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Favorite Pic of the Day for July 1st

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Happy Canada Day!

'It is wonderful to feel the grandness of Canada in the raw'
Emily Carr


Special hanks to badsign769 for the original artwork!
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Oh Manada

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Canadian Clichés

'If you can tell people you're at Timmies and it's not followed by 'Timmy' who?'
You might be a Canadian...'

There are many clichés about Canadians, most I've discovered are true.  Although not all Canadians are hockey-loving, polar bear-riding, poutine eating, ice fishing in July, toque-wearing northerners who all say 'eh', there are a few Canadian clichés that fit many Canucks. 

Top 5 Canadian Clichés 

1. All about the maple syrup 
2. Hockey fanatics 
3. Merciless winters
4. Sorry, not sorry 
5. Timmies run 
6. An ode to beer

'Saying “Sorry” is good for you: Canadians are mocked for always apologizing, but it’s not a character flaw. Saying sorry has been found to boost happiness and strengthen relationships.'

From my experience, the six traits above are fairly accurate, especially those Timmies runs.  Timmies (Tim Horton) is Canada's main coffee house, and many Canadians hit the Timmies drive-through for a caffeine fix several times a day.

Devyn 247

I'm not sure how many people have Googled 'Tim Horton's Naked' , but I'm guessing I'm not the only one.  I was not especially surprised to learn, that although not that common, walking into Timmies naked is often the dare used in a Canadian evening truth or dare.  Devyn 247, and his buddy James, shared their naked Timmies run, (or walk) on Youtube.

Mountable: Kay by Lights On Studio

Although Mounties may always get their man, it wasn't so easy for this man to actually get a Mountie... My interest in Mounties began when I was a kid.  It started with an old novel with a Mountie on the cover on my dad's  bookshelf and continued with a plastic figurine of a Mountie on horse my parents brought me back from a trip to Ottawa.  I've posted about the Royal Canadian Mounted Police a few times before, including some of the actors who've put on the red coat on TV and in movies. 

This year, I wanted a Mountie of my own, well, at least a Mountie for FH....   Covid however, made finding one a bit struggle.  I initially wanted a Canadian photographer and model for the Canada Day themed shoot.  I started out talking with Chris Teel, whose work have helped celebrate many Canada Day's on the site.  Unfortunately, Ontario was on lock-down at the time, which meant Chris wasn't able to shoot.  I thought of several of my favorite photographers, but most were also in the Ontario area, and most would have had the same issues as Chris.

I then decided to go East, and got in touch with Shaun Simpson, a favorite photographer of mine from Halifax, Nova Scotia.  Shaun was up for the task and began looking for models.  Shortly after he thought he had one lined up, Nova Scotia went into a another lockdown after their Covid cases began to rise again with the introduction of a new variant.  I thought my Mountie might have to wait until next year until Tom Nakielski, (Lights On Studio) rode in to save the day!

I didn't think to ask Tom for two reasons.  The first is, he's not Canadian.  Although Tom's home in Lansing Michigan is actually further north than some part of Ontario, like Alaska, it doesn't really count.  I also wasn't sure Tom was up to a big holiday shoot. Although he's on the mend, a recent accident is still making shooting, especially set-ups a little difficult.  Like a Mountie though, Tom was determined to get his man, and to get the job done.  I so appreciate his dedication and determination.

Although Tom may not technically be Canadian, he's incredibly easy going, and also I hear, a fan of maple syrup and poutine.  Tom also spent many years living in Detroit, with Canada just a ride away across the Ambassador Bridge.  His proximity to the border, made quick trips North, (and sometimes South) a regular occurrence. 

'When I was young our family would take summer vacations in Canada. Oh and of Course a trip to Niagara Falls. While there we ate at a restaurant (The Grog?) It was one of the best meals I ever had. And the Canadian waiter was so friendly and fun we still talk about him.

When I was older, I would make trips to Windsor, Canada to see performances at the Colosseum at Caesar's Windsor, Also made trips with gay buddies to a stripper club, Danny's, that had hot hot hot male dancers sporting full on erections. Regretfully it is now closed. I saw Paul McCarthy and Ravi Shankar in Toronto. It was a quick overnight trip. Also went to Toronto with an ex to vacation. Loved it. Such a clean and friendly city. Yonge Street was so much fun, almost like Mardi-Gras, but with a bit more class.'

Unlike Tom, Kay had only been to Canada once, and it was a quick trip.  A one day excursion to Toronto for a co-workers wedding didn't give the Columbus Ohio model and artist much time to interact with other Canadians or to explore the city.  Kay did his research however, and channeled his inner Mountie.  It also helped that Kay's been working out quite a bit the past year, and has bulked up to perfectly to fit in, and then burst out of his uniform.   It was also a trip that brought Kay and Tom together.  Tom was looking for just the right model when he heard that Kay was going to be in Lansing visiting friends.  Kay a few shoots already lined up, but he and Tom coordinated their schedules to make it all come together.

'Kay helped set up the backgrounds and helped moving props and lights. It made it so much easier and quicker with his help. I am so grateful that the models are willing to assist me during the session. In my weakened state, I would have to consider to whether I could continue photographing. But I am able to keep at my passion for creating sensuous, artsy images of some beautiful men.'

'The session was a lot of fun and went better than expected. Much to my delight Kay had been working out in that time and is buffed out which is great for a Canadian Mountie image. Kay's artistic talents give him an advantage when he himself is the subject. We immediately got busy with the session. As he went through his disrobing routine it was evident he was excited to be back in the studio showing off his well defined features. Hmmm is that excitement showing in more ways than one? '