Friday, September 7, 2012

Favorite Pic of the Day for September 7th

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Happy Birthday today September 7th

Have you been to the Zoo lately?
Happy Birthday Max!

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tMf # 6 NOW OUT!!!

Autumn will soon be upon us and there is no better way to prolong the summer heat than by picking up the Fall Issue of tMf Magazine. Our sixth issue is packed with 150 pages of some of the world’s hottest men!

For Issue #6, photographer Joe McCormick brings us 14 incredible pages featuring our cover model Myles. He has a hint of Clark Kent with his classic looks, but there’s no need for a phone booth however as he dispenses with any tights or cape, leaving this Superman completely naked and standing at attention.

Also featured in the issue: David Vance tells us what took him into the wild for his new book “Jungle Fever”; I also had the honor of interviewing Mckenzie James and finding out how the “Naked Sunday Project” began; FH Favorite, Photographer Michal Boothe shares the beauty of minimalism.

And that’s not it. Also in the issue: Portfolios from photographers Julian Vankim, Eric Ganison, John Drennan and Ming Li; tMf Magazine Creative Director Dylan Rosser shares a few of his own favorite images; We profile some of the hottest new books covering the male form including “Absolute Penis,” “Beach Boys” and “Bel Ami Rebels,” which shows off a very different side of the Boys of Bel Ami.

By bringing together so many astounding artists and their visions in one place, tMf brings you page after page of the male form at its best. tMf is almost a ‘coffee table book,’ itself with beautifully presented hi-resolution images and fun behind-the-scenes information. tMf provides a platform for photographers, models and artists to gain exposure from a wider audience while giving viewers a publication showcasing the pinnacle of male nude photography

tMf Magazine is an ONLINE ONLY magazine and is not available in print.

ISSUE #6 is out now and priced at just $5.95


Between The View, The Talk, The Chew, The Doctors, Dr's Phil & Oz, Anderson and Ellen, Kelly & Michael, the morning shows, not to mention CNN there are hundreds of people on television each day giving us their opinions, theories and judgements.

Isn't that enough?

Yeah I know they are cheap but we are worth more! There is nothing the television landscape needs less that another celebrity talking their way through an hour of our lives. Who is going to watch Jeff Probst and Ricki Lake? Anyone? Jeff Probst is a good looking man and a decent host of Reality's Survivor, but who actually thought he was interesting enough to fill an hour... I don't dislike Ricki Lake, but she has not really been interesting, or that good, since some of her early acting roles in Cry-Baby, China Beach and below with Craig Sheffer in Babycakes. Lets face it, Lake lost her what made her unique when she lost all that weight and although I am glad she is healthier, thin Ricki's project choices have been uninspired.

There was a time, cold or flu and missing school or work meant a fun day of soap operas, cartoons and classic sit-coms. Turning on the television during the day lately makes faking a sick day hardly worth it at all.

Figuration: Eric Striker by msbimages

Although I have featured the work of Michal Boothe from msbimages previously on FH (check them out HERE:), in the latest issue of tMf I got to spend more time getting to know the artist behind so many of my favorite images.

When going through the Dallas photographers images for tMf6, I was once again beautifully reminded how his minimalist approach breeds such incredible silhouettes as his skill allows his camera to focus on nothing by outline, form and of course, what lies within. Whether shooting full body shots or portraits, profiles or with almost at any angle, the focus on shape, and consequently character, are magnificently unveiled and revealed.

20 year old model Eric Striker is a perfect example of what I love so much about Michal' work. Not only does he he have an incredible form to frame, his strong face and expressive brown eyes create a interesting contrast between the soft and the strong.

Eric describes himself as the athletic guy next door, very comfortable in my his skin and with nudity. Currently attending college, Eric maintains his shape playing football and soccer. Eric and Michal had been communicating for over a month before the shoot, but due to Eric's work schedule Thursdays were his only day off. This proved very problematic for Michal with his own full time job. Eventually...due to a well timed...hmmmm... 'doctors appointment,' they found a Thursday afternoon to work!

Michal reports Eric was great to work with, took direction very well and was open to his suggestions. Eric had no issue with nudity and said it had never really been a big deal with him. Eric reports that he that learned several things while working with Michal. The 20 year old Dallas model shared he often tried not to smile as he never really liked his smile that much. With encouragement from Michal, Eric discovered his smile was much more natural on film than the forced one he often attempted for the camera.

'Eric has one of the most naturally beautiful athletic bodies I have had the privilege to photograph and he still has a quality of innocence about him that comes across in the photos. He has the most amazing lips and a great combination of dark hair/eyes with pale skin, except of course for the "board shorts" tan. I feel EXTREMELY FORTUNATE to have had him in front of my camera and be one of the first few photographers to have worked with him.'
Michal Boothe

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