Sunday, May 11, 2014

Favorite Pic of the Day for May 12th

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Naked News!

Naked man terrorizes park in Houston

'Rios was having a picnic at the park with her husband and kids when she says the man came out of nowhere. Then he started taking his clothes off one item at a time and he just got completely naked," Rios said.'

Favorite New Face on Thursday Nights: Ditch Davey in The Black Box

I didn't expect much from ABC's new The Black Box, the premise seemed muddled and with all the shows being yanked the past few weeks, I was reluctant to invest in another drama, especially one so emotionally driven. My love for Vanessa Redgrave however, had me DVR the show and last week I finally watched the first three episodes. I love it. Although I almost stopped during the first half hour of the pilot, (too many dreams and misleading scenes) the show settled in with focused narrative and I became engrossed with life of Dr. Catherine Black. I had never heard of Kelly Reilly before, but her portrayal of the bi-polar, and emotionally broken Catherine is both fascinating, annoying as well as highly watchable and an acting tour de force for the shows lead actress.

Above: Ditch and The Black Box co-stars Kelly Reilly and David Ajala

Also making the hour speed by is the incredibly sexy face, and body, of actor Ditch Davey. The Australian born Davey was originally named Kristian Lind, but legally changed his name to Ditch at 18. Turns on Australian shows Blue Heelers and Sea Patrol led Davey to his most well known as Nemetes on Spartacus: War of the Damned.

Below: Ditch and his beautiful wife Sophia

I am not hopeful ABC will stick with The Black Box, the pilot's ratings were so so in its Scandal time slot, and have dropped with it's subsequent episodes. I would still encourage you to check it out, the show is only 3 shows in for it's 13 episode season so there is still time for viewers to find it. The shows complicated characters however may make it off putting and maybe 13 hours is enough to tell the story. 13 was certainly was the case with Under The Dome which is being dragged out for a second season. At least check out it for Mr. Davey who I predict will land on his feet nicely after his exposure on the show.

Ditch in Spartacus: War of the Damned

Below: Ditch in TJ Scott's In The Tub Series

JM Rich: The guy pushing the lawn mower...

Image above from Fotorebelxt Photography

Regular readers of FH will understand why the image of model JM Rich (above from Fotorebelxt Photography) grabbed my attention. Images of the male form which include staircases and windows always hold a particular fascination for me. I have attempted to self analyse the reasons for this in many previous posts, but I think it comes down to the many possibilities, erotically and visually, which windows can shine light on.

After heading to Jeff's portfolio, I was impressed with the amount of shoots he has done with many of my favorite photographers. There was a clear joy felt within the Chicago's model imagery and a great feeling of explored creativity within many themes and locations.

2 images above from Pride Of Paradise

Jeff first got in to commercial modeling several years ago when someone needed a model to be the guy pushing the lawn mower in a TV and print ad. If he was going to model, he decided it might as well be him, never thinking he would one day have a photo of him pushing that mower half naked.

Image below: Marana Photography

'I've found, though, the creativity I've been able to explore with photographers doing figure and artistic work has opened up a whole new focus for me. Being able to tell stories or display different emotions sans clothing makes it all the more real. You use your entire body and want to be sure your eyes and facial expressions match the tension or tone of the rest of your body. What fun!'

Image below from Photos by Frank

'I've had a great time doing those over the years.. It's also fun to add a bit of a 'surprise' element to some photos - what might look to be a traditional shot or ordinary pose now has implied (or real) nudity thrown in. These come across as, hopefully, clever.'

2 images below by blphoto

Below: Image via Mosaic Group

Jeff by YogaBear Studio

Fusion: Kaleb by YogaBear Studio

With each new visit to YogaBear Studio's substantial portfolio, there is always a new model, a new shoot which inspires me to contact David about another feature. On today's visit, it was not a new shoot, but one from 2007 that grabbed my attention. Although David's full body shots are extraordinary, images which capture his passion for both stillness and movement within pose and stance, it was his portraits of Kaleb which drew my attention and mesmerized my visual senses.

David's portraits were full of both emotion and volume. Kaleb's tousled mane, combined with his facial expressions beautifully pull in together many of the themes David explores within his imagery. What most impresses me in David's images is his ability to capture his subjects so at ease and relaxed. I am not sure if Kaleb arrived at the shoot completely comfortable removing all of his clothing and posing in front of the camera, but in David's hands, he looks at one with his surrounds, the camera no longer an inanimate image capturing device, but instead an extension of David, fusing together artist and subject.

'I worked with Kaleb during a trip to San Francisco--we headed up north to the Pt Reyes area and struggled to get good pics on a rainy day. Kaleb was a great sport and we got all those pictures in the forest setting, finding sheltered spots to shoot.'

'The indoor pics were done later in the day at the hotel room. I was forced to use my spare telephoto lens for most of the shots because my regular lens had gotten wet and started to fog up in the room. He is a free spirit and a talented yogi, which made for a interesting and inspiring session. I had another chance to work with him on some yoga pictures in 2012 when he was visiting San Diego.'

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