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Favorite Pic of the Day for April 13th

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EmbarrassMENt: Adam Hendershott in Nip/Tuck

'Christian performs surgery at his former fraternity house to help cover up a hazing ritual gone awry.'

This is an oldie, but if you're into embarrassment nudity, it is indeed a goodie!  Actor Adam Hendershott, wasn't the only character embarrassed in this 2005 episode of Nip/Tuck, but he was the only one with his ass out for everyone to see. In the  season three episode, Derek, Alex and Gary, Hendershott played Derek, the ass in the middle of the glued gluteus sandwich. 

Hendershott began his career at the young age of 7 with a guest spot on Doogie Howser MD,.  Roles followed on a number of popular television shows including; Night Court, Perfect Strangers, Wings, The Nanny and Roseanne.  At 9 he appeared in the feature film Greedy with Kurt Douglas and Michael J. Fox.  As a teenager he continued to guest on episodic television and was 22 when he appeared with his two frat brothers glued to his ass on Nip/Tuck.

Hendrshott basically retired from acting in 2008 and today spends most of his time not in front of, but but behind a camera.  The husband and father is an accomplished artist and photographer and you can check out some of his work on Instagram HERE:  If you want to see the scene in full, you can download it from SpendSpace HERE:

Nature of the Beast: Chris by PhotoRSH

'I was interested in working with a model with a “larger” build.'

For some reason, the use of 'larger build' by PhotoRSH stood out to me, in a good way.  I've always been attracted to men of all shapes and sizes, but lately... I found myself attracted to beefier bodies.  In part, it might be my annoying habit of being drawn to the underdog.  Not that strong, muscled are underdogs, just the opposite in fact.  

We're all familiar with the beach scenario.  You know the one, the muscular hunk kicks sand on the skinny guy with the hot girlfriend.  She then notices what she's missing and leaves her lean lover for the huskier hot hunk.  The scenario was often used in classic promotional ads for body building building magazines, supplements and products.  The beach scene however, never really rang true to me.  Many of the hot muscular guys I've met over the years, have been very kind and sweet.  It's often the smaller guys, whose insecurities can in some cases,  lead to aggression.

I used the word underdog with intent.. In the world of male modeling, muscular models are separated from the rest of the roster of talent in their own category, 'fitness'.  Given that men of all sizes can be fit, we sort of know that the 'fitness' category of models very often means models with larger, more muscular frames.

This category of models is often limited the jobs available, and are not generally used as often in mainstream and fashion campaigns.   This made sense to me when I was younger, but now, for me anyway, it's the larger, well built, muscular man, that can really sell the right shirt, and especially the right pair of pants.

For his shoot with PhotoRSH, model Chris Beast isn't really wearing much clothing, but few pieces of fashion used, are modeled like no other. The underwear, sleepwear and jockstraps cling to Beast's spectacular body, wrapping around torso and beautifully showcasing his muscular frame. PhotoRSH found the perfect larger frame to shoot after seeing the work Chris had done with another Chicago photographer.

'Chris was a great shoot1 I was actually photographing him at the same time as with his brother; so it was a very relaxed back and forth. . Chris was a little nervous but relaxed with the shoot and we did some very fun images.'

Those very fun images, (aka completely naked) shots of both Chris and his brother can be found on PhotoRSH's OnlyFans site HERE:

Billy Herrington: Crowd Pleaser

'I’m just a crowd pleaser. I get off on people’s reactions to me.'

It's not easy finding a pumpkin in April, but I was determined.  Every Halloween, when searching for holiday themed images, I come up with the shot I posted first in this piece.  I always sort of assumed the pumpkin face was drawn on the model, and was part of the original image.  Nope, that pumpkin face was added by someone on the net, blasphemous, considering the piece of art (ass) it was drawn on. Thanks to a feature on the AdonisMale site, that fine ass was finally identified. 

I'm sur many of you already knew whose ass that pumpkin was drawn on, and I really should have  known as well. I've spent more than few hours going through on-line back issues of Colt Magazine.  Somehow, model and porn star Billy Herrington, and his incredible ass, got by me.  Although his 1998 Colt magazine cover propelled him to stardom in the porn industry, it was actually another adult magazine that first discovered the Long Island hottie.

Herrington had gone to Jones Beach with a female friend of his who snapped some nudes hots of Billy on the beach.  Unbeknownst to Billy, she sent them on to Playgirl for their Real Men of the Month section.  The shot ended up in the December 1994 issue of the magazine. 24 at the time, Billy won the contest and used the $500 he won to help him make the move to New York City.

'Billy Herrington is 245 pounds of pur muscle, which is clearly apparent.  What might not be so obvious from this picture are Billy's beautiful sea-green eyes and cute dimples.'

It was Billy's shots in Playgirl that first attracted the attention of Colt's Jim French.  French got in touch with Billy about getting together, but nothing came of it at first.  About two years later, another friend of Billy's introduced him to French in person and his career in the industry began.  His cover was a hit, and Billy began appearing in the annual Colt calendars along with other adult male magazines published at the time.

'Naked, he's as spontaneous as a summer breeze and just about as predictable.  At 6'2" and packed with  muscles, he has extraordinary flexibility and when, or where, have you ever seen a body  builder hung like Billy?  He's quite a package.'
Colt Magazine, 1998

After his success in print, it was a natural move for Billy to transition into adult film work. Billy was known for his starring role as the Roman emperor in the Danish feature film HotMen CoolBoyz (2000). Herrington's scene in the film Conquered (2001) won the 'Best Group Sex Scene' at the 2002 Grabbys. (The Adult Erotic Gay Video Awards)  

'Being on a motorcycle is a big-time turn on and I like having sex on it.  What feels really good is when you keep the bike running and have sex on it.  The vibrations are killer!'

When Herrington begin his work in film he initially identified as straight.  Although this was fairly common with most Colt models, Billy felt it was true at the time. Billy later identified himself as bisexual and often had both a girlfriend, and a boyfriend at the same time.  When his time in adult films was coming to end, Billy often took gigs stripping at gay clubs throughout the States.

Maintaining a career in porn is difficult, even the most popular film stars have a pretty short shelf life.  By the time his career in front the camera was coming to a close, years of maintaining his muscular physique began to show.  Given his popularity however, Billy was able to sustain his career longer than many, and also supplement his income through personal appearances.

Herrington continued to interact with is fans on social media up until his untimely death in March of 2018.  Herrington was involved in a car accident on California State Route 111 in Rancho Mirage.  Herrington was found trapped in the wreckage and rushed to the Palm Springs.  Unfortunately Herrington succumbed to his injuries and died the following day.

Herrington's fans responded by posting hundreds of memes and tributes on social media following news breaking of his death.  Herrington's social media sites remain, and it was sad seeing the series of images of Herrington's new puppy that he posted on his Instagram just two weeks before his death.  R.I. P Crowd Pleaser.