Friday, July 17, 2020

Favorite Pic of the Day for July 18th

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Riley: As Promised

Last month, I featured photographer JW Johnson's stunning shots of Riley exploring the sights and natural beauty along the Rim Rock trail. (Green Screen) I mentioned in the piece that it was actually images of Riley in a barn that first me to JW's work with the young model, and believe me, they're scorching hot! Join Riley in the barn on the NEXT PAGE HERE:

The Kelling's: Another Mystery Solved:

Earlier this year, I posted the shot above, an image (HERE:) from a 2011 benefit calendar shot by photographer Joachim Baldauf for the Museum Altona in Hamburg Germany. At the time, I couldn't identify the sinuous siblings were, but thanks to Ray, a FH reader, another mystery is solved!

The tasty twins are Luis and Victor Kelling. Although both of the German born brothers have both modeled, but it was Luis who moved to Hollywood to make modeling his career. Check out some of my favorite shots of Luis below.

Luis Kelling: Favorites

'A German model goes Hollywood!'

Born and raised in Munich/Germany. Never great in "normal" things, like college, high school. In University. I decided to go my own way. Luckily discovered as a model when 19. 

From Paris, to Milan, London, Tokyo I made my way through and worked for clients like Dolce & Gabbana, Armani, Hugo Boss, Vivienne Westwood just to name a few. Ready for the next step I switched my base to LA, and do the things I like: modeling, fitness, Brazilian Jiu Jutsu and being cool;).

As a young man in Germany I always dreamed of living an exceptional life- in university I decided to make my dreams come true. Join my adventure!

Beautiful Footprints: Cristian by Mount Photography

'Ya que estamos de paso, dejemos huellas bonitas'

Cristian's quote above really sums up so much of my philosophy about life, art and the beauty of the male form.  Translated to English, it basically is saying that given we're all passing through this life, we might as well leave beautiful footprints.  Beautiful in this case, can be defined anyway the reader in tends.   It can be seen as an action, doing something beautiful for another, or contributing back to the planet or one's community.

Most of us, simply use, and often overuse, beautiful as an adjective.  The word we use to describe visuals that appeal to us.  Although still only in his twenties, Cristian has already left a beautiful footprint of incredible images, many of which, have been captured by photographer Mark Montovio from Mount Photography.

With FH now in it's thirteenth year on-line,  many artists and model's have appeared multiple times on the site, over the span of many years of their career.  I always love featuring Mark's work, especially his work with Cristian.  Cristian first appeared on FH  back in 2012, just have he had turned 18.  Cristian was aware of Mark's work and he been pestering him about shooting, but given he was only 17, put him off until his birthday.

'The minute Cristian turned 18 he was in the studio. That day I had a big weekend shoot for a breast cancer awareness calendar and fitted him in when I gave the ladies a break  At the end of the shoot, Cristian was very eager that I should tell him whether he had any potential.'

Cristian's eagerness was understandable.  He'd been been training hard for years, waiting for the opportunity to give modeling a try.  Cristian was happy with the results of his work outs, and  interested in doing fitness and underwear work.  Cristian's hard work was rewarded, and Mark was able to see his potential almost right away and that the camera loved him.  Not only did Cristian have an impressive physique, his face and eyes are were incredibly striking.

The first time readers were introduced to Cristian on FH was actually hi s sescond shoot with Mark.  Although we saw pretty much all of Cristian in the images, his face was mostly covered with mask.  The Halloween themed Expressive Masquerade remains not only one of my favorite shoots from Mark, but one of my favorite shoots ever.  I love the images, the story of the  Halloween traditions in Gibraltar that Mark shared for the piece.  The mask, and pretty much everything else, came off for many of the subsequent pieces featuring Cristian's work with Mark

'During the second shoot, Cristian was determined to push boundaries. I'm always happy to go at the model's pace when I think that nurturing and encouraging will bring results. This shoot was very productive and Cristian had lots of very positive comments which resulting in his first paid photoshoot in Holland. To prepare for that shoot he again asked me to help him develop further and that was when we did the masked shots.'

Although sadly Cristian doesn’t do as much modelling these days he's still quite active with his Instagram and posting images of his fitness and training routines.  If you want to check out more of Cristian, the links below take you back over the last eight years of Mark's work with Cristian, spanning the literal minute he turned 18, when he was 19, and into his 20's.

Cristian by Mount Photography on FH: