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Favorite Pic of the Day for December 4th

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Man of the Moment

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Kawarau: Channel between the rocks

'Stepping onto the ledge, looking down beyond my naked body, a yellow raft eagerly awaited my descent. 43 meters below, the Kawarau River glared back at me, seemingly taunting my nerves I wore only a pair of socks and my New Balance trainers; the towel had been removed from my waist, baring all, and a lengthy bungee cord had been attached to my ankles.'

The quote above, from the site 'Travel Freak',  uncovers the daring act of naked bungee jumping in Queenstown, New Zealand.  The site, The Kawarau gorge where high above the river, the naked participants stand on a suspension bridge awaiting their turn to jump.

These two hotties did a few naked push-ups to pump themselves up before their jump.  If push-ups don't do it for you, there is also a restaurant near the top of the gorge called 'Liquid Courage'.  I'm sure more than a few jumpers took a drink a two before taking their naked  leap. 

Union Jack

'There was a young woman from Delaware / Who liked to make love in her underwear. / A terrible prude / She would never go nude, / And her bum, hips, and tits she would never bare.'
Princess Margaret, The Crown

a couple of years ago, at the suggestion of a friend, I began watching The Crown on Netflix.  I was instantly drawn in and devoured the shows first two seasons in a few weeks.  Then.. I hit a wall.  I loved Clair Foy and Matt Smith as Queen Elizabeth and Philip, and struggled to adjust to the cast changes in season 3.  I watched about 15 minutes of Olivia Colman as the Queen, and then turned it off.

With all the buzz and awards the show has received the past few years, as well as seeing Colman in a number of projects I did enjoy, I started season 3 again last weekend and binged through the seasons ten episodes over the course of the week.  I LOVE Colman as Elizabeth, and can't wait to watch season 4.  I'm already struggling with her leaving but am sure I will adjust, more quickly than I did with the last cast change.

I equally love Tobias Menzies as Philip, Josh O'Conner as Charles and Helena Bonham Carter as Princess Margaret.  Some of my favorite episodes are the ones centered on Margaret and especially loved her story in the episode, Cri de Coeur.  In the episode, with her marriage falling apart, the Princess finds solace in the arms of the much younger landscape gardener Roddy Llewellyn.

The Crown

I'd never heard of Llewellyn before, but understood why Margaret was instantly smitten.  Although small in stature, he certainly had a heighted level of sexual energy.  Although we saw next to nothing, the scene in which Margaret buys Roddy a speedo was incredibly hot.   I'm not sure it was the same  Union Jack speedo that Llewellyn is wearing in the images above, but he wears it well.

The equally hot actor Harry Treadaway appeared as Roddy in two episodes of the series.  I first was introduced to Harry's work when he played Dr. Victor Frankenstein in the first two seasons of Penny Dreadful.  I loved the first season of Penny Dreadful, but unfortunately it's second season wasn't nearly as watchable as the first. 

Treadaway hasn't done a lot of on-screen nudity, but I did put together an Actors & Skin piece featuring images & videos that I could find.  Check it out on the NEXT PAGE HERE:

The Crown video via xyzpdq (SOMS)

What You Preach: Zach from The Male Collection

'When you hire me, you aren't just hiring a professional photographer, you're hiring your personal hype man!  Your comfortability is number one for me and I do believe that comes from us first establishing a connection.'

I believe we all judge. Many try not to, or keep it in check, but we tend to form assumptions, especially initially with things like; what people look like, what they wear and how they act.  I think the real problem is when external factors are given priority, and allowed to get in the way.  

I think the inclination to judge is especially easy when it comes to building trust.  There are those in our lives we're required to put trust in, especially at deeply vulnerable moments.  I admit, my judgements rise when it comes to professionals we're expected, and are required to trust. Doctors who smoke,  teachers who cheat, police offers who break the law.

Those with a healthy dose of 'self', those who understand and catch when they sometimes judge, fight to let it not get in the way of connection. They fight the urge to set up boundaries based on visual instead of ones led by emotion..  Those who don't understand that they're doing it, are far more likely to look down on those they are judging. Sadly, so often determining a person's level of worthiness based on erroneous and illogical factors. 

For so many, trust is also essential when choosing a photographer.  This is especially true, if you're modelling nude.  Sure, I know there are many men very confidant in their bodies, men who have little to no issue with taking it off for the camera.  Working on FH over the years however, I know that many of the models I featured struggled with self-esteem issues.  These struggles actually helped inspire them to model, and for many, it was and empowering and a life-changing experience.

