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Favorite Pic of the Day for June 11th

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scben: Internal

The lat two times FH spent time with South Carolina model scben he was outside.   In my first post on his work in 201. Ben left his clothes at home and explored the farm, barn and beach. (Sharing the View)  Last year, I featured Ben, again beautifully naked and unafraid, taking in the fall's incredible colors. (Peak Season) In one of his latest shoots, Ben stays inside, taking to his bed in a new series you can check out on PAGE 2 HERE:

Tony Highlight: Santino Fontana

I thought last night's Tony Awards had many highlights, from James Cordon's opening number through many fantastic musical performances.  My favorite was the showstopping Unstoppable from Tootsie, featuring the unstoppable Santino Fontana.

Count me in on the many who role my eyes when big screen movies are turned into Broadway Shows.  It always seems a bit lazy.  There are an equal number of quickly closed duds as there are hits, but those hits have been big enough to ensure the tread will continue.

I loved re-watching the 1982 film, there are some great scenes that I always enjoy.  Santino beautifully steps into Dorthy Michael's heels with ease, especially with his incredible singing voice. I first heard Santino sing Unstoppable on Good Morning America last month, and was looking forward to his Tony's performance, and thrilled about his Tony win.

If you don't know Santino from his roles on stage, you may have seen the talented singer and actor may be familiar to TV fans for his regular roles on Crazy Ex-Girlfriend and the Jennifer Lopez series Shades of Blue.  Movie lovers may recognize Santino's voice as Hans in Frozen.

Jim Horn: A Vintage Vantage

Whenever I look for an image of a specific model, or look for a specific theme from the massive Athletic Model Guild collection, I often find myself saving images of the bewitching blonde model, Gunther "Jim" Horn.  Finding images of Jim was easy, these are but a drop in the bucket, but finding information about Jim proved a bit more difficult.

What I did learn was that Jim starting shooting with AMG when the models were still wearing pouching straps.  After he U.S. Supreme Court declared nudity in art was not obscene, Bob Mizer quickly dropped the pouches and was among the first to feature nudity in his male physique magazine.

Not all of AGM's models were keen on dropping their pouches, in fact, many stopped modeling without the ability to continue to wear their penis protector.  I'm not sure how eager Jim Horn was, but as you can tell from his images, he went with the change.  Given how many full frontal shots are out there, it doesn't appear to have been a big issue for him.

Jim not only posed fully nude, but was also photographed with many other nude male models, and appeared with many in some of the studio's films.  One of the films Horn is most known for, features Jim and bodybuilder Bill Grant.  Check out a clip from the film and promo images form the movie on PAGE 2 HERE:

Jim & Brian Idol

Brian has the best smile!

Jayk Knight: All that and the Kitchen Sink

The deliciously exquisite JayK Knight first appeared on FH back in 2013 in a mysteriously hot image from photographer Ted Sun. (HERE:)  Jayk, his beautiful body this time naked and glittery blue, appeared again in 2015 with several images, including the pic of the day, in my feature on photographer Bryan BRYAN RaSHAUN. (HERE:)

Last year, while putting together a summer piece featuring photographer Mike Tossy's series of pool shots, Jayk's bountiful booty again rose to the surface.  Jayk also sent along some self shots, my favorites were some addition shots of a wet Jayk in the the deep end. (Last Whiff of Summer)

In this series, All that and the Kitchen Sink, Jayk again proves that if you have the body, and know how to use it, even doing the dishes can be a sexy endeavour.  Especially so, when you know how to pose as elegantly as Jayk and have the sun from the kitchen window, cascading light over your skin.  Some FH readers might remember that in the first few years of the blog, given favorite is a part of the site's title, I often asked models and actors to fill out my FH favorites quiz.  I pulled it out again, curious to read the answers Jayk might send back.

Meal: French fries, chicken, avocado and cheese
Junk Food: Sweets
Movie you saw at the theatre:  As a theatre experience I liked the Tron remake
Movie you own that you love watching over and over: The Labyrinth
TV Show:  American live action: tie between Supernatural and Community. Japanese animation: Slayers
TV show guilty pleasure: Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

First celebrity Crush:  Never really had these but Brendan Fraser was hot in George of the Jungle, Freddy Prince JR was cute in everything, and Jean Claude Van Damme always looked so tasty
Current Celebrity Crush you would go out with if you could: Miguel Pimentel the singer or Luis Medina the dancer
Favorite Thing to do when home alone for a day: Video games!
Favorite Part of your job: Which job!? Lol I like gogo dancing and stripping because it's my opportunity to express myself sexually
Favorite Project you have been a part of: Playing a guest character on Roads to Keystone!
Favorite Body Part you check out on others: Face, Butt, Chest
Favorite Piece of Clothing you own: um I guess this fake fur jacket I made last year
Music that was blaring when you were a kid, when you closed your bedroom, grabbed something as a mike, and pretended to be a rock star: Well I never did all of that, but I grew up on Aretha, Prince, Mary J Blige and David Bowie

Favorite Pic of the Day for June 10th

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Happy Birthday today June 10th

Happy 64th to actor Andrew Stevens!

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Right As Rain

When I was putting together my Instagrams That Inspire piece on the deliciously talented ryflips, I I loved this series with ryflips and the umbrella, and left them out in order to feature on their own.

Ben's Bed

'Nude Modeling has given me confidence in my body. I'm not in perfect shape, just an avereage looking guy, but comfortable with posing nude. It's mostly something I do just for fun. Plus... I really enjoy being naked, and sharing the view with others.'

You can sense both Ben's enjoyment, and his sensual confidence in this series of self shots.  I love the poses Ben creates and the lines and curves of his body.  There's also a starkness, and maybe tinge of isolation.  It's felt both through Ben's eyes, as well as the contrast of Ben's skin against the wrinkled ivory toned sheets.

'With the overhead shots on the bed, I was trying to come up with something different for my indoor photos. I'll do shots inside sometimes when it's too cold to get outside, but it's harder to get good natural lighting inside, or come up with a good variety of settings indoors, or views that don't have too much visual clutter in the background. I ended up rigging up a way to hang my camera up near the ceiling with a combination of the ceiling fan, a board and some rubber bands.'

'It was a little complicated getting it set up and getting some test shots, but once I did, I was able to lay back and try out a whole series of different poses using the remote. I shot in the morning in a corner room that had good light coming in the windows, so I didn't use any other artificial lighting. Definitely ended up with some of my favorite indoor images. Let me know if you like to know anything else.'

Jim Horn & Bill Grant in White Captive

When Bob Mizer's Athletic Model Guild first moved from photographs to films, most of the models were still wearing posing pouches. One of the AGM's first films to show full frontal nudity was 1967's White Captive. In the short, Jim Horn appeared along side bodybuilder Bill Grant who was both Mr. World and 1974's Mr. America.

AGM didn't feature many men of color, and when they did they were often photographed or filmed depicting various racial stereotypes. White Captive is no exception with Grant playing a tribal king who has a captured Horn brought in for inspection. Although the film is racially rooted, it also in a way reverses them. Horn is the captive and Grant is a gentle king who is most interested in just enjoying Horn's company.

After having Horn's loin cloth removed, he oil's up the king and they sort of innocently begin posing together. Grant was, and still is, a legendary bodybuilder, who came up the ranks around the same time as Arnold Schwarzenegger, so keeping the focus on fitness, erotic fitness of course, I'm sure was key. Grant describes himself as a scrawny kid who started working out in his early teens to put some meat on his bones. He made some significant gains and began competing professionally before he turned 20.

I've included a brief couple of minutes of the film below, but you can check out the entire film on My Muscle Video HERE: