Thursday, November 18, 2010

Favorite Pic of the Day for November 18th

Above: Colby, shot by Wander Aguiar for DNA Magazine .
See more of Wander's work below!

Happy Birthday today November 18th to:

Happy Birthday today November 18th to:

Actor and former boy band member Junichi Okada turns 30 today.

Owen Wilson turns 42 today.

Jameson Parker turns 63 today.

Kudos to Glee

accomplished a few things this week that surprised me...

Firstly, as much as she has been awarded with various honors in her close to 20 years in movies and on tv I have never once enjoyed a Gwyneth Paltrow performance. Even in movies I did enjoy like The Talented Mr. Ripley, Gwyneth always got on my nerves. Kudos to Glee for not only giving her a role I liked, but a performance I loved.

Those of us who love Harry Shum Jr didn't need his incredible turn in Make Em Laugh to know he should have been made a series regular long ago. Thankfully the show finally saw he is too good to lose and Harry will be a series regular next season!

Above: Halloween with Chord Overstreet, Matthew Morrison and Harry Shum Jr.

And lastly, Matthew Morrison looking pretty darned fine, photographed by Norman Jean Roy for December's Details! Pick up your copy to see more!

Transformation by WANDER AGUIAR

-A marked change, as in appearance or character, usually for the better.

Ray is a 22 years old student from Michigan who was discovered by Wander when they were first introduced while he was on vacation in California. Under Wander's direction, the boy next door just transformed into an exotic man as you can see in these images. Hopefully we will be seeing more of Ray!

Discovering new models is not new to Wander who strives to find and support new talent maneuver their way into the world of modeling. Wander has an excellent track record with the talent he discovers and over the past few months Wander's work has graced the covers of many national magazine covers. One of the things I love that Wander does is to take a clean, crisp image of a model and throw in a small, simple element whether it be through fashion or prop which instantly turns what would be a great image into something different.

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Thanks to Wander and Andrey for the shots!