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Favorite Pic of the Day for August 7th

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Happy Birthday today August 7th

Although his sport of choice is a winter one, Sidney and friend look pretty fine during the summer as well!

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Bop ’til You Drop

I don't know about you, but if I were to guess which teen heart throb would make a come back in 2015, in a Meryl Streep movie no less, I would not have guessed Rick Springfield. Yet... this week, Rick, now 65, joins Meryl and her daughter, the talented Mamie Gummer in movie theatres in Ricki And The Flash.

I was never a huge Sprinfield fan, never really saw him in much. I knew he was at one time on General Hospital and had heard the song Jessie's Girl, but he never really sparked many feelings, just a slight bit of ambivalence. But... there was that scene in Hard To Hold...

I remember seeing Hard To Hold on VHS in the late 80's. The scene with Rick in the white towel, and losing the white towel was certainly one which required repeated rewinding, re-watching and pause. I don't really remember much about the movie other than that scene near the beginning.

Rick as part of the 70's Australian group Zoot

Shirtless rocking then, and now.

Hard To Hold (1984)

I am not sure I have ever had as much difficulty finding decent caps of an actor's nude scene than I did with Rick in Hard To Hold. I almost ordered the DVD on Amazon, but in the end didn't think the cash was worth a few captures for the blog. (at least not yet away...) Usually I can find a cheaper copy, or a version on YouTube or another site to watch and cap, but I had no luck with Hard To Hold. There are a few caps below that I found, and you can see more (although small versions) at If I break down and decide to buy the DVD, I will certainly share!

A Photographer's Paradise: Patrick by Daniel Allen Studio Art

When I first featured the work Tacoma photographer Daniel Allen, (Proponent) I was struck with the luxuriousness that he surrounded his model Rico with. I had the same visual sensation when spending time with Daniel's images of model Patrick Kay. It's not just with the physical surroundings, but also the location and furnishings Patrick is in and around. There is also something clean and fresh about everything from the bright white of Patrick's underwear and bathrobe to the white of the mantle. Daniel's lighting and lens capture an elegant sophistication between the model he is shooting and all that surrounds him.

Originally from Cambodia, Patrick's physical beauty from his Cambodian and Chinese heritage. His spiritual beauty comes from his work helping others as a social worker and his passions for the causes and charities he supports. Beauty surrounds Patrick, not just through Daniel's visuals but also with his love of the arts, traveling, cooking and theatre. It is most distinct in his work as a jewelry maker and designer, specializing in one-of-a-kind wearable art. (Patrick's Creations)

Patrick reached out to Daniel a few years ago to inquire about getting some pictures done. Patrick had been working hard on transforming his physique and wanted to celebrate the progress he'd made. That luxuriousness I referenced wasn't exactly created for the shoot, it was instead created just for the model. Daniel agreed to shoot at Patrick place and and from the images you can clearly see why Daniel describes the location as a photographer's paradise!

'I've shot in some pretty close quarters before, with tons of clutter and nothing terribly interesting for a background--so I was excited to find that his home was amazing: spacious with tons of really great rooms to shoot him. My inner-interior decorator had a blast moving around his furniture and knick-knacks to create the perfect backdrops for his images.'

Patrick describes Daniel as very professional and as someone who welcomed and encouraged him to incorporate himself within the poses and process, which Daniel says helped making the entire experience very organic and natural. Daniel reports that he and Patrick became friends after the shoot and keep in touch regularly. There have even been discussions of a second shoot, maybe later on this summer.

'Patrick was fantastic to work with! A lot of times guys are shy in front of the camera--especially when the clothes start coming off. But Patrick was a natural: relaxed and confident throughout the entire shoot, with a level of professionalism that would rival many seasoned models. I really like his physique in this shoot: toned, great lines and a genuine, natural beauty.'

Lucky Bitch


Thanks to the stellar casting department for season 2 of Dating Naked, contestant Kerri is literally surrounded by hot, and completely naked, men. With only a couple of exceptions, the casting has been incredible, finding a diverse group of incredibly sexy men.

Chris was the perfect choice to lead the naked herd, and three episodes in, he remains just as hot, and just as likable. His luscious backside has held up quite nicely despite being regularly manhandled, massaged, painted and severely sunburned. Episode 3 gave Chris his first real taste of competition. Frankie came out swinging, literally doing the helicopter upon first meeting Kerri. Frankie is undeniably hot, but his personality didn't quite measure up, making him expendable after his first date.


Mason on the other hand is thankfully sticking around. Although a bit younger than Frankie, he showed he had a bit more going for him (although that ass would have sufficed) in order to stick around, hopefully for a few more weeks!

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