarah Jessica Parker, James Wilder, Jane Kaczmarek and some other interesting actors). Jon who still does it for me on 'The Closer' turns 49 today.

R.I.P Blake Edwards

R.I.P Blake Edwards!

Below: Blake's wife Julie Andrews in two of his most successful films, Victor/Victoria and 10.

Model Search 2011

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I know models and their supporters have been voting but FH gets thousands of hits a day so if you are one of those readers who has yet to vote in MODEL SEARCH 2011 why not take a second or two today to cast a vote!

Here are some great new shots of model Ville Kinos by Farrand Bloch.

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Don't worry, each of the top 10 will be featured individually over the next 3 weeks!

John Stan by Joem Bayawa

'It Gets Better' is a saying used a lot lately. Whether to a child being bullied or parent who is out of work, 'It Gets Better' is used to help one people who are struggling that no matter how bad things get, there is hope. For most this falls on deaf ears, just words when what they need is something more concrete. Well model John Stan has the concrete, he has actually made huge changes in his life. When he was a kid, John Stan was overweight and out of shape. Eventually John got tired of how he was living and decided he needed to make a change.

"I wanna encourage and influence people who are like me before that they too could be able to achieve that change in themselves, not just physically but also mentally."
John Stan

Making a change is one thing, being able to take advantage of that positive change offers is another. There are tons of models looking to break into the business, there are many people who have made changes and now want to help others. What these people may not have that John Stan does is someone who believes in him and wants to help make those dreams come true.

John started modeling about a year ago and the first person to introduce him into the business was photographer Joem Bayawa. Hulagway is the name Joem uses for his work. Hulagway is a Filipino vernacular word that means pictures. Joem has always loved pictures and ever since he was a kid he has always wondered how great shots of movie personalities and super models were made and taken.

"Every time I browse magazines I always look and scrutinized the photos. I have always admired glamour and portrait photography, that's the reason why now that I take pictures"
Joem Bayawa

Besides taking incredible pictures, Joem is an amazing support with and to his models. Joem is not someone looking to use models to simply further his goals, he works together with them to support them in reaching their dreams as well. In the cast of John Stan, Joem supported him through his first shoot teaching and supporting him with what he needed to know.

"He is always full of great ideas and I could see that he really cared about every little detail of each of his photos which made me feel very encouraged to do more, and work harder in front of the lens for him. Joem is an amazing photographer who has the perfect eye for capturing amazing photos of his models. I stopped modeling for about 4-5 months but Joem saw something in me and had contacted me to come back for some more shoots which I eventually did and I have not stopped modeling since."

Joem has equally great things to say about John. When discussing profiling his work with John on FH ,It was great to hear that Joem was as happy for the exposure for John as he was for having his own work profiled. Joem really enjoyed working John, saying it was 'easy' and that John has ambitions he is determined to reach and is glad to be a part of helping him reach these goals.

What I love so much about Joem shots of John are that even though John is new to being in front of the lens, Joem was able to capture a strength, a sexy confidence as if John had been modeling for years. Joem also captures John's most beautiful and expressive eyes.

Thanks to Joem and John for sharing your work with FH!

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John Stan

Height: 6' 0"
Weight: 175 lbs
Chest: 42"
Waist: 31"
Inseam: 32"
Shoe: 11.0
Hair color: Blonde
Hair length: Short
Eye color: Hazel
Skin color: Tanned
Experience: Some Experience