Monday, December 26, 2022

Favorite Pic of the Day for December 27th

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Fleece Navidad!

Image from Implicit Ditto

Shutterclickphx: It's Beginning to look a lot like Twixmas!

'Tis the season for being comfy and bright.'

One other FH holiday tradition begins on December 26th.Today's  Boxing Day marks the beginning of Twixtmas, the time between Christmas and New Years. For many it's a busy time, highlighted by parties, family gatherings, and hitting the malls for holiday sales.  For me, and for FH, it's a quieter time meant for lounging, chilling, and self gifting the present of time and self indulgence. 

It's also the time of year to be fashionably comfy, and perfect time to pull out, pull on, then pull off your track pants, your favorite pair of undies, your pj's or your holiday onesie.  You can check out a few or my previous Twixtmas posts HERE: & HERE:

The particular group of hot hunks in their loungewear were part of the series of images sent on last week from Jeff from Shutterclickphx.  Although we went full facial on Christmas Eve, we're redirecting focus a little bit now that the holiday is over.  Although comfy clothes are meant to be loose fitting and cozy, they guys all still look a little tight, like they're longing to burst out.  

12 Days: Kris Marshall in Love Actually

'America, watch out, here comes Colin Frissell!   

Before deciding on Colin Firth for my Christmas Day 12 Days post, I was initially thinking of doing a nude salute to the entire male cast of 2003' Love Actually.  This quickly proved an overwhelming task, and one I knew I wouldn't have time for.  

The cast is huge, and many of the male cast members have done nude scenes. Doing separate pieces for; Liam Neeson, Martin Freeman, Andrew Lincoln, Alan Rickman, Rodrigo Santoro and Chiwetel Ejiofor would have been fun, but taken far too much time!

My Family

I did start however, seeking out scenes from clip master xyzpdq.  I started with actor Kris Marshall who played Colin Frissell in the film.  Although Marshall was known in the UK, Love Actually was my introduction to the English actor.  Marshall was already a regular on UK television shows when he was cast, in fact was in them middle of a run on the sit-com My Family during the filming of the movie.

Love Actually

'Yes! Wisconsin babes, here comes Sir Colin! Whoo hoo!'

Marshall was so damned cute, and sexually eager to head to the US and hit some American 'babes.'  I loved the scenes where he arrives in Wisconsin and meets a group of hot women at a bar on a freezing winter night. 

Those who saw the film know Colin's wish came true with what appears to end up being an orgy with the trio of friends.  With so many different actors and plotlines weaving in and out, I know they couldn't give them all the same attention, but Colin's story was one I'd like to have seen more of.  

Since I did gather a few images, and did find those clips of Marshall's nude scenes, it seemed like a good idea to feature him after Christmas.  Check out my Actors & Skin feature, spotlighting Marshall's on-screen skin on the NEXT PAGE HERE:

You're the One-sie for Me ! Eric by Cooks Photography

'You're the one-sie I want! 
Ooh, ooh, ooh, honey'

Last month, Hal from Cooks Photography sent on a great selection of shots of former porn star and Playgirl model Eric.  In most of the shots, Eric was snuggled in, and popping out, of his form fitting white onesie.  I knew right away they'd make the perfect set of shots to help celebrate Twixmas.  I used a couple last month when I featured Eric, (HERE:) and Hal sent on some additional full nudes of Eric to include as well.

Hal shared that he supplied the onesie for his shoot with Eric, and he always has a few different styles and colors of onesie's on hand as he enjoys how they hug the male form and how they look in photos.  I couldn't agree more, who wouldn't want to snuggle up by the fire with Eric in his onesie?

Of course one of the bonus features of a onesie is it's openings and flaps, and their ability to give us sneak peaks of what's hiding behind the knit, cotton or fleece.  Not that any part of the body can be completely hidden in a onesie as part of the comfort is feeling the material tight against your skin.

After hearing how much  Hal liked including onesie's in his shoots, I of course had to ask if he had other images, from different shoots and models that I could also include to help celebrate Twixmas.  If you check out THE NEXT PAGE , you'll see that he certainly did!