In many cases, this wasn't just about how they looked to others, I thought so many were so good looking and incredibly fit.  It came down to how they perceived themselves, and how their life experiences and their previous relationships with trust.   Sometimes one moment, one sentence, especially from someone you trust, can effect you for years.  Sometimes, you're not even initially aware of the impact that it had.

When I first discovered the work of photographer Zach Panzeca on Instagram, I was initially taken by the intimate joy on the faces and within the men that he shoots and works with. I was next taken with the level of trust that must have been established for them, not so much to take it off and model, but to allow the visuals to be shared with a so often cruel on-line world.

Although modeling has always had a commercial element, there was a time visuals of the male form were about pure enjoyment.  The joy of the viewer of course, but also the passion and joy in the men both in front of, and behind the camera.  Zach's work evoked that joy for me, the joy of the experience and the feeling we all crave of being beautiful, desirable and enjoyed. 

As much as things are changing slowly, the requirements for modeling, at least professionally, are still largely limited.  For other types of modeling however, the limits are only those we impose on ourselves.  The models Zach works with are modeling for their lovers, their partners, themselves.  They only need to trust in Zach and the process.

If you check out Zach's page, The Male Collection, and his images on Instagram, you might find that the trust is easier to establish that you  might think.  The trust begins with Zach's words, his mission statement, and comments about his work.  Zach also practices what he preaches.  His Instagram page is full visuals, not only of the models he's worked with, but of images of himself.  Zach's beautiful body and smiling face are an instant trust builder, and the best promotion and example of his passion and skill.  These, are a few of my favorite shots of the man behind The Male Collection.

When you first started shooting, did you already know what your focus/philosophy would be? 
I honestly did not. I didn’t know where I would go with the concept of photographing nude men. 

Were you your first model? 
No. Absolutely not - I was sooo shy to be in front of the camera. I like to say my clients helped my love myself. 

Were the first images you posted/shared of yourself, or of others? 
I shared a photo of someone else and @pornputal shared it - over 6000 followers and more bookings later we are here 

I'm guessing the fact you've modeling nude yourself is a trust builder? 
No doubt. I will touch on this during my workshop next spring, the trust I’ve built with some of my clients comes from me being vulnerable with myself in front of the camera. 

What, if any, are the biggest differences in shooting men who have never modeled before? 
The only big difference is I will have to help them with the posing process. Other than that is the same experience throughout. 

How do you put new models at ease? 
Building trust right off the bat and having a positive attitude  YOU’RE energy as the photographer really matters! 

You shoot outside often, ever have encounters with other passing by?
For sure and my clients understand that, that may happen

What is the oddest/funniest moment you remember from your shooting experience? 
I was photographing one of my brand ambassadors in a studio space I’ve been in over 100 times and I was photographing him in the shower. The door to the bathroom is on a slider. Well I backed up to get a different angle and I hit the door with my shoulder. It came crashing down. I thought I went through the whole floor. It was so loud. Anyway shoutout to Kristy & Josh @ Locust & Vine for being so chill about the whole situation! 

Is it easier or more rewarding working with a model a confident model, or one whose confidence grows during the process?
Oh shit great question. This is hard to answer. Honest answer, the model I see their confidence grow. Makes me feel empowered and truly so happy for that individual 

Are issues of body shaming and body insecurities something you discuss with your models? 
We don’t have a sit down talk about this but most of my clients understand that this is happening in the world and that we need to do what makes US happy. All the outside noise will come and go but you will always be left with yourself, so do what’s best for you, always! 

Is capturing personality as important as capturing a models body? Which is harder? 
It’s all important. I would say photographing and capturing their personality is always harder BUT their personality comes out within 5-10 minutes of their session because I talk to you like an old friend - this experience shouldn’t be scary but it is because I’m a stranger.  IF I chat with you like we’re getting together after 24 years of seeing each other, it makes my clients relax instantly. 

What is the most common feedback you receive from models?
That I made their experience so comfortable - it gets my every time because I’m just genuinely myself

How does your wife feel about your work, I'm guessing supportive?
I married my wife 3 years ago and I’ve been photographing male portraits for 2 years. She’s extremely supportive. She’s met a lot of my male clients - they love her just as much as they love me. 

What is the best part about your work? 
The inclusiveness and welcoming feeling I provide.