Monday, June 11, 2018

Favorite Pic of the Day for June 11th

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Just Because: Brad's Bikini Bod

'Whitest and most translucent upper thighs NY has ever seen.'

If you follow actor Brock Ciarletti on Instagram, you're aware Brad Bottig has a rockin bod under all those patterned shirts he wore on The Middle. This week, Brock shared this beach pic featuring three of his hot buddies. Let's hope if there is a spin-off of The Middle coming, Brad is a big part!

Isaac Cole Powell: Highlight

This year's Tony Awards were full of memorable moments. Josh Groban and Sara Bareilles made the perfect hosts. Both are incredibly talented and had brief moments to shine, but both also seemed to know (unlike some previous hosts...) the night belonged to the nominee's. Other highlights included The Parkland drama students singing 525,600 minutes, Glenda Jackson's win, and Robert De Niro speaking for most of the audience, and much of the country.

As for performances, there were a slew, my favorites being from Bruce Springsteen and nominated musical The Band's Visit, Mean Girls and Once On This Island. Some of you might of noticed the opened shirted hottie shimmying across your screen in the form of actor Isaac Cole Powell who plays Daniel in the Broadway revival.

Isaac with actor and boyfriend Wesley Taylor

Alex Newell was incredible belting out Mamma Will Provide, but the 23 year Powell still managed to stand out.  Youtube is yanking Tony performances as fast as they're uploaded, but the cast's performance of the number on Seth Meyers remains (HERE:) if anyone wants to check it out.

Great Grace: Faizan by PR Photo

'Faizan showed up at my rented condo in Chicago and I was blown away at first sight. He has the biggest brownest eyes I have ever seen. He's a beautiful man, the hair, the face, the body, he has the whole package.'

Faizan's beautiful brown eyes do indeed steal focus in so many of PR Photo's great shots, although Faizan's chest and arms provided some stiff competition. As PR describes, the 28 year old Chicago model does indeed have the complete package and I was struck by the skill and creativity Faizan utilized to best showcase his assets within his poses.

There are many models with striking features or beautiful eyes, but it's clear that Faizan clearly understands their power. PR perfectly utilized Faizan's prowess for connecting with the lens, not to mention the viewers behind it, to create a series of incredibly captivating images. Faizan's gaze seduces you in to a place you want to stay and enjoy for awhile.

I have been featuring PR's images for close to four years, and have really been in awe of the diverse group of incredible men he has been shooting over the last year, and have been bugging him about featuring as many as possible!

When he first connected with Faizan, PR learned that brown eyed beauty was a recent immigrant to the US having grown up in Pakistan. In Faizan's country of birth, his name is one of the among the most popular names for boy. Faizan has many meanings ranging from indicating great grace, success and beneficence through it's urban dictionary definition indicating man with a beautiful personality and an impressive manhood...

'We started the shoot on the retro spiral staircase in the condo and Faizan totally nailed it. Dressed in camouflage, he slowly undressed to a wife beater highlighting his hot dark body. His smile was infectious! I got him to take his shirt off and we moved to the couch where his wild side came out. It was nice to see him pose with some attitude. We ended with some cool shots in the kitchen. Headshots focusing on his beautiful face and eyes. He really is a beautiful man. I can't wait to work with Faizan the next time I'm in Chicago!'

Rafael Licks: Receitas Deliciosas

In addition to acting and modeling, the delicious Rafael Licks is also a celebrity chef. I resisted a cheesy title like finger licking good, but with a hot chef with the last name Licks, it was hard to resist. I just discovered Rafael as a model for Ford Brasil, but some of you I know have heard of him before...

Rafael participated in Brasil's 2016 edition of Big Brother, and his towel 'slip' went viral at the time. Not sure how I missed it when it occurred, must have been during the many periods of time that I didn't pay too much attention to Big Brother, especially the International editions. But... as any of you watch them know, they are usually the most interesting, and, include the most nudity.

Big Brother Brasil