Sunday, August 15, 2010

Favorite Pic of the Day for August 15th

Above: Tomasz shot in Vienna by Sam Scott Shiavo. See a bit more of Sam's work below.

Happy Birthday today August 15th to:

Happy Birthday today August 15th to:

Joe Jonas turns 21 today.

Dutch actor Koert-Jan De Bruijn turns 24 today.

Swimmer Brendan Hanson turns 29 today.

Former Boyzone member Mikey Graham turns 38 today.

Ben Affleck turns 38 today.

Michael Neulinger for 'The Fearless Project'

Kremlin Konfidential: Michael Neulinger
By Justin Violini

Story and Photos by Justin Violini from 'The Fearless Project' Blog.

'So with the new Lomo LC-A+ RL camera I bought I wanted to start another on going series of tests, editorials, events of my life pictures on that 35mm film. Calling it Kremlin Konfidential in the sense that A) obviously the camera is Russian but B) that some of the images are private looks into my life or the subject's and yet as with the fall of the U.S.S.R. many of the secrets and covert plans were made public to the masses.

This first test roll I wanted to use the flash (the Diana doesn't have one) and really play with that so most of these pictures were shot in near darkness which resulted in Michael nor myself really knowing when each other was ready for each shot. I have a few rolls of film that I want to test how grainy and what not each roll is. My end result is hopefully to put together a larger series which is an updated, modern, chic version of Lord of the Flies in New York and also a Patti Smith inspired shoot at The Chelsea Hotel'

'Michael Neulinger is an Austrian model who is currently in NY for a few months and wanted to do something "raw, dark, sexy" that he previously wasn't able to do with very commercial projects in the past. I told him he would come over, get naked and be only wearing sneakers and underwear...neither of us seemed to have a problem with that. Germans, Austrians, Russians, Eastern Europeans I looooove the idea of them in that track warm up style jacket and pants with some awesome sneakers. This is a paired down version of that.'
Justin Violini

Justin shot Michael in total darkness with the brief light from the flash the only way for model and photographer to connect. Although Many photographers spend hours editing to get the perfect shot there is something so raw and sexy about these shots. These are test/previews shots. A full editorial shoot will be coming out in Fiasco next month.

As always check out more of Justin's work and 'The Fearless Project' at HERE: or on the Fearless Blog HERE:

More Michael Neulinger

22 year old Michael Neulinger hails from Austria but recently headed to New York to spend some time working on this side of the Atlantic. I first saw Michael's work last year when photographed by Sam Scott Schiavo. Though I would share a bit more of Michael's portfolio.

Michael Neulinger

Height: 6' 0"
Weight: 154 lbs
Hair color: Blonde
Hair length: Medium
Eye color: Blue
Experience: Experienced

Below: Michael by TC Whiteside.

Below: Michael by Magnum O Photography.

Some of my favorite shots of Michael are by the amazing Sam Scott Schiavo. Be sure to check out Sam's site HERE: and his blog HERE: You will not be disappointed spending time with Sam's work!

Below: Michael in Sam's editorial for FantasticsMag 'That Smell'.