Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Favorite Pic of the Day for December 7th

Above: Sleepless: By Thomas Synnamon (see more of Thomas's work below)

Model Search!

Voting begins tomorrow!!!

Happy Birthday today December 7th to:

Actor Nicholas Hoult who some of you may know from 'Skins' and 'A Single Man' turns 22 today.

I have many fond memories of C. Thomas Howell who turns 44 today. C. Thomas has quite a few projects coming out soon, so hopefully we will be seeing more of him on tv and in movies soon!

Just Because: Hillary Clinton

I like Obama but I cannot imagine if there were a President Clinton she would have asked her supporters to bend over and take it as many times as he has. Grow a back bone man!

Big Brother's Brendon: Really....

Most people who watched this summers Big Brother complained the cast showed very little skin. Well...Brendon certainly made up for it this week. As most are saying the most surprising thing about this story is that Brendon and Rachel were actually still together. Brendon was one of the shows most fascinating players. Both good looking and ugly molded into one package. Smart yet dumb, interesting yet annoying, cry baby yet a bully, vulnerable yet controlling. hmmm..... You can see his apology video HERE: and more pics after the jump HERE: